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  1. AND...with Burleson out, who should be pathetic 2nd WR be with Smith and Branch: Calico @ STL Crumpler @ Buff Bryant @ INd :doah: Bad choices I know...
  2. How bad are the Vikings?

    As a Vikings fan, it's SO depressing!
  3. Everyone is too high on Willie Parker imo.

    Hey, I got him off waivers. Can't beat it! I started him over K. Jones. Can't beat that either!
  4. Pick 3. Initial reaction is to start the first three listed, but word is Bryant could have a great game...
  5. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Thanks Hugh, I appreciate your time!! I've got J. Jones and K. Jones as my RB's. But...I picked up Parker off waivers...should I start him over either of those?
  6. Question about draft positions...

    Well....Yo the risk of being criticized...I chose J. Jones at #7 and K. Jones on the turnaround....
  7. Are Gates/Gonzalez the only worthy TE's

    What about Crumpler? Is he worthy?
  8. Question about draft positions...

    Thanks for the feebback guys. I drafted tonight, and of course no one wanted to shake it up. I got the #4 pick...didn't want it and traded for 7. As it turns out...S. Alexandar would have fell to me at #4.
  9. Question about draft positions...

    Do you all understand what I am asking? I should have put...Question about draft pick positions...????....anyone?
  10. Just wondering. I have only played ff for two years and only one league. Well, this year I am in two leagues and the new league re-picks your draft pick position after every 2 rounds. I really like that! My other league (draft tonight) doesn' pick your # and that's it. What does your league do and what are teh advantages to either? I am thinking about suggesting changing it tonight...
  11. 10-Team draft results?

    I saw another post where they said to go to the home page and you can view results of 10-team drafts...I can't find...can someone post a link? Thanks.
  12. Need Playoff FF advice

    I don't know what the diff is between pick and hold ect... to this. But everyone picks player...and we hold them. Potentially I could have same team as someone else... YOu pick on player from each team. Once they lose they are off your team and you do not pick up anyone else. Here is what I have done...please give me feedback! QB Roethlisburger QB Favre RB Alexander RB Dillon WR Harrison WR R. Moss WR Holt WR S. Moss TE Gates DEF Denver K Ackers FLEX Dunn What do you all think?
  13. Need Playoff FF advice

    So, I can pick ONE player from each team in the playoffs. RB's and WR's have worth than QB's. I get 2 qb's, 2 rb's, 4 wr's, 1 te, 1 k, 1 def and 1 flex. HELP! I am thinking Manning and Roth as qb's LT, Alex and Dunn (flex) as Rb's Fill in the rest... What do you think about my qb and rb spots?
  14. Where'd the BUFFALO DEF TD go in Yahoo?

    This is the same for me. I have Buff D and stat tracker shows only 1 td, but regular yahoo shows 2. This has happend to me before, stat tracker is not the official score. I wouldn't worry about it.