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  1. trade offer made driver for westbrook

    yea...he gets 2 players for 1...but you get by far the best player... question is...will he do it?
  2. Duckett doesn't play seattle..he's at buffalo....almost as bad as tampa matchup-wise... go with Green
  3. Trade for Benson?

    that is crazy...caddy..... I don't see how you can do a deal even up..... you'd have to do a 2-2 deal
  4. Which WR to start this week?

    Smith has a track record for killing the Chiefs... and then you have the game on primetime...he's one of those guys that kicks it up a notch on monday night... good luck
  5. WDIS - RB Dilemma

    Johnson will get his looks on MNF...I guarantee it... I wouldn't be shocked to see a 50/50 split in carries this week
  6. WDIS-WR

    I think Taylor x4.....Losman will have no time to throw this week...
  7. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    I'd wait for a better deal....if you could get caddy..I'd do it.... I'd also try to make a move involving Ron dayne.... Shenanigans said that they have the exact same blocking scheme that dayne ran in during his college years.....and thats why he looks so comfortable... so if you could get dayne and a very good RB for a WR...then do it...
  8. What QB to start

    I think Collins will get garbage time yardage...Favre plays against a team that will look to make them tap out by running it down their throats...
  9. What QB to start

    wow...really?...I have Collins and I'm worried about the -2 every time he fumbles or throws a pick...
  10. What QB to start

    ouch...go with Collins...only player i think will have more turnovers than Collins this week is favre good luck you'll need it...
  11. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    I just heard this trade offer on the radio...almost identical I think..... I wouldn't do this move at all..
  12. here's another wdis

    preciate it...I've been happy with Collins' production so far....he's averaged 30 pts for me and has strayed from his turnover ways....but I fear the worst this week....I think I'll run with Collins and just bite the bullet...
  13. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    Westbrook is not injury prone....but I'd still not do it only because the dropoff to Branch isn't worth it...
  14. Boldin or Travis Taylor

    Boldin...I have him cemented as my starter with taylor as the iffy #3 fighting with Bryant to start....so Boldin should start every week for you over him unless taylor emerges as some sort of stud....
  15. Taylor vs. Davis

    Davis easily...do it now....taylor will get 4-5 TD's tops...davis will have between 7-11 see my post good luck