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  1. Gordon is now following Philadelphia Eagles Ronald Darby Corey Clement San Francisco 49ers Atlanta Falcons Oakland Raiders I don't see anything about him following players on the other teams. Just nabbed him at 5.06 in a draft a few hours ago.......c'monnn Howie!
  2. RB McCoy released

    I do recall Andy saying they re looking at a RBBC this year......but I HIGHLY doubt he uses 3 RB's and I wonder what the rotation for using 2 RB's would look like since he hasn't done this since Duce Staley was an Eagle iirc.
  3. our next president

    I haven’t posted here in a few years now but this thread was great. That is all haha
  4. Damien Williams thoughts?

    I think Darwin is the back to own here. Damien doesn't have his heart in the game while Darwin is hungry and this is a RB friendly offense as long as he can catch. Damien will probably dominate the touches early on, but I think we see quite a bit of Darwin by week 4.
  5. Nick Chubb thread

    No, I have him after Hopkins and Adams.
  6. Alvin Kamara Thread

    I don't know what to expect but he is the 2nd RB in PPR right now imo.
  7. MB League #2 10 teams

    While I personally disagree with some of your middle round picks, I like the selections made early on and late. I think Josh Allen will be very fantasy relevant and could end up starting for you.
  8. Nick Chubb thread

    I have factored this in and I am not too concerned about Hunt. I have Chubb over Bell..right after DJ
  9. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    I would expect Jackson to hit Andrews a lot. Rookie and inaccurate QB’s tend to rely on the TE’s and RB’s a lot... not to mention Andrews has played well in camp.....I have targeted him in most mocks, but I throw in a little TJ Hockenson to change it up
  10. trade offer made driver for westbrook

    yea...he gets 2 players for 1...but you get by far the best player... question is...will he do it?
  11. Duckett doesn't play seattle..he's at buffalo....almost as bad as tampa matchup-wise... go with Green
  12. Trade for Benson?

    that is crazy...caddy..... I don't see how you can do a deal even up..... you'd have to do a 2-2 deal
  13. Which WR to start this week?

    Smith has a track record for killing the Chiefs... and then you have the game on primetime...he's one of those guys that kicks it up a notch on monday night... good luck
  14. WDIS - RB Dilemma

    Johnson will get his looks on MNF...I guarantee it... I wouldn't be shocked to see a 50/50 split in carries this week
  15. WDIS-WR

    I think Taylor x4.....Losman will have no time to throw this week...