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  1. Westbrook @ WAS Droughns v. MIA Last week I guessed right with Westbrook. This week even a tougher call. Leaning toward Westbrook again. Thanks in advance for feedback.
  2. Droughn @ SD Westbrook v. GB Leaning towards Westbrook...
  3. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 11

    WDIS RB -standard performance - pick one of the following... Dillon v. BAL Bettis v. WAS (assuming Staley is out) Dunn v. NO Westbrook @ NYG I've been feasting with the Bus, but I fear tough D may prevail. Same thing with Dillon. Should I go with Dunn & hope for big gain TDs? Westbrook looking healthy again? Dunno. Danke
  4. Monday Night Football

    Someone tell me why they don't swap some in-game ads for commercial breaks. It's not that I don't enjoy insightful Madden color comments like "the team that scores the most points tonight is going to win this football game". It just makes sense to trade-off some commentary for a 10 second plug every once in a while between plays. Assuming most viewers are like me, they use the excessive amount of commercial breaks to channel surfing, take a leak, get another beer, or check up on the little ones to make sure they are not drawing on your new leather chair with permanent markers. In-game advertising seems like a win-win for everyone involved. Advertisers get captive audiences. Viewers get less commercial breaks. Oh yeah, and the players get more flow to the game. What am I missing? So I only get to see the Coors twins 15 times instead of 30 throughout the course of the game?
  5. Dillon or Bettis

    Assuming Staley doesn't play this week... Bettis v. Bungals Dillon v. Cheifs I need a win bad going against a tough opponent. LAck of TD production from Dillon has been killing me. Both have great match-ups. What to do, what to do?
  6. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who : Huddle has been my go-to source for 4 years. Started posting in 2001 under the name of Wookiee. I’ve been MeanJoe last two years, although I haven’t posted much at all. What: Civil Engineer, Const. Management When: 30 yrs Where: St. Louis via Pittsburgh. Why: Preparing for my first draft in 1999, I quickly realized there were other players in the league that were good and NOT Steelers. Fantasy Bio: 5th year of FF. Finally hit pay dirt last year, but lost in Superbowl.