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  1. Royce Freeman

    lol winning makes you look smart and taking risks typically involves winning. I still don't get why this is a thing for you.
  2. Royce Freeman

    In my experience, I do well when I take a calculated risk....people act like Freeman didn't score a TD 3 games in a row and has Booker as his only competition. When I take risks like this, I am typically good...and of course I want to be right because then I am more likely to win. I am not sure what you are getting at haha.
  3. DMD - Suggestions for Draft Kit Tools

    I'm well, just popped in here recently...only a few recognizable faces ahah
  4. Royce Freeman

    I landed Freemanlast night at 3.10 in a 16 team as my RB3.I felt pretty good about that despite the skepticism.
  5. DMD - Suggestions for Draft Kit Tools

    whatsup brotha, how you been?
  6. Who has been here since the 90s?

    What happened? I completely forgot.
  7. Who has been here since the 90s?

    1998 says hello
  8. How many carries will Christian McCaffrey get?

    I like any back in a Norv Turner system but I am not overly high on any back on this team. I also won’t take CMC early enough to find out...
  9. Deeper Sleepers

    I like these 3 later.. Dede Westbrook Corey Clement Mike Williams
  10. Smallwood

    one red flag is he is still returning kicks. Sproles is still the punt returner. I think Blount will be given an honest shot and Smallwood will get looks too.... Beware! This could be an ugly RBBC especially with Blount not looking too good, but Pederson keeps running him with sweeps instead of up the gut. I think Smallwood and Clement may be the longshots to any fantasy relevance as far as reliability goes.....They will likely try to preserve Sproles imo..
  11. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    I liked what I saw from him but am shocked that Reid didn't run him more.....yet, not so shocked being an Eagles fan.... my gut is telling me to sell high, but my brain is asking my gut why it is high?
  12. Barndige, what are we to think?

    I drafted Barnidge in one league and think he can be very productive again....but I also think last year could have been a flash in the pan
  13. Why is AJ Green ranked so high

    While I think he is being drafted too high, I definitely don't agree with this. He just isn't in he same tier as the WR's he is ranked around and probably is at the top of yhe next tier of WR's.
  14. Why is AJ Green ranked so high

    I had jim last year and he seemed to score points in bunches while vanishing in other games completely. I know, he's a WR but I found him to be far too inconsistent for my liking...at least in terms of being drafted as my #1 WR.