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  1. Problem with MFL email alerts

    I submitted a ticket to MFL. Here's the answer (I use a Yahoo address for MFL, so this does apply to me): This question is answered in our Help Center, which you can access from the "Help > Help Center" menu, in the "Login & Communication" > "Email" subcategory: I'm having long delays in receiving email from recently - why? Unfortunately, some email providers (Yahoo! seems to be the most guilty of this) seem to be forcing a delay in the delivery of many emails from - sometimes the delay is as little as four hours after we send the emails, but in other cases, the delay is days long. We've been in touch with the folks at Yahoo to try to get this issue resolved, but currently we don't have a resolution to this problem. In the mean time, here are a couple of things you might want to consider doing if you're experiencing this problem: 1 ) Review your>For Commissioners > Email Log page - this will indicate if we've received any errors back from your email provider when trying to send you email, and also confirm for you the exact time we're sending you emails. 2 ) Check your "spam" mail folder - sometimes email from us gets incorrectly marked as "spam" by some customers, and Yahoo assumes that email from us is spam. If you find this email in your spam folder, please be sure to mark it as "not spam" so that Yahoo's email filters will understand that email from us is not spam, but instead opt-in email. 3 ) Contact Yahoo (or your email provider, if it's someone other than Yahoo!), and let them know about this delay, and how it's adversely impacting you. If they hear this message from enough customers, there's a better chance they'll actually fix this problem, rather than letting it linger. 4 ) Create another email account on one of the many free email services out there that don't have this problem, like>Google's Gmail. If you go this route, you won't have to abandon Yahoo! email for everything, all you have to do is set up a account only for your leagues, and then configure your Gmail account to automatically forward all emails. To automatically forward emails, after setting up your Gmail account, just go to the "Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, and have your gmail forwarded to your Yahoo mail account. We've confirmed that this work-around seems to circumvent Yahoo!'s intentional delay of our emails, and will allow you to still receive MFL email to your Yahoo! email address in a more timely manner. 5 ) Check your league web site more frequently, instead of relying on Yahoo!'s email delivery for notifications regarding site activities.
  2. Has anyone else experienced problems with receiving email alerts from their MFL leagues (specifically, completed trades or trade proposals/rejections from other teams)? I am in four MFL leagues and I've been having problems in at least three of them. Last week I checked my settings, and in all my MFL leagues, MFL had unsubscribed me from all email alerts, even though I hadn't touched any of the settings, and I know I had been getting alerts previously in the year. This morning, someone sent me a trade proposal that was never emailed to me, but when I rejected it, I got an email for that. MFL has always been reliable, but this is pissing me off. None have gone to my spam folder, either.
  3. Giants vs. Cowboys Oh Boy, BIG game.

    It's amazing how one play can summarize the past 17 years of rooting for this team.
  4. Giants vs. Cowboys Oh Boy, BIG game.

    This team just finds new ways to shred my heart.
  5. MJD? where is he?

    So far, so bad.
  6. MFL issue with lineup submissions

    Any player can be started or benched so long as that player's game has yet to start. I will check. I don't like messing with settings until the week is over, so I'll look tomorrow to see if this is the case. Thanks. The owner did not submit a lineup before Thursday's game. Therefore, Turbin and Akers, who were in his lineup the week before, automatically became his starters again. Since he never submitted a lineup, the boxes next to their names on the MFL "submit lineup" page were never checkmarked. On Friday, after those players' games had been played, the owner went to submit his lineup. However, he was unable to select either Turbin or Akers, because they were now locked. He could not select the checkmarks next to their names, so he picked different players to start. That's the loophole -- an owner could technically "start" a player in Thursday's game (by failing to submit a lineup), and then sub him out if he does poorly (assuming no one notices).
  7. In MFL, our league rules say if a team doesn't submit a lineup by the deadline, then the system uses the previous week's lineup. This is causing a problem with Thursday night games. Last week, one owner failed to submit a lineup before the Thursday game, so the system used the previous week's lineup, which included Robert Turbin and David Akers. When this owner tried to submit his lineup on Friday, the system would not let him select Turbin or Akers, because they had already played. But since he never actually put them in his lineup, the box next to their names was unchecked. He picked new guys and submitted his lineup. His opponent let me know (I'm commissioner) that Turbin and Akers were in his lineup as of Thursday night, but weren't in his new lineup. I had to use commissioner privileges to resubmit his lineup with Turbin and Akers as starters. Anyone else deal with this? I trust the owners in the league, but some guys don't bother setting a lineup until the weekend, and this seems like an obvious flaw. The easy thing would be to ditch the rule about previous week's lineup, but I don't like changing things mid-year. Just wondering if anyone else has come across the same problem.
  8. MJD? where is he?

    On crutches on the sideline, uniform off. Just traded away Marshall for MJD last week in redraft.
  9. Strange Week

    I traded away Jimmy Graham earlier this week in a deal that got me Kyle Rudolph in return. I'm playing one of the worst teams in the league, so I figured I'd be OK. Big fat nuthin' for Rudolph and I'm getting killed. Oops.
  10. C.Johnson/K.Britt

    I benched CJ in the two good games he had, and I would've won both. He's in my lineup from now on.
  11. It's one of those weeks...

    I'm starting Flacco in place of Matt Ryan. He currently has 0, and that's only because our league doesn't allow negative points, which is what he would have.
  12. Jimmy Graham - High ankle sprain?

    From Roto: A source with knowledge of the situation tells Jimmy Graham (ankle) will play in Week 7. The Saints have maintained radio silence on Graham's status since he went down in Week 5, but the fact that he played through the injury against the Chargers suggested he'd be ready to roll following a two-week layoff. We'll get our first tangible clue as to his Week 7 status when the Saints return to practice on Wednesday, but for now owners can pencil their TE1 into the lineup. Source: Profootballtalk on Oct 16 - 9:54 PM
  13. Kenny Britt Alert

  14. Enough yet?

    Traded for Cassel in a dynasty the week before last in anticipation of Romo's bye. (Flynn is my only other backup.) Dude got me negative points.
  15. Vincent Brown - SD homers any news?

    Here's the rule: "Such player is eligible to return to practice if he has been on Reserve/Injured for at least six weeks from the date he is placed on Reserve. He is eligible to return to the Active List if he has been on Reserve/Injured for at least eight weeks from the date he is placed on Reserve." So because he was placed on IR on Sept. 4, he won't be able to return to the active list until Oct. 30, the week before the week 9 games.