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  1. WDIS WR

    You guys aren't making this any easier...what do I do? Still 50/50
  2. I See Your Pair Of JOHNSON'S....

    I would start L Jordan over LJ. I have LJ too but I know he'll only get 1/3 of the carries. Jordan is a safe pick, Johnson is a risk but has great upside. I think Monday night will be a low scoring smash mouth football type game. I don't see alot of offense going on. I think Dallas will try to get the ball to Whitten more. I would start A Johnson as they will be playing from behind. Thanks for anwering my post, good luck
  3. Starting qb

    I'm starting Warner today over McNair. I know this isn't a tough call but... ARZ running game was brutal last week. Warner threw 46 times last week, I think against the RAMS it bodes well for him. You aren't going to go wrong either way. Favre is probably a safer pick, if I was in your shoes, I'd gamble and start Warner. I drafted him in the 10th round and figured he'd be my starter. Good luck
  4. WDIS WR

  5. WDIS WR

    I vividle remember Wright scorching the Seahawks 3 years ago. I just hate that Brady spreads the wealth too much which obviously hurts Branch. Anyone else, it still seems 50/50
  6. WDIS

    Thanks guys, I'm just worried that Parker is a fluke...but man he looked good last week
  7. WDIS WR

    Mason @ TEN (w/ Wright) or Branch @ Car Please help, thanks
  8. WDIS

  9. Favre, Warner or Big Ben...?

    Warner one reason, the Rams. He'll throw 46 times again and hopefully get a few more td's
  10. WDIS

    But what if Staley gets activated? Has anyone heard?
  11. Warrick Dunn or Cadillac

    I'd go with Caddy. Dunn doesn't get golaine carries.
  12. WDIS

    Tough call for me. Who should I go with as my second RB, Willie Parker or Kevin Jones? Standard scoring, 1pt for 10 yards rush or rec. Jones is at Chicago, who gave up alot of yards last week to Portis. Parker is at Houston. Thanks for any help!!!
  13. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    I appreciate any help DR. Love..whod to start as my 2nd WR Branch B Lloyd D Mason AT QB Warner McNair