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  1. Need Trade Advice

    Uh, ya? Why not? Fitz is the man in Az and Ricky will start when he comes back.
  2. WDIS QB

    Int's really suck in your league... I'd go with Brooks anyway. The 49ers D is no walk-over these days. Contrary to popular belief Brooks is a very consistent QB. How long do you think "Old Woman" Bledsoe can keep up these #'s?
  3. My weekly QB dilemma

    Greise. Its hot and Delhomme will be gettin all tanked on SoBe on saturday night. I'm thinkin this is gonna be slow Defensive football all day.
  4. Davis v Dillon

    Dillon all the way. Banged up Davis still has a lot to prove w/ temps in the upper 90's. The old man will be winded all day.
  5. here's another wdis

    Like you said "Garbage time TD's" are always possible. I would go with Collins. They will be down early and throwing.
  6. Prove your FF Knowledge

    I think I would go with Stallworth. He's finally starting to get some looks this year and that "New Look" defense of Minnesota has yet to materialize. Then again, you cant count out Bruce, he just seems to get the ball ALOT but the Titans D has been pretty stout against the pass this year. Coles is a bum...nuf said.
  7. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Saints Home Seahawks Away
  8. Lefty has to answer to momma

    He made a throat slashing gesture @ Leftwich.
  9. Who else is 0-2?

    0-2 see below... 16 team league.
  10. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Washington 17 Dallas 3
  11. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    My whole team has been a dissapointment... See below... Is it time to look for another QB? Brees hasnt done a dam thang this season !
  12. The Edge Debate

    That scoring system sux if you ask me...
  13. WDIS WR

    Thanks for the input guys! Not one TD from my WR's lost me last week. Gonzo, Chambers and Rogers... :violin:
  14. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    Not really...