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  1. Just joined the foum and need advice

    One of my favorite free sites for up to the minute fantasy/injury info is Try that.
  2. start/bench list

    yea i had the same issue. what i had to do is page thru the list instead of clicking matchups.
  3. Culpepper or Brooks

    I'm not giviing up on him, I just want to make sure I have someone in my lineup that will post numbers. Brooks looks like he should. If Cpepper gets his head out this week, I'll reinsert him in my lineup next week. Thanks for the opinions
  4. Palmer for Gonzo?

    I wouldn't do it. You need to aim higher. Palmer is putting up elite numbers, gonzo is not. Go for at least a top 10 RB/WR.
  5. Who to Start? Rudi or Caddie

    Caddy, TB is a run 1st offense, Cincy is a pass 1 st offense.
  6. Culpepper or Brooks

    At least Brooks has receivers and a RB to throw to. I'm leaning towards him until the Vikes pull their heads out
  7. Benching Culpepper this week - post your options

    Why take a chance on him laying an egg, especially with Burleson out. I believe the right move is to bench him until he proves he can perform. Owners don't need him losing any more games for them.
  8. Benching Culpepper this week - post your options

    I have A.Brooks on my bench. I'm leaning towards starting him, with his huge night against NYG, and Mcallister not finding his stride yet, I like Brooks.
  9. Housh!

    Yes I'm also considering that move. The question is, is chicago's d for real? I know Det aint worth a flying ----. and Wash's offense is not in sync yet. Cincy will be the first real offense Chicago is playing. Branch will have his work cut out in Pitt.
  10. Everyone is too high on Willie Parker imo.

    wrong move. you'll regret it
  11. W.Parker

    The first test will be next week against NE at home. I've seen a lot of stud RB's in their prime, and watching Parker play...he's impressive, he's no Holmes yet, but he sure is turning heads
  12. W.Parker

    Not a good comparison because everyone knew the Eagles WR's were terrible.
  13. W.Parker

    Sorry you can make the same aruement about the Chiefs offensive line. Anyone can run behind that line is what you're saying. Also, about your 3 headed lineup, what is your source? Your own educated guess? Here's what Cowher had to say today: Notes: Cowher insisted Parker will remain the starter when Jerome Bettis and Duce Staley return from injuries. "Willie Parker is going nowhere," Cowher said. ... Texans DE Gary Walker separated his left shoulder and is out indefinitely. ... Roethlisberger followed last week's perfect QB rating of 153.8 with a 139.8.
  14. W.Parker