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  1. Ben or Palmer, was already for Ben, but weather conditions for Buffalo scare me. Inmiami 60 % rain and 20mph winds. Buf 12mph winds and possible snow.
  2. Pick EM very quick

    Was goping to start Big Ben but weather worries me in Buffalo, so Ben. or Palmer
  3. HELP a ninja out

    Mitchell and gates too many?'s about Hou QB
  4. Murray tonight or..

    Easy call Murray, this game tonight is going to be track meet. Lots of scoring....
  5. Crabtree or Tate?

    Crabtree has been good all year, finally heard from Tate, I like Crabtree vs 22 ranked pass D. You knoiw you can count on some points... With Tate it can be hit or miss....
  6. Pick one EASY READ

    TE Brate vs Saints L. Greene vs Buffalo by the way I have Big Ben as my QB...
  7. Need to pick one of these WR's Devante Parker or Tyreek Hill, was leaning toward Parker as Tannehill likes him and dont like cards D on the road. Your thoughts.
  8. Joique Bell or Tre Mason

    Tre has the hot hand don't see how you can bench him know.He is the guy
  9. WDIS: Cutler vs. Tannehill

    I have the same issues going with cutler hoping he is smart this week, plus Dallas is ready for their swoon and Balt is going to be pissed Sunday.
  10. pick 2 of the 4 to start DL's J.Allen, O. Vernon, M. Bennett, and R. Nikovitch pick 2 of the 3 db's Major Wright, Barry church (no brainer) Rashad Jones thanks
  11. Start playoff name the 2 starting rb's MJD, M.Forte, B. Rainey........... Forte is a go, but MJD vs Hou or Rainey vs Buf. Also have Rice but ... WR's need 3 J. Nelson, L. Fitz, H. Douglass, M. Wallace, or C. Shorts.... Chew on that one ... Thanks for the help
  12. was wondering if anyone heard if he was good to go this week, this guy was a beast last yr and need him to perform sites have him list as Indianapolis Colts LB Pat Angerer (foot) said his foot is feeling better and is optimistic about being able to play Week 5. He said his challenge will be trusting the foot when he returns.
  13. Is Jahvid Best a keeper?

    I agree he is very close to being out of football, and i' think they plan on using Mickael Leshore as their back next yr once he heals. What are your other choices to keep
  14. WDIS at my Flex?

    I like brown in this one as Ben is gong to have to keep pace with Tom and the ball is going to be all over this field. about 800-900 in total yards sunday
  15. Newton vs Min at Home Min DB's all screwed up Ben vs NE last yr put up 397 and 3 td's and they need to keep pace with the pats. Leaning towards Ben