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  1. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Well, I was just kidding. There are receivers open on EVERY play is what I meant to say.
  2. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    And another problem with the Vikings is that none of their receivers are getting separation in their routes. Culpepper is faced with a crumbling pocket and no open receivers. No defense is going to fear their passing game, and until that happens I think the running game goes nowhere as well. The only possible benefactor in this potential trade (which will probably never happen anyway) would be Bennett.
  3. Snyder cheering

    Yeah, he was as happy as a little schoolgirl. And it showed.
  4. who has more upside

    Ferguson has done SQUAT when given the opportunity. Booker is a proven commodity.
  5. A good laugh!

    Lot's of cussing for the sake of cussing. Now that is funny. Wannabe.
  6. Shut up M Irvin

    Do you let the people you work with negotiate your wages in a public forum? The owners do what they think is best for them. The players do whatever their agent tells them is best for them. I think if the NFL ownership would show a little more good faith after spectacular performances, the situation would work out best for all. But that is in a perfect world. I agree with -gulp- Irvin on this one. But there is no need to harp on it. What's done is done and I'm sure Favre absolutely feels worse about it than anybody.
  7. what's up with Ferguson?

    Okay, if you have to hear it...... I'd rather have almost any other starter in the league than Ferguson. He won't be spectacular. He won't be steady. He'll probably muster a few good games here and there. But I sure wouldn't want him as a starter for my fantasy team. When given the choice on the waiver wire this week I took Booker and left Ferguson for someone else to deal with. He might not even keep the job.
  8. Tatum Bell

    Okay, even if you want to discount that statement completely. Bell does nothing. Parker puts up numbers similar to Dillon. (unlikely) He is still starting Tomlinson and Mcallister every week. I can't think of any reason not to try that trade. Parkers value is at its peak right now.
  9. Tatum Bell

    You are using the assumption that Parker has much better numbers this season than Bell though. I think those 2 could put up similar numbers when all is said and done, then the trade is reduced to Dillon for LT2, and no sane person would make that trade.
  10. Tatum Bell

    I like it. If you are giving a guy with no hope a reason to live for a couple of weeks, only to be crushed later, what is the harm in that. It's fair on paper at this moment in time and that's all that matters.
  11. Ok, so what's the skinny on Witten?

    I was thinking Witten was a bit overvalued going into the season and my opinion certainly did not change with the week 1 performance. That being said, I'd advise Witten owners to take a shot on a waiver wire TE if you don't have a solid back-up. But I wouldn't panic. Tight Ends, even the best ones have weeks that are real steaming piles of fantasy disaster. You could look on it as Witten just has one of those steaming pile weeks "out of the way", and will get back to form this week and throughout the season. One more week of steaming pile though, and you will find less takers in trade talks. Byt he time you figure out for sure that he is tanking he has no value at all. Tough call. I'd ride it out if I were you.
  12. King Of The Mountain

    This could be a sign that I am entered in too many contests. :doah:
  13. King Of The Mountain

    I was omitted after picking the Bengals (post 82 week 1) Am I being blackballed?
  14. Saints

    I have to agree with the "Big Carnivore" Chief Dick here. The real world is the real world. And football is football. And in football, the Panthers mission today is to crush the Saints, and that is what they must do.........and will.
  15. Portfolio Pool

    Panthers 95 Bengals 80 Titans 65 Colts 115 Rams 85 Dolphins 60
  16. "Look at my Roster" postings

    It's kinda like asking your buddies what they think about your new girlfriend. It's pointless. Your buddies don't have to live with her. You picked her. What the hell do you care if they think she's ugly. Will you get rid of her if they don't like her? And if they happen to have inside information that she is a worthless skank, they might not even bother to tell you the truth. And even if they do you probably won't believe them.
  17. "Look at my Roster" postings

    Teenage boy: Did you have one? Teenage girl: I don't know. I think so. Kids. If you have to ask, you don't have one. When you have one you'll know it. But nobody else really cares. And nobody will get quite the joy out of it that you will.
  18. Larry Johnson Trade Value?

    One thing that nobody seems to mention is that if you let the Holmes owner get Johnson, you are giving him a nice fat advantage. Something to think about I'd say.
  19. Los Angeles Saints?

    The city of New Orleans won't even be inhabitable possibly for years to come. The Saints will be moving, and since San Antonio seems to be on the NFL's wish list for new franchises, a move now would make sense. Granted there won't be a formal announcement probably for quite some time of a permanent move, but I would be very surprised if it shook out any other way from what I have been hearing. I don't think most Americans have full grasped the situation in the hurricane area. It is now a toxic wasteland that may well never recover.
  20. Jerry Porter

    Here's how I feel. I didn't draft Porter on any of my teams. I drafted Curry in every league exept one.
  21. The Panther RB ?'s

    Has anybody ever come back sucessfully from microfracture surgery? I think Davis will be a starter only in honor to the work he has put in to come back but I don't see how he could carry any kind of a sustained workload.
  22. Joey Harrington

    Harrington did not look good against the Rams, but I would pin most of the blame on his "offensive line." Dreadful.
  23. Tatum Bell Disciples

    It's the lure of the siren. People see a guy rip off a couple of 50 yarders they get excited. And everybody remembers years when Shanny actually stuck with one back all year. But I don't see Anderson lasting all that long in a featured roll. And let's be honest. None of us knows what is in Shenanigan's head. Hell he might come out with Q. Grif to start the season and it wouldn't shock me. Bell is a guy you take in a keeper league where you are already strong at running back hoping to hit hte home run. If your risk is acceptable at that point of the draft he is worth a shot to some people. Spin that wheel and look out for 00.