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  1. Allen robinson or Courtland Sutton?

    but Sutton has been hot lately and new QB seems to love him and have confidence, hate Thursday nights so Sutton for me.
  2. Chark and Houston Chark getting with Gardner again so I like him. Foles killed his numbers.
  3. Week 14 kicker???

    Im going with Gould myself plus indoors....
  4. Tough Call! Pick 2 RBs

    agree gordon and kamara
  5. playing against Lamar i have Ryan and j.Allen at QB leaning towards Ryan vs dead panthers. What do you think.
  6. going against Lamar have Ryan or Allen at QB. Leaning towards Ryan this week vs Dead panthers..... will answer yours also.
  7. Choose 1 J. Jones or McGahee

    willis is sitting out sunday with injury
  8. WDIS? Super Bowl!

    I like the bus and of course k. jones those are your best matchups, also the bus loves running against r.lewis and they are still peeved about their only lose to balt. the bus will be in high gear. Da bears suck and my grandmother can run on them with the fact that urlacher is now on ir. WR jimmy smith is the right play i have him starting for me, play the hot hand, plus houston cant defend anybody, they have ageing cb's that at one time were decent for the jets, being a fin fan you would know that. but j porter against the sive like KC D I would check the weather for both games and make adecision from their, both wr's should have big games, i am leaning towartds porter just because collins loves throwing it deep and will have many chances to do so. good luck
  9. Superbowl help

    regular scoring select 2 rb's j.jones vs wash k. jones vs da bears i like this one F.taylor vs texans d.davis vs jax also chambers vs cle or evans vs 49ers and one more pk feeley vs no and no vick playing or j. reed vs baltimore i will answer your posts thanks for helping me to the title.
  10. ride the hot hand of Collins against worst pass d kc, also hassleback is a little dicked up from the jets collins is a no brainer.
  11. Just want to first say great advice last week help me win. normal scoring who would you start need 2 rb's F. taylor vs texans julius vs wash i dont like it kevin jones vs da bears d.davis vs jax have been riding him all yr, but this matchup sucks hate to bench him, but............. also chambers vs browns or l. evans vs 49ers thank you i will answer any posts looking for 3rd strait title.
  12. Which WR to start?

    simple moose and bennett
  13. hello championship

    Standard scoring 20 yrds rushing 20yrds receiving and std TD's who would you start Dom Davis is a yes, but i have the jones's kevin or julius i like kevins match up with minn at home. also evans or chambers what do you think? I can taste the title
  14. Pick a jones julius or kevin wr evans or chambers i like haveing monday players what do you think.