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  1. Fantasy Football

    so does real football, especially if you're a cowboys fan.
  2. What a joke

    i'll revise my post and say he called a decent game. but i don't think on either field goal they were "near" the goalline. they got to the 10 on the first field goal and to the 17 on the other, and both times they immediately had 5-yard penalties. i don't think they ever had first-and-goal. they had a third-and-9 and a third-and-15. no coach is going to go for it on fourth down from those distances. the backup RBs had five carries and two receptions. i agree they should've had julius in in the red zone, so who knows what happened there. and yeah, cortez is crap.
  3. What a joke

    parcells did. oh, wait, you asked about redskins fans.
  4. What a joke

    that was sickening. the only good that can come from this loss is if parcells decides to grow a pair and, oh, maybe go for the jugular, like jimmy johnson used to do. on a related note, i completed my time machine on schedule but didn't have time to get it to the MNF booth when aikman, emmitt and irvin were there.
  5. What a joke

    unbelievable. sean payton called a great game ... for about 58 minutes.
  6. What a joke

    no kidding. playing not to lose isn't the best of strategies. i also don't like having to rely on jose cortez for the win.
  7. dallas/washington game

    to anyone in the nyc area with directv: are you getting the dallas/washington game on espn (channel 206)? because for us it says "this program is not available in your area." (i'm in brooklyn.) i'll be pissed if i can't see the first half of this game. i'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem
  8. dallas/washington game

    nevermind. it's on some auxiliary espn channel. and to think some poor directv rep almost paid for my stupidity in not pressing the "guide" button
  9. Holmes down

    i'll second that. i hope holmes isn't hurt. if he is, i'm lovin' me some LJ. if he isn't, i'm lovin' me some trade bait.
  10. Off Topic

    i saw the end of it. the commentators were right -- warner was stupid not to spike it. no, it's not his fault the guy jumped, but in that situation it's chaos, and any number of mistakes can happen. plus, i believe it was second down, so spiking it would've still left third and fourth down, with probably about 15-20 seconds left on the clock. instead, warner keeps the clock running, and even if the guy didn't jump, there were only 7 seconds left, so chances are that the clock would've run out. in the best-case scenario, warner traded 2 plays for 1 by not spiking it. stupid. then again, it's the nfc west.
  11. Brett Favre Looks Like An Old Man...

    in one league, i have favre and dilfer. here i thought favre was the no-brainer, and dilfer actually outscored favre by a point. i'm thinking it's a good candidate for sports illustrated's "this week's sign of the apocalypse"
  12. i'm afraid i've got a bunch of week one wonders to choose from as my replacement for walker. just wondering if anyone has any advice. (note: peerless price and koren robinson have been taken.) it's a 14-team perf league, receptions count 1 pt each. frisman jackson (will probably lose playing time to braylon edwards) patrick crayton (same as above, but to peerless price) arnaz battle (don't know anything about him) eric parker (but i already have reche caldwell) joe jurevicius thanks.
  13. Call me crazy............

    i hate it, i loathe it, i want much less of it.
  14. apparently, next week's special MNF giants/saints game is supposed to switch to ESPN at 9 pm in all markets except new york and new orleans. does anyone know if the start of the cowboys/skins game will air on ESPN in new york and new orleans then? i really hate the giants and, unless they're playing my cowboys, watching them makes me
  15. I friggin' HATE

    hey, after today, starting the king would get me just as many points as javon walker!
  16. Directv Shortcuts

    i posted a comment about the "red zone" channel in another thread. it's the coolest. they kept flipping between the saints/panthers, bucs/vikes, seahawks/jags and bears/skins. i have no idea if there was any kind of delay, but i got to see cadillac break off that long run when the bucs weren't even in the "red zone," so either there was a slight delay or the folks at directv have ESP. i previously had decided not to order the extra channels, but there was a free preview this week, and i'm hooked on the "red zone" channel alone. time to sneak the extra $100 out of the wife's purse.
  17. Cadillac!

    i saw it on directv's new "red zone" channel, where they jump around from game to game. darn, that's the coolest thing ever. they had a preview of it this week. i didn't buy it, but now i'm hooked. i'm gonna have to figure out how to convince the wife to shell out another $100 for something that's guaranteed to make me even more useless on sundays.
  18. New England v Oakland

    i don't get it. 4th-and-23, down by 16 with 7+ minutes left: let's go for it! oops, delay of game. 4th-and-28: that's too far! let's punt! where's the logic in that?
  19. is there a waiting list for the cowboys? because that'd be my first choice. but i'd still like to play. and i'll pay whatever, as long as it's not free. first choice: dallas second: san diego (non-homer) third: san francisco (non-homer)
  20. Doug Brien will be cut tomorrow!

    Brien should've made the field goals, but the Jets offense also could've done more than just get into field goal range. Did they even get in the red zone? If you blame the kicker, then you have to blame the offense, too. Pennington and the rest didn't get it done.
  21. Randy Moss?!?

    Although I wasn't offended by it, I could easily see the No Fun League overreact and suspend Moss if the Vikes win this game. I don't think Moss deserves a suspension (how many other things happen during the course of a game that AREN'T caught by cameras), but after this week, I bet we'll be hearing how it was Janet Jackson who told Moss to moon everyone.
  22. jets vs chargers

    The good thing for Barton is that, if the Jets lose, Mexico is only about a half-hour away. That's where I'd be headed. He missed it! Barton won't have to change his money for pesos yet!
  23. Tuna gone bad?

    OK, who else in this thread is watching the Orange Bowl and thinking that Matt Leinart might look pretty f*****g good in Cowboy blue? I haven't seen him play before, but he's looking impressive against the No. 2 team in the nation. Hm ... the Niners could use a receiver. Think they'd be interested in two first-rounders and Meshawn? Because I like to pretend I run the Cowboys (which, in my world, includes the cheerleaders).
  24. Tuna gone bad?

    I believe Parcells never intended to make the playoffs in his first year as Cowboys coach, and the fact they made the playoffs actually worked against him because it raised expectations too high. It was clear he was brought in to rebuild the team, and although I was pretty disappointed this season, I still have faith Parcells has a plan. The goal, hopefully, is to rebuild the team with young talent, and Julius, Witten and Roy Williams are a pretty good base. If Parcells is trying to rebuild through the draft, then having two first-round picks next year is a pretty good way to do it, even if they end up trading them away for a high first-rounder. All I can do is compare this to the first years under Jimmy Johnson. The year before Aikman, all the Cowboys really had was Irvin and Herschel. (Steve Pelleur was QB!) I refuse to believe Parcells has any long-term plans to use Vinny, who I think was brought in as a stop-gap measure. I HATE having to root for Meshawn, but he easily could've ended up with 1,000 yards if he hadn't busted his ankle last night, and Terry Glenn had 400 yards through six games before getting hurt. In any case, a good TE like Witten more than makes up for mediocre receivers, and I think Dallas at least has above average guys (not Holt and Bruce, but not David Terrell and Bobby Wade, either). I really think this is the off-season in which we'll see Parcells' plans take shape (if he has any). Although Vinny clearly isn't the answer, I'll be really disappointed if he goes after someone like Kurt Warner, who looks like he's done. I'd really like to see them rebuild through the draft, at least at the core positions, because it looks like Parcells can still spot talent (if Julius and Witten are any indication). In the meantime, anyone think the Cowboys can engineer a trade of Eddie George to the Vikings for five players and six draft picks?
  25. I know the ESPN announcers are morons, but has anyone else noticed that these guys are coming close to Favre-like levels in the way they're praising Vinny? All of them have pleaded for Vinny to come back next season and see no reason why he shouldn't. Do these guys do ANY research? Vinny leads the league with 20 interceptions against only 16 TDs (coming into tonight's game). He has zero mobility and, oh yeah, he's FORTY-ONE YEARS OLD. And as I write this, Vinny's arm was hit from behind and he fumbled at the Cowboys' 15 yard line. Looks like his dentures aren't the only things that could use some Super Poligrip.