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  1. WDIS WR? Help me on this poll...

    Yep Coles Clayton- double dip away, it is the Pack after all McCardell is way too unpredictable guy throw up some serious dog games Evans- agree w/G&S- Lostman can't get it done week to week
  2. WDIS - RB Dilema (Good one to have)

    Come on now, not much of a dilemma is it? LT Parker Caddy
  3. WDIS-WR

    Agreed, TTaylor- CPepp can't keep this BS up- Cant' rely on Lostman---
  4. here's another wdis

    Collins- tough matchup no question- but w/Moss drawing double teams & Jordan is a nice recieving back, I think Collins puts up decent #'s. Ms. Warner, wow just can't see playing her, also Cards running game is so brutal, D will be on him all day - Sea D plays well at home, anyway, not a great overall D, but solid at home.
  5. Tough RB Choice This Week

    WOW, really a tough call- but a nice one to have- Going against the grain here----- Parker- IMO no way you can sit him, at home, NE has been vulnerable to the run, and you know Pitt is gonna pound it TBarber- gotta play him as well- Bolts may show up, but Tiki looks good so far SJax- still a ??? to me- Martz factor, loses red zone opportunities- w/your choices, he is who I would sit.
  6. Need some advise from all you guru's

    Not really a "guru", and your post makes my head want to explode but......... I would go w/ what you have, and start MMoore at flex- not much choice w/ byes and your roster- no idea who is on ww. Fergie is a weak play against Bucs, MMoore could have decent day if he gets a ton of touches.
  7. WDIS WR

    Stick w/ Wayne- he will get back to his old self- can't bail on your studs this early- Indy should click this weekend- besides Rod is a dinosaur- Wayne will rebound
  8. WDIS QB

    Brooks- not a fan of Bledsoe at all- the Brooks-Horn connection is solid, they will hook up enough to make a difference.
  9. Here's one for you..

    I agree.....normally, but Palmer is in a nice groove- tough to sit him for Griese, no matter who TB plays- ride the hot hand- Palmer
  10. Prove your FF Knowledge

    My coin only has Bruce & Coles on it.... No Stallworth Bruce slightly, only b/c I am not sold on Pennington's arm & ability to get Coles on deep routes. Ike could have some nice looks against Tenn.
  11. Burress or Lelie

    21/47 of Manning throws to Plax- so....... Burress, based off how many balls are coming his way. Gmen may have a MNF hangover traveling to SD, but--Lelie is so f ing inconsistent, although I am thinking Den may throw up some points on MNF, but I think Plax is the safer call
  12. The simple "Pick 2" thread: WR2 and WR3

    Steeltown- dude, some nice numbers there- honestly had no idea Branch was getting that many opps.- interesting, I guess it always seems like they spread it out, espcially the TD's- Thanks for the Info-
  13. BIG QB Quandary

    Bulger- clear choice IMO- @ home, agaist Tenn Palmer @Chi- Bears D is tough, letdown spot for Cincy
  14. serious dilemna

    Nice choices-- they all are close have nice matchups, NE has shown they can be run on. JJ Caddy- wait and see on his health- if he is ?? throw in Parker
  15. QB's WDIS

    wow, U-G-L-Y , out of that crew, I like Brees at home, NYG coming off MNF traveling to west coast- SD & Brees will show up, play well
  16. The simple "Pick 2" thread: WR2 and WR3

    Housh Smith- as nice as Branch is, NE spreads it out too much, Smith & housh should get some good looks
  17. RB Trade LaMont Gordon for Ahman Green?

    hold on LJordan, think he will have a better year than Ahman
  18. WDIS?

    No, I would stay W/ Brady- he should have a decent day, spread it around, get some goal line throwing opps as well- tough starting Warner, IMO
  19. RB Help

    Agreed, stay w/ Willie- St. Louis spreads it out too much, SJax suffers from Martz as well- Ride Parker!!
  20. Blinded by loyalty

    Green- he should get it going, spread it around nicely against Den. D- better matchp than Del @Miami, IMO. Throw in the MNF scoring factor and Green looks even better
  21. WDIS...?

    As much as it pains me to say it- I like Plummer to rebound against KC, and I like T. Green as well- I think both bounce back- Brady looks decent as well, tough game @ Pitt, but I would avoid Warner RB- as long as Caddy is healthy- he gets the nod WR- Coles & Clayton- no doubt
  22. Cadillac for Domanik Davis?

    Hell nah- Caddy is legit, and TB is gonna ride him - looks like DD is going to suffer from Texans pathetic O all year
  23. I'm hurtin' and need help!

    I agree w/ above- do not do it. Collins/Wayne/LT is MUCH stronger than Palmer/CJ/CMart Palmer is not much better than Collins, both will post similar #'s Cmart is DONE period CJ is a stud, but Wayne will rebound for a nice season- sounds like your panicking some- sit tight and don't make a deal just to make one if you do trade LT- you should get a s load in return
  24. Alexander gets shut down at home vs. ATL

    Yes you are - Cannot sit SA - he is one of the most consistent scorers period. I highly doubt ATL gets up early on the road @Sea and shut em down-won't happen. Hawks are tough at home, will beat ATL- SA will have a nice day- Parker is a great play as well, just cannot sit SA