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  1. 10 Team Mock Draft

    Will probably take a couple of days. I've thought about doing it email, it would probably be better in the long run. Interested?
  2. 10 Team Mock Draft

    I'm wanting to host a 10 team mock draft next week and need 4 fff (fantasy football fanatics) who'd like to participate. I usually do a mock draft by myself to prepare for our live one. If you're interested go My Messageboard and register and then sign up under 10 team mock draft. Love to have you.
  3. Value Based Draft

    I've been reading some information on Value Based Drafting and it has my interest. Does anyone here on the boards use it and how successful have you been with it. I understand the concept but would like to see a spreadsheet. If you any of you guys have a spread sheet would you mind sharing it with me. Thanks.
  4. Who to run my league with?

    Well I've got to chime in again. Right now a guy by the name of John Marino is developing a league management that is unrivaled. It will have everything every commissioner and owner could imagine Check Here. You're free to explore and the great thing about this is you can take previous years in your league and add them so that you have continuity of seasons. The cost will be about the same as MFL and twice if not three times the reports. Right now it is under development. Let me say I'm in another league which uses MFL, but Revolution is stand alone product that cannot be matched or touched. I'm somewhat involved in it's development and can't wait for the 2005 season. Seriously if you're looking to take your league to the next level you need to check it out.
  5. Arena League

    Yeah I got so desperate that I signed up in the Arena Football Salary Cap League. I don't have a clue who any of the guys are, but it's just to pass my time until real football starts back up. Who knows I might be desperate enough to sign up for fantasy baseball (which I don't like).
  6. League Management site

    You'd be surprised how little it cost. FFLM & Renegade cost a grand total of $60! Now the website cost me about $8 a month. Not that expensive. But hey I've really enjoyed it and our guys did too. We subtract $100 out of the total league entry fees to pay for everything.
  7. League Management site

    I would like to clarify that I have nothing against Yahoo or My Fantasy League, I just enjoy modifying and designing and having complete control over everything. I realize you can do that My Fantasy League to a certain extent. So I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. Both are good for those who don't want to be bothered with the extra work, but it is rather satisfying when ALL my owners were quite happy and proud of our league.
  8. League Management site

    If you want to have your own website then FFLM & Renegade is the way to go. I used My Fantasy League last year and then I ventured out into unknown waters My Website . FFLM cost around $55 and Renegade with all the historical records around $15 for the first year. I've been very, very happy and satisfied with what I've got and wouldn't even think of using Yahoo or My Fantasy League again.
  9. Who Would You Keep For Next Year?

    That thought has crossed my mind and I actually considered it. I've also thought about using Portis or Jackson as trade bait for a top WR (especially Portis). Thanks for reminding me.
  10. I go through this every frickin off-season, wondering who I'm going to keep. I just can't let it rest or put off until August. I somehow gotta know months ahead who I'm going to keep. Most of the guys in our league have long forgotten about FF, but not me I live and breathe this stuff. Anyway I know I'm going to keep these: QB - PEYTON MANNING RB - SHAUN ALEXANDER WR - TORRY HOLT Here is my dilemma on my 4th keeper: RB - JULIUS JONES RB - CLINTON PORTIS RB - STEPHEN JACKSON Portis has been on my team since he first broke out (feel a certain loyalty to him), but is this year an abberation. Jones has definite upside (if Parcells remains as coach) and Jackson could be the featured back next year. Who would you keep of the 3? Thanks.
  11. Best FF Site?

    I personally have my own website which is run off FFLM (the same people who give you My Fantasy League), but however I use a FANTASTIC program called Renegade which produces unbelievable reportsMy Website. If you're looking to run your own website this is the WAY and the support is unbelievable. If you have any question please feel free to email me @ Yes you can run your league year round! Again check it out.
  12. We have just ended our season and it was a tremendous season Check here. Now we're looking to go to a salary cap league for next year. Would any of guys have any simple basic salary cap rules that I can read and study up on? Thanks abunch in advance.
  13. Could This Be The Best Fantasy Team Ever?

    I trust you weren't referring to me?
  14. Could This Be The Best Fantasy Team Ever?

    I'm not here to brag, well yes I am. I have won the last 3 championships in our 10 team league. Yes I am a proud owner of Peyton Manning the last 2 years, however I would like to put forth my lineup in the championship game: STARTERS: QB - PEYTON MANNING (03,04) RB - SHAUN ALEXANDER (03,04) RB - JULIUS JONES WR - EDDIE KENNISON WR - DREW BENNETT TE - RANDY MCMICHAEL(02,04) PK - NATE KAEDING DEF - MIAMI DEFENSE BENCH RB - STEPHEN JACKSON RB - CLINTON PORTIS (02,03,04) WR - TORRY HOLT WR - ANDRE JOHNSON WR - ERIC MOULDS DEF - BALTIMORE I know in my last championship run it was pure luck that I advanced to championship (Tom Brady threw one too many int. which cost my opponent the win ~ 56-55 (it was an actual tie, but I owned the tie breakers) and in the championship game I was down by 5 and my opponent had Lee Suggs and I had the Miami defense, well when Lee Suggs fumbled the ball that was a 4 point swing in my favor and I went on to win the game thanks to the Miami def and McMichael. So yes luck does play a factor in some degree, but also you must study the match ups!!!! Also one other thing, Priest Holmes has never been on a championship team, he's been to the championship game and lost, but again has never won it. Neither has Terrell Owens and Randy Moss (these guys are on the same team as Priest Holmes)! In all actuality I don't believe this was my best team, however all records indicate that it is, I really believe last years team was the best the most consistent.

    I'm looking to do an historical 3-peat in our league. Don't know who to start at RB? QB - P. Manning RB - S. Alexander RB- C. Portis or Julius Jones (don't know who to start here) WR - D. Bennett WR - E. Kennison TE - R. McMichael PK - N. Kaeding Def - Miami Who should I go with Portis or Jones? Thanks.