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  1. This McCartney kid has talent!

    Yeah, I agree - Macca is WAY better than most recent halftime shows. The man does know how to entertain.
  2. This McCartney kid has talent!

    I love it when the NFL has these hip new acts at halftime. Go back to a stinkin' dog catching a frisbee. It'd be a step up.
  3. Is it just me?

    Anyone else notice that Joe Montana and Barry Manilow look like friggin' fraternal twins?
  4. Urban Meyer accepts UF job

    And in those 4 years he took Bowling Green to the top 25 and Utah to the BCS. That's what is known as "maximizing your players' talent".
  5. Ahman news?

    Ahman Green is "Batman". Chmura had the Superman tat.
  6. It's time for the

    RIGHT: - was big on the Gates bandwagon and it paid off; I'm actually starting him in front of GONZO in a league these days - made a bet with a buddy that D Jackson would outproduce K Robinson this year (yes, it's like being a tall midget but I was RIGHT, dammit) - Culpepper would justify his spot in the top 3 QBs WRONG - expected C Johnson to be just a hair below Owens, Moss, Harrison - paid a fat contract to S Smith in a salcap league; ouch (not necessarily saying that he WOULDN'T have produced, but an injury is an injury) - thought J Porter would really step up in Oakland - figured Suggs would run away with the Browns RB job - in a keeper league, I handcuffed M Faulk with S Jackson, figuring Faulk would be his usual productive self until he eventually got injure about week 8, and Jackson would be a fine sub for a few weeks; wrong on both counts - Faulk was healthy and for the most part terrible Needless to say, it's been a pretty long year.
  7. Most disappointing WR for 2004

    I was another who got slightly burned - I was ecstatic when I nabbed Ward and C Johnson back-to-back in my redraft league. Though I won't call them horrible - they've been serviceable for the most part - I thought I was locked in at WR. The killer is they haven't been quite bad enough to bench/cut, but they haven't put up the dominant weekly #s I was expecting. And if they'd panned out, my team would have been a freakin' MONSTER (RBs of Dillon, Droughns, James; Gates at TE; T Green as a bit of an afterthought at QB); as it is, I'm out of the playoffs right now.
  8. Is Vick overrated?

    Thank you, Mr Glass-is-half-full. Nice prediction and I don't necessarily disagree, but based on current evidence, all one can really conjecture is that Vick is a stunning athlete who has struggled to CONSISTENTLY produce. And consistency is really the key in the NFL. Overrated fantasy-wise? Definitely. Overrated in the "real" world? Based on his apparent impact to his team, it's tough to say he isn't an MVP-type player; based on his accomplishments, well, you'd like to see him do a little more before being put in the Hall of Fame (as many seem pretty ready to do). At least when people knob-slobber over Favre, he's got an impressive track record to back him up; all Vick has is potential and a handful of games.
  9. How much more of this needs to go on...

    I don't think imagining the Championship game in a CFB playoff to be a hot ticket takes much, um, imagination. A 16 team playoff would make the Final Four look like a Gus Macker tournament.
  10. Conference rankings

    That's flawed logic; are you about to tell us that the WAC was the strongest conference when BYU won the title, or that the Big East was worth a crap when Miami was winning titles in the day? Who wins the national title definitely holds sway in the argument, but it's not the be-all, end-all; heck, gimme Iowa vs the Big 12 North champion (which it could be argued is the 2nd best team in the Big 12 - after all, if the South teams are so good, why aren't they in the title game? ) any day of the week.
  11. Colts Defense Is Improving...

    I recall the Cards D being ranked 2nd a few weeks back. Anyone want a piece of that while we're at it?
  12. Michigan QBs

    At one time the University of Washington had 3 QBs from the same TEAM starting in the NFL - Mark Brunell, Billy Joe Hobert, and Eric Bjornson (3rd QB on that team, played TE for the Cowboys). And Jay Riemersma was recruited to UM to play QB, though I don't think he ever took a snap there in a game.
  13. What Could Be Worse...

    Sorta like, oh, the Colts?
  14. How much more of this needs to go on...

    Making the NIT every year doesn't keep college basketball coaches in jobs. That's what the 2nd tier of bowls would essentially be. I'm certain there'd be a place for them, and it would HOPEFULLY be a nice reward for teams that are good but outside the top 8, but they'd get little to no respect. Then again, I could be wrong - being the 9th best team in college football should certainly carry a bit more weight than being the 66th best team in college basketball.
  15. Anyone Missing the NHL?

    With all the experimenting in overtime, these simple and organic rule changes would open the game up TREMENDOUSLY; I don't know why Bettman can't see that.