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  1. Peyton Manning Experiment

  2. Culpepper Projection?

    You can rest assured that CPep will go off this week because I'm facing him in two leagues.
  3. Jags D minus Darius

    The Jags have been very good against the pass, and pretty good against the run too now that I think of it. How does the loss of Darius effect them?
  4. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    From priority news: Ladainian Tomlinson - RB, San Diego Chargers 09/20/05 John Clayton of theorizes that L.T. has not been a factor in the Charger passing game because opponents have played primarily man-to-man, thus forcing Tomlinson to remain in the backfield and pick up blitzes. Huddle Up: Sounds like a good theory, and a worrisome one for L.T. owners. A large part of what makes Tomlinson a superstar is his ability to do damage after catching passes. I swear on my mother's eyes that this either wasn't there when I posted or I just didn't see it. Kinda makes me feel like I have some idea what I'm doing.
  5. Give up Deuce and Muhammad for

    Can I take that as an endorsement of this trade?
  6. Give up Deuce and Muhammad for

    Thanks Doc. That helps. I'm still not completely sold on this trade though because I feel Bryant is worth very little to me and I like the obvious effort by the Saints to get Deuce the ball.
  7. Give up Deuce and Muhammad for

    Am I overthinking LT's absence from the passing game?
  8. Through 2 games: 0 receptions for 0 yards As far as I know he hasn't even been thrown to. His recs are a big reason for his being a highly coveted stud. Does this bother any of you at this point?
  9. Give up Deuce and Muhammad for

    I feel some what the same about Muhammad being up and down but he's also their only real rec weapon. My real concern so far is the LT vs Deuce comparison. LT is getting the scores and will likely continue to but he's gone AWOL in the passing game and that's what has made him the cream of the crop the last couple years.
  10. Assume you have no real need at either position. In a vacuum, so to speak, would you make this trade? Forget the assumptions... I have Deuce, Jordan and Caddy at RB and Horn, Muhammad, Stallworth, Lloyd, Glenn, Crayton and Booker at WR
  11. Peyton Manning Experiment

    Did I miss the update or has it not been posted YET?
  12. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    First round pick? Next LT? Sure why not to both. I'm just glad I drafted him in every league I'm in. Now I just need to actually start him.
  13. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Gimme the Packers!
  14. Oklahoma Losing AGAIN @ Home

    This game has reaffirmed two things in my mind. OU sucks hard this year and AP needs to touch the ball about 35 times a game.
  15. So much for Notre Dame's "impressive" win

    True and I give ND their props for their win today but make no mistake, Michigan had no business being ranked #3... or even close for that matter.