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  1. Wdis

    Sorry I should have specified, it's Stephen Davis against the Pats.
  2. Wdis

    I started Anderson last week and lost by 2 pts. I just traded Burleson for Davis and almost feel as if I should start Davis for that reason alone! Both Anderson and Davis are recommended to bench this week in all the columns. I have to start one of them, what's your advice?
  3. This is only week 1 and all the players are unproven, good or bad. If I were in your position I would wait a week : the good will go up in value and the bad will become more evident. If I had to decide right now I would go with Brown, but at this point your question is the same as asking which is the best vegetable---okra or rutabaga?!
  4. Help me out!

    Without a doubt--- Fitz and Branch! Fitz is the real deal going against a soft defense, they have no running game so it will be air all the way. Branch is clearly Brady's favorite target. Even though Brady spreads the ball around Branch will get the touches! I have Branch on my team and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have lost so badly. Unfortunately I had Anderson!
  5. Delhomme or Frerote

    Delhomme really stunk it up last week with fumbles and interceptions against a highly emotional Saint's team. I'd just like to say kudos to the Carolina fans for giving the Saints a standing ovation when they came on to the field. I'm sure any of you who saw it were deeply touched. It was a class moment for caring people everywhere. Looking at the match ups, Delhomme is going against the Pats D, and Frerote is going against the Jets D, who stunk it up as a group. Will the Jets d rally, will Delhomme rally? One thing for the Miami o-line is that Frerote wasn't sacked the whole game. I picked up Frerote off of waivers. Who should I start this week?
  6. Good advice before

    I am screwed at rb's - Anderson, Moore, and Westy(no problems here, I mean with Westy), wr's Gonzo, Holt, Branch,Burleson, M.Jenkins,Matt Jones, David Patten, Curtis, I offered Burlesonand Jenkins for Rudi and D Givens. Another owner is offering S.Davis for a quality wr. What should I do; modify trade offer, go for Davis: who should I offer?
  7. What happened to Vikes passing game?

    Thanks for your reply, I could have traded him for S.Davis this past week, but I was to "smart" to do that! I know that offer is gone. I think I'm going to ask more questions than give advice on this sight from now on!
  8. I am writing this in all humilty, I thought Burleson was going to blow up today. I was foolishly cocky about Burlesonand Gonzo, and it didn't happen. I made some foolish posts in my league, and on this board. I would just sincerely like some thoughtful opinions;i.e. do you think Burleson and Gonzo will pull it out and have good years or have I been suckered in by all the hype?
  9. Arrington - Lelie - What Gives

    Does the same apply to the ones that did well?
  10. Start Dallas Clark?

    I'm in the same situation and am playing Cooley.
  11. Unbeleivable Trade Offer!

    Does anybody have any comment about this at all! Does your silence mean I should have taken the trade!!?
  12. Rate my team

    I think Cooley is going to be a big time versatile player this year.He can catch in the red zone,and he's a strong head on runner.
  13. Great draft

    volatile depth at rb but that is based on JJ being a rookie and in reality an unknown factor.
  14. Great draft

    wr's are average.
  15. David Carr or Brian Griese?

    Carr has a really not good "o" line and is a sacked leader, that's got to put a dent in passing concentration. Griese has a stronger offensive line in front of him.