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  1. A New Russell Wilson?

    You know better than to limit a player evaluation to one stat. Since I know you are more savvy than that I'll operate under the assumption that you didn't actually see the game. Wilson dropped back to pass 30+ times, threw the ball down the field more than usual(including one of his two TD passes that were called back due to penalty), on at least a couple of his scrambles he was clearly looking down field before tucking it and running, and several of his 11 carries were clearly designed runs. Dude is a very good passer and a fantastic athlete and it actually looked as if he was the focus of the offense Monday night.
  2. A New Russell Wilson?

    As a owner who started Wilson last week, I was obviously thrilled to see the dynamism with which he played but I'm not convinced that his play is something we should expect going forward. Am I wrong? Is what we saw last week a look at things to come? Were the training wheels finally taken off? or Did they just see a massive kink in the Redskins armor, exploit it and it's back to boring, safe Wilson again this week? Maybe it was just a fluke?
  3. I'm going with my gut the rest of the year. "Always start your studs" has cost me two games. "Expert" projections contrary to what seemed to make sense to me have cost me two games. Now don't get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone but myself. I know I am the one who submits my line-up and that makes me responsible for the fact that I am 1-4 instead of 4-1. I'm just saying that either I have gotten a lot better at this and need to trust my gut more often or FF has become increasingly more difficult to predict and my educated guesses have been luckier than most. Let's go with, it's a combination of the two. Either way, let the experiment begin. From now until the end of this season, this site and others will be used exclusively for concrete information. I will formulate my own opinions and projections. Wish me luck! Good luck to you as well... unless you're playing me.
  4. Your Three Crazy Predictions

    Eddie Lacy will get another redzone carry . I will start an optimum line-up sometime this year I will continu usig tis forumi siteof the act that whn I typeit consistently leaves letters ou. Please fix this crap.
  5. Eddie Lacy - I don't care that he was my #1 pick

    I am now concerned about Lacy for the season. After watching the Detroit game, I'm concerned about the Packers O.
  6. Eddie Lacy - I don't care that he was my #1 pick

    I'm not worried about Lacy for the season. I'm concerned right now.
  7. Eddie Lacy - I don't care that he was my #1 pick

    Finally saw the McCarthy, I regret not using Lacy more, remark. This clearly makes me feel better about Lacy's prospects this week. Had a similar experience last year when Charles only got 5 carries.
  8. Is this a Revis Island type match-up or does Revis play one side and they move Jones around? Is Revis still that shut down corner?
  9. Eddie Lacy - I don't care that he was my #1 pick

    I'm not saying that's unreasonable either. However, if you'd told me after two weeks he would have 96 total yards and 5 catches I'd have said hat's unreasonable.
  10. Eddie Lacy - I don't care that he was my #1 pick

    Hell, I could throw Delaney Walker and Zach Ertz into that group as well.
  11. Eddie Lacy - I don't care that he was my #1 pick

    Call me crazy but based on what I've seen with my eyes and know statistically, I believe DeSean Jackson, James Jones, Andrew Hawkins and Bernard Pierce (all on my team) have a strong chance of performing at least as well as Lacy this weekend.
  12. Yeah, yeah I know, never sit your studs. Now, I realize he has had two tough match ups but he has another one this week. I played him last week after considering other options and it got me beat. I had five players on my bench outscore him by several points. Some by nearly double digits. His best fantasy day against Detroit last year was 9 points. I don't care that he was my first pick. He's sitting this week. My problem now is, who starts in his place?
  13. Grade the trade: Trading Forte

    For my money, Forte is by far your most valuable player and there's no way I would ever give up what is clearly my best player for what you're looking at getting in return.
  14. Ok, Mr. Wilson...

    I drafted Wilson as my 2nd QB behind Foles. I figure Foles is a very high upside relative unknown still and who better to back him up than a guy who is a really good football player who takes care of the ball and though he won't win me a championship, he won't kill me either. Due in large part to Kaep's performance week one last year, I expected about what we got out of Wilson the other night.
  15. Where do you watch the NFL on Sunday?

    It varies. Usually it's at home on the big, comfy, leather couch near the nicely stocked fridge in front of the big screen. I also coach though and we sometimes have games on Sunday so I occasionally end up in a sports bar for post game nourishment and refreshments.