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  1. dude delete your posting in the Aqua Lung thread that his wife wrote ...its got no business being in there the right thing please for all's sake especially his wife's

  2. His pictures that rule, really suck.

  3. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

    Who posted in: Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Poster Posts Ursa Majoris 12 Chavez 11 devilwoman 9 rocknrobn26 6 Savage Beatings 6 Yukon Cornelius 6 zmanzzzz 4 georgemoe 4 nogohawk 3 Skilly 3 NSab 2 FightingEvil 2 Clubfoothead 2 skylive5 2 Marauders11 1 ts 1 Selly 1 twiley 1 PaulOttCarruth 1 Flypaste 1 whitem0nkey 1 skins 1 Dirty Sanchez 1 Dark Knight 1 alexgaddis 1 KICK A$$ BLASTER 1 Randall 1 SeductiveNun 1 pork chop express 1 Kid Cid 1 Itsnottatooma 1 driveby 1 Caveman_Nick 1 BiggieFries 1 TimC 1 Big John 1 Jimmy Neutron 1 whomper 1 budly23 1 Dr. Love 1
  4. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

    do i get credit for this hijack?
  5. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

    link In an post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors travel and find other settlements in huge custom designed all terrain vehicles. (more) Complete credited cast: Jan-Michael Vincent .... Tanner George Peppard .... Maj. Eugene Denton Dominique Sanda .... Janice Paul Winfield .... Keegan Jackie Earle Haley .... Billy Kip Niven .... Airman Tom Perry Robert Donner .... Man/Guard Seamon Glass .... Mountain Man #2 Trent Dolan .... Technician Mark L. Taylor .... Haskins Bob Hackman .... Colonel Terence Locke .... Air Policeman Marcia Holley .... Gloria
  6. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

    how can we foget? logan's run darnation alley link :doah:
  7. Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

    lotr blade runner madd maxx terminator star wars star treks brazil matrix
  8. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: zmanzzzz ff pariah What: thrill seaker When: itailian men never reveal their age. Where: the wilderness Why: pushing people around is fun Fantasy Bio: 10 years, 24 leagues, 10 1sts, always cash, 16+ team idp dynasty prefered, up thousands, ... nothing left to prove.
  9. i have a compliment ...

    in all my internet travels the huddle has the finest set of smilies evah!!!
  10. keeper

    a little cut-n-paste for light reading.
  11. keeper

    Keeper/Dynasty League Rankings For 2005 and Beyond Quarterbacks Comments 1 Peyton Manning/Indianapolis Much safer QB than Culpepper and will play in the #1 offense for years to come. 2 Donovan McNabb/Philadelphia As long as Owens is around, a lock for 30 TDs a season. 3 Daunte Culpepper/Minnesota The loss of Moss will hurt. How much is the question. 4 Michael Vick/Atlanta His upside is tremendous and he'll get better in his second season if the new offense. 5 Marc Bulger/St. Louis Plays in a great offense. Injuries are a concern though. 6 Matt Hasselbeck/Seattle Took a step back this season but he has plenty to work with. 7 Tom Brady/New England Mr. Consistency but the loss of OC Charlie Weis could be an issue over time. 8 Brett Favre/Green Bay Still solid but how much longer he'll play is a mystery. 9 Chad Pennington/New York Jets Took a step back this season but has plenty of upside. Getting Coles back will help too. 10 Carson Palmer/Cincinnati Really came on late before he got hurt and has a nice upside. 11 Trent Green/Kansas City Mark him down for at least 25 TDs a season over the 2-3 despite having little at WR. 12 Aaron Brooks/New Orleans It's ugly watching him but he plays in a pretty good offense. 13 Kerry Collins/Oakland With Moss in the fold and a potentially strong running game, he could put up big TD numbers. 14 David Carr/Houston Once they get him more help at WR, he'll be a 25+ a season QB. 15 Jake Delhomme/Carolina Still got it done without Steve Smith. Negative here is that Muhammad may leave next season. 16 Joey Harrington/Detroit Give him a healthy Charles Rogers and Roy Williams and look for much better results. 17 Jake Plummer/Denver Very streaky but the upside is there. 18 Byron Leftwich/Jacksonville Needs help at WR but has a strong arm. 19 Ben Roethlisberger/Pittsburgh He plays in a run first offense but has good WRs to work with. 20 Drew Brees/San Diego We expect him to start one more season in SD. 21 Brian Griese/Tampa Bay Could be the next Rich Gannon? We'll find out but he did look good last season. 22 Patrick Ramsey/Washington Has good WRs to work with but the offense is conservative. 23 Steve McNair/Tennessee Injuries are a huge issue with him and retirement isn't that far away. 24 Tim Rattay/San Francisco Had an up and down season but the potential is there if they can get a better OL and running game. 25 J.P. Losman/Buffalo Will start in 2005 but has a lot of work to do to become a solid fantasy QB. 26 Eli Manning/New York Giants Starting to look better but needs help at WR and on the OL in a big way. 27 Kyle Boller/Baltimore Needs help at WR in a big way but has a strong arm. 28 Rex Grossman/Chicago Started to look better before he got hurt. Muhammad will help. 29 A.J. Feeley/Miami Should us a little flash over the final few games but needs a much better OL. 30 Trent Dilfer/Cleveland Looks like he could start for his new team for about two seasons but they need help at WR. 31 Drew Bledsoe/Dallas Probably will start for two seasons with his new team. 32 Billy Volek/Tennessee It sounds like McNair may be around for a few more seasons. 33 Philip Rivers/San Diego You might have to wait until the 2006 season to see him play. 34 Kurt Warner/Arizona He's on a one-year deal and their offensive line is young and inexperienced. 35 Josh McCown/Arizona His status as the starter isn't etched in stone. 36 Chris Simms/Tampa Bay Griese could keep him on the bench for a while. 37 Drew Henson/Dallas Bledsoe should start for about two seasons. 38 Luke McCown/Cleveland Won't get a chance to start until at least 2007. 39 Jeff Garcia/Detroit Looks to be a backup for the rest of his career. Running Backs Comments 1 LaDainian Tomlinson/San Diego You couldn't ask for a more versatile back and he plays hurt. 2 Shaun Alexander/Seattle Will be a free agent but is a rock and is very productive. 3 Priest Holmes/Kansas City In his 30's but you should get at least two more solid seasons from him. 4 Edgerrin James/Indianapolis Re-signed for one season but could be traded. 5 Jamal Lewis/Baltimore Doesn't turn 26 until August and has a big upside. 6 Willis McGahee/Buffalo Really showed the knee surgery from two years ago is behind him and Henry won't return. 7 Ahman Green/Green Bay Nagging injuries are an issue with him but his productivity should be solid for years to come. 8 Clinton Portis/Washington Posted great yards but his TD total was a disappointment. Should rebound in years to come. 9 Kevin Jones/Detroit After the ankle injury was behind him, he really took off. Should be a solid RB for a long time. 10 Corey Dillon/New England You should get about two more solid seasons from him. 11 Steven Jackson/St. Louis Will take over as the starter in 2005 but Faulk will have a role. 12 Rudi Johnson/Cincinnati Re-signed for five seasons and will only get better. 13 Domanick Davis/Houston Really showed us that he could play through nagging injuries and finished the season well. 14 Deuce McAllister/New Orleans Yards are solid but his TD totals are an issue. 15 Lamont Jordan/Oakland He's a great for head coach Norv Turner's offense. Potentially a top-10 RB. 16 Chris Brown/Tennessee Big upside but injuries are an issue. 17 Julius Jones/Dallas They'll get him the ball plenty but he still has to prove he can last a 16-game season. 18 Tiki Barber/New York Giants Wore down late because their OL struggled but will always be a solid #2 RB. 19 Brian Westbrook/Philadelphia Injuries will be an issue but will be a solid #2 RB for years to come. 20 Curtis Martin/New York Jets Had a big revival in 2004 and should have 1-2 solid seasons left. 21 Fred Taylor/Jacksonville TDs are low but yards are high. He should be a solid starter for about two more seasons. 22 Tatum Bell/Denver (up) Big upside but injuries are an issue. The good thing is Droughns is gone. 23 Thomas Jones/Chicago Started off well but his OL really struggled. They need to improve in that area if he's to be better. 24 Reuben Droughns/Cleveland (up) Should be the starter and a decent #3 back or better. 25 Travis Henry/Buffalo Will likely be traded and his value is dependent upon where he ends up. 26 Anthony Thomas/Free agent His value is dependent on where he ends up but he has a nice upside. 27 Michael Pittman/Tampa Bay Had a career season depsite missing four games. However, they may sign or draft a back. 28 Deshaun Foster/Carolina Injuries are always and issue but should be a starter for a while to come. 29 Marshall Faulk/St. Louis Will be a backup for the rest of the his career. 30 Michael Bennett/Minnesota Could be traded. If he returns, they could have a RBBC. 31 Onterrio Smith/Minnesota They could use a RBBC. Lots to be decided there. 32 Warrick Dunn/Atlanta Hils role from year to year is an issue but he'll still be at least a solid #3 RB for years to come. 33 Kevan Barlow/San Francisco Really took a hit this season but still should be their starter. You're better off drafting him. 34 Duce Staley/Pittsburgh Needs to get over his injuries but isn't a bad RB for depth for the next few seasons. 35 Lee Suggs/Cleveland (down) The addition of Droughns hurts his value. Will be used more as a change of pace. 36 T.J. Duckett/Atlanta Still plays second fiddle to Dunn. 37 Correll Buckhalter/Philadelphia If healthy, he'll be a decent goalline option. 38 Larry Johnson/Kansas City Could eventually be the starter in 2007 but still has a lot to prove. 39 Charlie Garner/Tampa Bay Pittman is the starter and he may be cut. 40 Marcel Shipp/Arizona Needs to get healthy in order to challenge for the starting job. 41 Stephen Davis/Carolina Won't return and his playing days are up in the air. 42 Derrick Blaylock/New York Jets Despite signing a decent free agent contract, he's not big enough to be the successor to Martin. 43 Mike Alstott/Tampa Bay No chance to be a main ball carrier but could see goal-line carries from time to time. 44 Nick Goings/Carolina Should be Foster's backup for a while. 45 Sammy Morris/Miami The starter for now. 46 Jerome Bettis/Pittsburgh Could return for another season but as a backup. 47 Najeh Davenport/Green Bay Restricted free agent who will back up Green again once he re-signs. 48 Quentin Griffin/Denver (up) With Droughns gone, he should be the #2 back. 49 Maurice Hicks/San Francisco Should back up Barlow. 50 Kevin Faulk/New England Will back up Dillon again. 51 Domanic Rhodes/Indianapolis Only value is if James doesn't re-sign or is traded. 52 Lamar Gordon/Miami Would back up Morris if the season started now. 53 Maurice Morris/Seattle Only value is if Alexander leaves. 54 Justin Fargas/Oakland No chance to start with Jordan in the fold. 55 Greg Jones/Jacksonville A long way from having a chance to start. 56 Cedric Cobbs/New England A long way from having a chance to start. 57 Ron Dayne/Free agent Hard to see him having a significant role somewhere else at this point. 58 Mewelde Moore/Minnesota Should be deep on the depth chart next season. 59 William Green/Cleveland (down) With Droughns in the fold, he has no chance to play in Cleveland. 60 Chris Perry/Cincinnati He's toast now that Johnson re-signed for five seasons. 61 LaBrandon Toefield/Jacksonville A long way from having a chance to start. Wide Receiver Comments 1 Randy Moss/Oakland Likely won't catch as many passes as he did as a Viking but his TD numbers still should be strong. 2 Javon Walker/Green Bay When you look for a young WR with a huge upside, Walker is it. Can't find anything wrong with him. 3 Terrell Owens/Philadelphia Just turned 32 and has to prove the injuries are healed but you should get at least two more good years. 4 Marvin Harrison/Indianapolis Turns 33 in August but is still solid and thankfully re-signed recently. 5 Torry Holt/St. Louis Still plays in a great offense and will only be 29 next season. 6 Chad Johnson/Cincinnati He'll get plenty of work with Palmer this off-season and his upside is huge. 7 Andre Johnson/Houston Still too inconsistent but will improve in his third year and he has a big upside. 8 Michael Clayton/Tampa Bay One of the rare rookies who never seemed to hit the rookie wall and he has a big upside. 9 Reggie Wayne/Indianapolis This ranking probably will surprise but he's in the best offense in football and he has improved every season. 10 Steve Smith/Carolina As long as he comes back healthy, his upside will continue to be huge. 11 Joe Horn/New Orleans Turns 33 soon but should have at least two good years left and is solid a rock. 12 Eric Moulds/Buffalo He turns 32 next year but still should have 2-3 more good years left. 13 Darrell Jackson/Seattle He's very underrated and is pretty solid option. 14 Hines Ward/Pittsburgh He's more valuable if you get points for receptions. 15 Derrick Mason/Baltimore He probably was better off as a Titan because he has to now work with an inexperienced QB. 16 Donald Driver/Green Bay He has shaken the injury bug and is quite solid as a #2 WR. 17 Roy Williams/Detroit When he was healthy this season, he showed to have a big upside. He'll get better over time. 18 Anquan Boldin/Arizona Being healthy from the start of the season will help. 19 Nate Burleson/Minnesota Scored in seven out of his last nine games and should only get better. Their #1 WR for the moment. 20 Laveranues Coles/New York Jets He should be better with TDs now that he's back with the Jets where he is also better off. 21 Jerry Porter/Oakland Although he's now their #2 WR, he won't see many double teams so he'll still be pretty solid for a while. 22 Drew Bennett/Tennessee Looks to be their #1 WR for a while and he has a decent upside. 23 Santana Moss/Washington Likely will be their top WR but their passing game is still shaky. 24 Brandon Stokley/Indianapolis Forget about him being their #3 WR, they get him the ball more than most #2 NFL WRs. 25 Larry Fitzgerald/Arizona We expect Boldin to be a little better than him next season and beyond but he has a nice upside. 26 Charles Rogers/Detroit Has only played in six games in his first two seasons but he does have a big upside. 27 Chris Chambers/Miami Needs to have a good running game and OL if he's to be a solid starter. 28 Ashley Lelie/Denver Nice upside but we would like to see him get the ball more. 29 Lee Evans/Buffalo Put together a great second half of the season and has proven he's not just a deep threat. 30 Muhsin Muhammad/Chicago He was better off as a starter for Carolina again. Now has to work with an inexperienced QB. 31 Deion Branch/New England Should be a pretty solid #3 fantasy WR for years to come if not better. 32 Plaxico Burress/New York Giants Not exactly the best place for him to sign and he'll be working with a young QB. 33 Keary Colbert/Carolina Now a starter for a long time to come and he should be a decent #3 WR. 34 Isaac Bruce/St. Louis Should have two decent years left in him. 35 David Givens/Free Agent (RFA) Should be a decent #3 WR for years to come. 36 Donte' Stallworth/New Orleans Injuries are always and issue but he does have a nice upside. 37 Tyrone Calico/Tennessee Will have to prove he's over the knee issues but looks to be their #2 WR and he has a big upside. 38 Peter Warrick/Cincinnati He's on the last year of his contract and he needs to prove he's healthy. 39 Rod Smith/Denver Turns 35 in May but you might get 1-2 more decent seasons out of him. 40 Andre Davis/Cleveland Showed us some flash this season and is a nice #3 WR. It would help if they can get their QB situation right. 41 Brandon Lloyd/San Francisco Nice upside as your #3 WR. 42 Koren Robinson/Seattle You know about his upside but his downside is just as bad. 43 Justin McCareins/New York Jets Will get better with more work with Pennington. 44 Antonio Bryant/Cleveland Has a nice upside but their QB situation is shaky to say the least. 45 Joey Galloway/Tampa Bay Just turned 34 but has shown that he can still get it done but injuries are an issue with him. 46 Eddie Kennison/Kansas City He finally put together a good season but his role in the future isn't set. 47 Travis Taylor/Minnesota He's in a great fit for his talent but still has a lot to prove. 48 Rod Gardner/Washington His value is dependent upon where he ends up assuming he's traded as expected. 49 T.J. Houshmandzadeh/Cincinnati Could start in 2006 since Warrick will be a free agent after this season. 50 Clarence Moore/Baltimore He could start in 2005 and he has a big upside. 51 Marcus Robinson/Minnesota Looks to be competing for their #2 WR job at least for 2005. 52 Peerless Price/Atlanta He can't be this bad next year and beyond, could he? 53 Jimmy Smith/Jacksonville Might return for one more season. 54 Keyshawn Johnson/Dallas Turns 33 before next season and their QB situation is shaky. 55 Keenan McCardell/San Diego He turns 35 next week but might have 1-2 decent seasons left. 56 David Patten/Washington He'll be a marginal fantasy starter for his new team. 57 Marty Booker/Miami They need to get their OL and QB situation straightened out. 58 Amani Toomer/New York Giants Part of his problems were tied to a hamstring injury and his QBs. 59 Rashaun Woods/San Francisco Will challege for a starting job next season. 60 Eric Parker/San Diego You wouldn't keep him but he's going to be worth drafting late. 61 Kevin Curtis/St. Louis Will be a starter by 2007 if not before. 62 Michael Jenkins/Atlanta Should be a starter by 2006 if not before. 63 Cedrick Wilson/Pittsburgh He'll be their #2 WR for a long time but he's in more of a running offense. 64 David Terrell/Free Agent He needs to get his head on straight but the upside is there. Giants worked him out recently. 65 Reggie Williams/Jacksonville Decent upside but is really raw and needs a lot of work. 66 Johnnie Morton/Kansas City His role in the future is in question. 67 Randy Hymes/Baltimore Could start next season. 68 Antwaan Randle El/Pittsburgh Will be their #3 WR for a long time to come. 69 Darius Watts/Denver Is at least two years away from having a chance to start. 70 Justin Gage/Chicago Could challenge for a starting job next season. 71 Bernard Berrian/Chicago Could challenge for a starting job next season. 72 Todd Pinkston/Philadelphia Yards are good but TDs aren't. 73 Quincy Morgan/Dallas Not a lock to start in the future. 74 Az-Zahir Hakim/Detroit Injuries are an issue but has some upside even as their #3 WR. 75 Dennis Northcutt/Cleveland Should be their #3 WR again starting next season. 76 Marc Boerighter/Kansas City Could start in a few years. 77 Joe Jurevicius/Seattle He'll compete for the #3 job. 78 Ronald Curry/Oakland Will likely be their #3 WR for a long time to come. 79 Tim Carter/New York Giants Likely their #3 WR for next few seasons but could start down the line. 80 Jamaar Taylor/New York Giants Could start in a few years. 81 Kassim Osgood/San Diego Could start in a few years. 82 Samie Parker/Kansas City Could start in a few years. 83 Freddie Mitchell/Philadelphia Little chance to start and could get cut. 84 Kevin Johnson/Free Agent His value is dependent upon where he ends up. 85 Corey Bradford/Free Agent His value is dependent upon where he ends up. 86 Jabar Gaffney/Houston Better as their #3 WR. 87 Shaun McDonald/St. Louis Likely to be their #3 WR of the future. 88 Bryant Johnson/Arizona Likely to be their #3 WR for a long time. 89 Terrence Copper/Dallas Could have a chance to start down the line. 90 Doug Gabriel/Oakland Will likely be their #4 WR for a long time to come. 91 Tai Streets/Free Agent His value is dependent upon where he ends up. 92 Robert Ferguson/Green Bay Has almost no chance to start in the future. 93 Dez White/Atlanta Won't start next year most likely. 94 Ike Hilliard/Free Agent His value is dependent upon where he ends up but he likely will be a backup for the rest of his career. 95 Bobby Wade/Chicago Won't start next year most likely. 96 Derrick Hamilton/San Francisco Has little chance to start in the future. Tight Ends 1 Tony Gonzalez/Kansas City Still the #1 option at TE though Gates is really closing in. 2 Antonio Gates/San Diego Tremendous upside and will be great for years to come. 3 Alge Crumpler/Atlanta Became a bigger factor in '04 and should continue to get better in their offense. 4 Jeremy Shockey/New York Giants Injuries are always a factor but he's still their best option in the passing game. 5 Randy McMichael/Miami He continues to improve and should be a solid starter for years to come. 6 Jason Witten/Dallas Very good athlete and would be ranked higher if the QB situation was looking better for the future. 7 Todd Heap/Baltimore Big upside but injuries are always a factor. 8 Kellen Winslow/Cleveland Has yet to play but as long has he's healthy he'll be very involved. 9 Eric Johnson/San Francisco Great athlete and will post good yards but won't score much. 10 Dallas Clark/Indianapolis Once Pollard is out of the way, his role will increase. 11 Jermaine Wiggins/Minnesota He's coming off a career season and he should be active for a while with Moss gone. 12 L. J. Smith/Philadelphia Good athlete and his role will increase as time goes on. 13 Chris Cooley/Washington They look his way often in the redzone area and he's a good athlete. 14 Jeb Putzier/Denver He has a decent upside. 15 Bubba Franks/Free Agent Probably will return and is a decent redzone area threat. 16 Marcus Pollard/Detroit His career should have a small upswing for about two more seasons with his new team. 17 Dan Graham/New England Watson could take some of his role away over time. 18 Erron Kinney/Tennessee We expect Troupe to be a bigger factor in 2005 and beyond. 19 Ben Troupe/Tennessee He should cut in to Kinney's role in the future. 20 Doug Jolley/Oakland They don't use him enough but he has a decent upside. 21 Desmond Clark/Chicago (up) He could be more involved with the new offensive game plan. 22 Itula Mili/Seattle He's back and should be at least a decent backup fantasy TE. 23 Shad Meier/New Orleans (up) With Williams on the outs, he could wind up being their starter. 24 Boo Williams/New Orleans (down) Really took a big step back in 2004 and the team is down on him. 25 Chris Baker/New York Jets The role should be his in 2005 and beyond but they don't use the tight ends enough. 26 Jim Kleinsasser/Minnesota Could be used more as a blocker next season with the emergence of Wiggins. 27 Ben Watson/New England Could cut in to Graham's playing time but doesn't figure to have a chance to start. 28 Matt Schobel/Cincinnati They don't use the tight ends enough but he has a decent upside. 29 Jerramy Stevens/Seattle They don't use the tight ends enough. 30 Stephen Alexander/Denver (up) He's set to be a backup for the near future. 31 Freddie Jones/Free Agent His value is dependent upon where he ends up. 32 Mark Campbell/Buffalo Was looking decent before suffering a serious knee injury. 33 Billy Miller/Houston They don't use the tight ends enough. 34 George Wrighster/Jacksonville Could be the starter down the road. 35 Kris Mangum/Carolina They don't use the tight ends enough. 36 Mike Seidman/Carolina They don't use the tight ends enough.
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    yeah, beer30 was the most manic newbie ever. i wonder what calmed him down?
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    hi im new here
  14. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    Who posted in: 2004 Annual Huddle Awards Poster Posts rajncajn 11 Jumpin Johnies 9 darin3 9 Chavez 8 Hugh 0ne 6 Big John 6 Squeegiebo 6 broncosn05 6 Down Goes Frazia 6 Balzac 6 I Like Soup 5 forever in debt to mo lewis 5 Vote Quimby2 5 Grits and Shins 5 SuperBalla 5 Ursa Majoris 5 Bill Swerski 4 skins 4 Dr. Sacrebleu 4 Azazello1313 4 Donutrun Jellies 3 Caveman_Nick 3 Gunther 3 JoJoTheWebToedBoy 3 skylive5 3 Menudo 3 Chargerz 3 gilthorp 3 yo mama 3 Yukon Cornelius 3 CaptainHook 2 Ben-waa 2 Big F'n Dave 2 WaterMan 2 Bier Meister 2 devilwoman 2 AtomicCEO 2 Puddy 2 whomper 2 Meat Face 2 Ziachild007 2 Bonehand 2 loaf 2 Brewer 2 Marauders11 2 ABearWithFurniture 1 KevinL 1 Rebellab 1 Men In Tights 1 Itsnottatooma 1 Clubfoothead 1 Perchoutofwater 1 J.D.Morrison 1 Cunning Runt 1 Thews40 1 McBoog 1 TimC 1 REZ 1 Random Guy 1 BillyBalata 1 msaint 1 cheezhed 1 Sgt. Ryan 1 Glabra 1 untateve 1 Chief Dick 1 Brentastic 1 BeachBum 1 General Itals 1 rocknrobn26 1 H8tank 1 Post Padding Monitor 1 Phatboy 1 Czarina 1 bushwacked 1 'canes2004 1 keggerz 1 sarge5121976 1 Wizards 1 McNasty 1