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  1. My Playoff draft

    How many Steeler fans does it take to change a lightbulb? One to actually change it, and the rest of them to talk about how great the 70's were.
  2. Keeper Advice

    Jones and Johnson, ya gotta wonder how good the Titans will be next year...and Fragile Chris scares me (was on my roster in one league).
  3. Not much you can do for me Hugh, unless you have a time machine... Do you have a time machine? Thanks again for your help this year. Gdawg
  4. I lost (by a point!) but I wanted to thank Hugh and all the rest of the folks who helped me out down my stretch run. I really appreciate all the advice (and the laughs)!!! Gdawg
  5. I lost by one point thanks to the -2 he gave me! Arrgh. I cant complain though, he got me there in the first place.
  6. Moulds or Clayton?

    I like Clayton, Moulds has been a decoy lately for Evans. Good luck and please see mine!
  7. WDIS need your advice.

    I agree with Phat Rugby...Brooks, Edge, Johnson, and K Jones. Good luck and please see mine.
  8. Chad or the Other Manning

    Tough call, what is your scoring system? If you lose points for picks/fumbles then its tough to use Eli. If not, Id say take a shot with Eli, he should at least get you a couple junk TDs. The Jets are super conservative and will probably run Mertin all day against the Pats. Good luck, please see mine!
  9. Good morning and Happy Holidays guys. Two big decisions, I need to start one of the following QBs-Brady @ Jets, Kitna v NYG, McCown @ Sea. 5 pts per passing TD, 1 point per 60 yards thrown. We lose NO POINTS for fumbles/INTS. Second, which D? Miami v Cle, NE @ Jets. Thanks for the help!
  10. WDIS: McNabb or Volek

    Gotta start Volek! Bench McNibbles.
  11. Collins or Hasselbeck

    Collins. I seem to recall reading Hass isnt in that great of shape (shoulder).
  12. Mason is listed as questionable but expected to play. Any word on his health? I'd love to start him today as I think Bailey will be on Bennett. Any input you guys have would be great, I will answer yours!
  13. I'd say Green. I think SD will run run run all day, they need to keep Manning off the field. Oakland is terrible and its only getting up to 34 today in KC. Good luck and thanks for answering mine!
  14. Tough super bowl game decision

    Gotta go with the Bus. Im a Raven's fan (sadly) and I can tell you the Raven's rush D aint what it used to be. I can see Bettis giving you 80+ yards and a TD. Good luck and thanks for answering mine!
  15. Need Help with Flex

    Gotta go with Portis. Outside of him, kinda tough call. Id actually say Morris, Cleveland is terrible. Bell has nice upside but is a real risk given his shoulder and Shanahan's quirkiness. Goings is a workhorse and at least you know he's the man. Still, Id say Portis and Morris. Good Luck and thanks for answering mine