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  1. Smallwood

    one red flag is he is still returning kicks. Sproles is still the punt returner. I think Blount will be given an honest shot and Smallwood will get looks too.... Beware! This could be an ugly RBBC especially with Blount not looking too good, but Pederson keeps running him with sweeps instead of up the gut. I think Smallwood and Clement may be the longshots to any fantasy relevance as far as reliability goes.....They will likely try to preserve Sproles imo..
  2. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    I liked what I saw from him but am shocked that Reid didn't run him more.....yet, not so shocked being an Eagles fan.... my gut is telling me to sell high, but my brain is asking my gut why it is high?
  3. Barndige, what are we to think?

    I drafted Barnidge in one league and think he can be very productive again....but I also think last year could have been a flash in the pan
  4. Why is AJ Green ranked so high

    While I think he is being drafted too high, I definitely don't agree with this. He just isn't in he same tier as the WR's he is ranked around and probably is at the top of yhe next tier of WR's.
  5. Why is AJ Green ranked so high

    I had jim last year and he seemed to score points in bunches while vanishing in other games completely. I know, he's a WR but I found him to be far too inconsistent for my liking...at least in terms of being drafted as my #1 WR.
  6. Annual "I will not draft... list"

    I like SoS for any position and I only look at the bookends. I also only really use the tool around week 9 or later when approaching the trade deadline as I try to snake a player who probably had a horrible schedule and has favorable upcoming games. I also don't use weeks 1-xxx as a range, I use the last 4 or 5 weeks as a range to calculate because everything is usually a mess the first month of the season... Ideally, I like to start using it around week 9 while using weeks 4-8 and then 5-8 as a range to calculate and look to see if there are any drastic changes. If I see a rb I can get at the top of the SoS, I try to see how much it would take to get said player.
  7. per Rotoworld, Sproles is now the starter with Mathews and Barner in the mix..... wow
  8. I just wonder how healthy Luck has been....
  9. Whos more talented?

  10. Inactive owner

    we have been dealing with an inactive owner in my local but the commish is setting his lineup..... except when he played him last week and I had to call him out because he had a kicker on a bye starting for that team that he "overlooked" but as soon as Lacy was inactive the week before he was all over that honda and scooped up Alfred Morris.....and then conveniently left Morris in for the game against him leaving Gore and Lacy (nobody saw that coming) on the bench.... I hate suspect commish's anyways I didn't notice the kicker thing until Monday and he tried ignoring me.....luckily Carpenter was still available and he tried to make it like I was making a big deal out of nothing and added Carpenter after the game started......what about all those other kickers on waivers prior to Sunday? Crosby scored 22 points.... and he ended up losing to that team by about 7 points while Carpenter scored 9..... the morale of the story is don't be in leagues with people who abandon their teams....?...and hindsight is 20/20
  11. What have you learned this year?

    I don't know honda
  12. Is Aaron Rodgers...

    I still need convincing that we are on a spinning ball
  13. Ryan Mathews: Will he play?

    Sanchez moves the ball downfield better than Bradford and doesn't check down nearly as much... I would bump up Matthews as well as either Ertz or Celek....which in turn can create more space for Sproles out of the backfield... And don't get me wrong, Sanchez might turn it over 2...maybe 3 times, but he is going to keep the defense honest...unlike Bradford..
  14. Calvin Johnson

    yuup, he is playing....I bumped the thread because it is a Calvin thread, instead of creating a new one...