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  1. WR help PPR

    Close, but I too like Boyd. Also, windy in Buffalo.
  2. Tyler Boyd or DJ Chark

    PPR. Whir. Thanks.
  3. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    I'd stay for many of the reasons listed. Willie v. Westy is very close. Westy may end up having his own vulture w/ L. Gordon. Willie is on a run first team. And I like DJax better than Branch for consistency.
  4. WDIS?

  5. WDIS?

    Brady at Pitt NYG at Brees Brady is better. Brees has the better matchup at home. Thanks.
  6. SIMTT?

    Sorry. I noticed I'm in the wrong forum. Admin, please move. Thanks.
  7. SIMTT?

    He also has Ricky, so he likes the security of a guarenteed starting RB. Me, I have doubts about Ronnie, the Miami line and Ricky's presence. I know Dayne has not done much anywhere, but I watched as Reuben Droughns came out of nowhere last year for Shanny. Bell is Bell, and Anderson is getting older. Dayne would be my fourth back after LT, Caddy and Willie. We start 3 RBs. Thoughts on this? Thank you.
  8. My Randy Moss for his P. Holmes?

    With your scoring system, keep Moss no doubt.
  9. Dayne or Griffin ?

    Dayne. He has more size and a head start on Q by already playing. Q is a deep, deep flyer that one would have to stash on the bench and hope for many things to happen (Anderson injury worsening, Dayne being totally incompetent, Q fully over his own injury, etc.) I am stashing Q because Dayne is already taken, and I am in a deep league. But I don't expect much. But I only dropped my sixth WR (P. Crayton) to hold him.
  10. Q back in Denver

    I don't care that it's not clear. Shanny is unhappy with Bell. Mike Anderson seems to be an injury waiting to happen. And maybe/maybe not Dayne can be rehabed. But it does not seem impossible to me that Q could end up getting a SERIOUS look. I'm taking a flyer on him. What am I losing? Patrick Crayton or Arnaz Battle or some backup TE? Screw it. I'm stashing Q.
  11. Moss Or Owens

    If fully healthy, TO.
  12. Willie Parker

    I don't. Duce is fragile and the Bus will be limited to not add too many more miles. Willie is the man!
  13. Mets beat Braves!

    The Braves usually do live long, right up until about the second week in October. I know as a Mets fan, that I would gladly trade places with the Braves. But doesn't it get frustrating not winning the World Series?
  14. Mets beat Braves!

    Ofcourse it's meaningless, like every September is to the Mets. But it's all I've got with this rivalry.
  15. Everyone is too high on Willie Parker imo.

    Your're right about the flash part. But he ain't in any pan. He's running loose. GO WILLIE!