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  1. Caddy trade

    I'd think you'd need to upgrade the WR to either Boldin or Lelie to make that deal reasonably palatable.
  2. just to make it even MORE interesting...

    Man, the longer this season goes, the happier I am that I avoided the Denver backfield entirely...
  3. Tough RB Choice This Week

    I don't think you can bench Willie, honestly. Sure, the Pats are going to be angry, but Parker's been on fire lately, and keep in mind that Tennessee just stonewalled the Ravens' offense to the tune of 14 total rushing yards. I think you need to ride Willie as far as he'll take you, matchups be darned...
  4. Stacked at RB

    I'd try to trade Green. GB is on a downswing, and the fact that they couldn't even outshoot Cleveland is not a good sign; if Cleveland had any semblance of a defense, Ahman wouldn't even have gotten as many touches as he had, which was only 16, and they were only able to give him the ball 12 times last week. His stats look decent now thanks to the anemic defenses he's gotten to face, so you may as well try to get something for him now if you can.
  5. what do you need on MNF?

    I just need Aaron Brooks to not completely blow up; I've got a 50 point lead, so as long as Brooks doesn't have a monster day, I'm golden...
  6. What a Mess I have Gotten Into...

    Compared to the fact that Pennington's arm still seems to be an issue and Plummer just looks lost, I'd say Eli's the lesser of three evils...
  7. What a Mess I have Gotten Into...

    Well, Coles and Lelie both have serious QB issues; I'd probably wait a week on both to see if the issues resolve themselves or not. I actually started Lelie last week and he's benched until I see significant improvement. I think Plaxico is the right choice, especially given the matchup against NO.
  8. Bench DD for Larry J?

    Well, I did consider him a stud until he got smacked down by Buffalo this past week. He was an early pick, but he's my RB3 at the moment; Dillon and Cadillac are my RB1 and RB2 until further notice. I'm considering him for my RB/WR flex. Of course, given my options, I might be better off with using Kennison or Branch as a flex player and avoiding both DD and LJ completely. I just hate leaving points on my bench...
  9. Bench DD for Larry J?

    Well, I usually subscribe to ASYS, but I always subscribe to playing the players who are going to score me the most points. I have a hard time believing that Davis, in a weak offense, against the dominating Pittsburgh D, is the player on my roster who will score me the most points...
  10. Anthony Wright?

    No, no, and no. Wright's a last resort. All of those QBs, especially Favre at Cleveland, will have a much better day than Wright will, if for no other reason than that Baltimore will run the ball as much as they can, and their defense won't let them get down so badly that they'll be forced to throw as much as they did last week.
  11. The unthinkable has happened ...

    Yeah, it's got to be tough to drum up a lot of word-of-mouth business in an industry like fantasy football information...
  12. Which RB to drop?

    Out of that group, drop Mewelde. Parker and Taylor are set to start for at least a few weeks, and if you're going to have to play "guess which RB the coach is going to play this week" with either Anderson or Mewelde, I'd rather do it was Anderson. Shanahan's annoying, but he's not stupid like Tice is; there's no telling when or even Mewelde will get to carry the ball this season. Anderson, on the other hand, should get another shot at some point.
  13. Bench DD for Larry J?

    Yeah, but does it matter if the carries are split in KC if DDavis only gets 10 carries total because Houston is down bad early on?
  14. Trade Advice

    Wait, you get Green and Boldin for LJ and JSmith? No way, dude. Fitzgerald seems to be the best receiver in Arizona, not Boldin, and Green couldn't even muster 60 yards against Detroit. The reason Ahman isn't going to have a year like 2003 is that the Packers need to have a defense in order to have the opportunity to run the ball. They get down early, Favre goes pass-wacky and that's the end of Ahman's opportunities. You're trading away two guys with a lot of upside for two guys with very little. Stand pat.
  15. Pick 2 RB's out of 3

    I'd take James over JJones if you're set on Green. However, Detroit's not exactly a defensive powerhouse and Ahman had some pretty dismal numbers against them. On the other hand, JJones has proven he can put up respectable numbers even against top-notch defenses; remember his first game back from injury against the Ravens last year? If you're set on playing Green, go James and Green, but if I were you, I'd strongly consider going with James and JJones...