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  1. Remebering Walter Payton

    I hate Jamal keep the focus on Walter
  2. Ignore list

  3. Remebering Walter Payton

    Barry was the best in my time IMO. I really wish I could've seen this guy play. Even on ESPN Greatest Games or something
  4. Ricky Williams Press Conference

    Was I the onlyone who heard the Oatmeal part??
  5. "Committed" now available in paperback

    Wouldn't have this in my avy if it weren't a great read.
  6. Lamont Jordon Projections?

    Vet give it up and admit that you a Jet fan are glad LaMont is gone.
  7. Lamont Jordon Projections?

    The statement I made above is bull$hit we can't say this guy is a great RB when he hasn't been the #1 RB and if Curtis Martin can get a rushing title under the team then that leads me to believe that fresh legs should have a good outcome when the defense has been out there all day and he has had 7-8 carries
  8. Lamont Jordon Projections?

    1100 rushing yrds. 7 TDs 400 receiving 3 TDs
  9. Koren Robinson

    How bout Ricky
  10. Need advice on who to keep!

    Well that is an interesting vieeeeeeeewwwwwwww. Are you nuts out of all those players you choose Porter
  11. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  12. Ricky Williams Press Conference

    PLus the oatmeal in Australia was
  13. Ricky Williams Press Conference

    Ricky is still a little messed but I overall think he is still is a great RB.
  14. Dayne breaks 1300 this year?

    The $hit master has found one of the great sleepers of the draft and that's all I'm saying.