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  1. Sega!, now I am fourth in line....I hate sloopy fourths

  2. Miami vs. Clemson predictions this weekend

    Please, Clemson beata eATMe by 1 point? Miami wins this one big. Always nice to see Miami lose, but I do not see it.
  3. Texas/Rice Game

    Yea, it is hard to see UT winning by 45. Rice runs a wishbown and UT is gonna have to give lots of reps to Jamaal Charles, since it looks like the Freshman is now the #1 tailback. So the game clock is going to go fast. However, Texas does need to score alot, so they can really work on their pathitic kick return coverage. I really hope that I do not see Vince running the ball much this game. How bad would it be for him to get hurt in an easy win? I say pound the owls with Charles and Melton all night long. Give Vince just enought pass plays to keep hime sharp. There is no reason to run up the score. All UT needs to do is win out, and they are in the Rose Bowl. Nobdy they need to impress.
  4. Texas National Champs 2005 ?

    I have no doubt that Vince has trouble sleeping at night, with thought of the vaunted Aggie defence. Lets see giving up 25 points to Clemson this year was actually not bad, considering the 41 points Utah laid on them last year, not to mention the 35 points Baylor scored on the ags. Oh and let us not forget that mighty effort against Tenn in the Cotten Bowl, bet the Vols were black n blue after that effort.
  5. Texas National Champs 2005 ?

    Interesting comment from a Husker fan, considering that Neb has been Mack's B**ch, then again Neb has been a lot of peoples b**ch lately.
  6. How sad is this.

    Most likely it was someone that had a bet on the game.
  7. NCAA to crack down on Hostile Nicknames

    Offensive? I will tell you what is offensive. Offensive is a “non-profit” organization that is suppose to be there to “support” student athletes, paying $60 million to buy off a rival basketball tournament, because it was in there way.
  8. Huskers QB recruit stats from game on Fri

    If he red-shirts a season, then he will be a Senior when Nebraska loses their 4 straight game to UT in Lincoln!
  9. Texas National Champs 2005 ?

    I would say that right now the toughest challenge Texas will face in the Big 12, would be Tech. Texas is lucky to have them in Austin this year, as UT has had hell in Lubbock the past few years. Tech will once again be putting up big numbers on offense, and they truely hate Texas. However, I would not count OU out yet. I have been to 25 Texas/OU games in the last 27 years. That is truley one of those games where a teams record has little barring on the outcome of the game. Especially since every year, the stadium will be split 1/2 Orange and 1/2 Red. Also, I would never count Stoops out of anything.
  10. Ohio State / Texas

    Actually the starting tailback for Texas is a Junior, Selvin Young. He did not play much in the first game, because he tweaked his ankle. He could have played more, but there was no reason to. As for the Freshman tailback, there are actually two. Jamaal Charles, who had 135 yards on Saturday, with a 9.6 yard per carry average and Henry Melton, who had 65 yards on 6 carries (10.8 yards per carry). Melton is 6-3 and 270 lbs. And yes he is a tailback, not a fullback, because he has tailback speed. So that gives Texas 4 players that are capable of a 100+ yard rushing game. Actually 5 if you count Ramonce Taylor a sophomore who is capable of starting at tailback for many teams, but Texas is starting him a wide receiver, just so they can get him into the game. I think that the question is not how good OSU linebackers are, but what kind of depth does OSU have at linebacker, because it is possible that they could be facing runners with “fresh” legs, the whole game.
  11. Must Win Game

    2 - 8 Team Divisions - Redraft Points Only - QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, Def QB - Manning (@ Hou), McNabb (@ Was) Manning, No Brainer Right? RB - Barber (@ Balt), Davis (Hm Ind), T.Jones (@ Jax) I do not like Barbers match-up, thinking of going with Davis and Jones, maybe Hutchinson will give new life to Jones. WR - TO (@ Was), Walker (Hm Det), Stokley (@ Hou) I do not like TO's match-up and I love Stokley's, thinking of going with Walker and Stokley, Is crazy to bench TO? TE - Kinney (Hm KC), B. Williams (@ Dal) Kinney. TE has not been a big point producer for me K - Feely (Hm Oak), Dawson (@ Buf) 1 Point from Feely last week did not help, but it is Oak Def - Falcons (Hm Oak), Jets (@ Pitt) Falcons Would love to here some thoughts.