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  1. Brock Osweiler traded to Cleveland

    Negative value yes....... minus .70 million dollars.
  2. Dallas Cowboys -VS- Green Bay Packers...

    It's going to be another great game.
  3. Dallas Cowboys -VS- Green Bay Packers...

    Professional football among other things is entertainment; it comes in the form of great players, great teams , teamwork, and that added touch of dramatic miracles. My hat is off to both teams. That was a fantastic game. Any body that went to it or watched it got more than their share of some first class nail biting entertainment. Great job on both sides.
  4. Draft Strategies For 2017

    I went the WR route and it didn't work out. Next year my strategy will be to take the best player available no matter what the position.I ended up with some very weak RB's and some not so great WR's ( cooper, Marshall) . I got Tyrell Williams off the WW and he ended up being more consistent than the one's I drafted.
  5. SPIT contest info

    Don't know how I did it but I am in now.
  6. SPIT contest info

    I am having trouble logging in. Can you check and see if I am in? Also what is the name of the league?
  7. What to do with Zeke?

    I read an article on CBS Sports where Jones was quoted as saying that he wants Prescott to play week 17, because it will help with his learning curve. All the playing time he can get will add to his experience and keep him sharp and learning in preparation for the playoffs. Even though Jerry Jones said it, it makes a lot of sense to me. I think the same theory will apply to Elliott. Both these guys are rookies and despite their performances they experience and learn new things each time they play. If you are worried about Elliott playing a full game, look at your other choices and decide whether or not Elliott can do more in half a game than your other choices can do playing 4 quarters..
  8. Doug Martin Out

    Martin was a keeper for me and was a major factor in costing me my season. Even when he played he was pedestrian at best. Never again.
  9. i was offered Melvin gordon for Amari Cooper early in the season and I turned it down. I had Marshall and it looked like he was tanking so I wanted to hold on to Cooper. The week I turned Gordon down he ended up with 3 Td's for that game.
  10. Forte out!

    This is the first year in a long time that I didn't make any playoffs. I still did all I could to be a spoiler. I wasn't in to it as much as I have been in the past but that was just because of things going on in real life. I'll be back next year though . One thing I didn't do that always made a difference is draft defenses that had soft matchups a week or two in advance for example had I been on my game I would have grabbed the falcons D 2 weeks ago when nobody else was looking that far ahead. I just didn't pay as much attention as I usually do.
  11. Adios Jeff Fisher!

    One thing I noticed aboutZFisher when he was with the Rams in St Louis is that most of the time when it was 4th down and he had an easy field goal he would go for the conversion 9 times out of 10 and not get it 9 times out of 10. I noticed this because I had Legatron on my FF team. Most of those games were lost by 3 or 6 points. He left FG points on the field all the time: just bad play calling.
  12. Adios Jeff Fisher!

    When Fisher coached the Titans , at one time oranother he had McNair, Eddy George, and Chris Johnson, but I can't think of any great WR's he's ever had. Has he just always been bad when it comes to recognizing WR talent?
  13. Amari Cooper

    This: as I stated in my OP, he's way talented and has a QB on the rise, but the things you mention affect him fantasy wise.