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  1. Jarvis Landry**

    Keenan Allen is a pretty good comp IMO. Good route runner and good hands. He has quicks, but not blazing speed. I'd give a slight edge to Landry given his chemistry with Tannehill.
  2. Gio and K Allen for D Jackson..?

    DJax should not be a target for you. He's lost his QB (Vick) for sometime and Foles and/or Barlley can't be trusted to get DJax the ball. On the other side of the coin, Keenan Allen is an emerging WR and may very likey equal or surpass DJax ROS. Stand pat or target a dfferent WR.
  3. P Harvin

    On the contrary if Seattle is rolling along at 8-2, they may well be less focused on next week's offense, and more focused on developing their best playoff offense, which probably requires incorporating a healthy (always an if) Harvin.
  4. Is this a good way to set up a 8 Man league?

    If you are limited to only 8 teams, you could make it an AFC only or NFC only league. That would make it equivilant to a 16 team league, which makes it much more challenging.
  5. Halfway.... how good does your draft look now?

    My 6 BOTH leagues reflect some good choices and some questionable choices. JLA 9-0 Snow White 7-2 Huddle Ladder 7-2 HOT 6-3 32 Homaaaaaarghs 6-6 (poised for a 2nd half run) Dy Another Day 4-5 (dynasty team built for 2013)
  6. Who Survived Brandon Marshall and Doug Martin?

    My opponent had Marshall, but fortunately I had Martin. He still has Colston and i have a 46point lead.
  7. Most productive RBBC ?

    Actually it was Csonka, Kiick, and Mercury Morris
  8. How much should I panic over Fitzgerald?

    Seattle and NE both took Fitz out of the game. The result is an Arizona Cardinal team that is 2 and 0
  9. How much should I panic over Fitzgerald?

    NE won the battle in stopping Fitz, but they lost the war.
  10. Talk me off the ledge re: Aaron Rodgers

    Unless Cedric Benson becomes a stud RB (giggle) you can feel comfortable with Rodgers.
  11. Merry Christmas

    Dancer and Prancer, Comet and Cupid, Santa's Oline is lookin' good.
  12. I just can't help myself

    Are QBs more important in this particular league based on your scoring system. If so you have to revise your thinking. If not then you are ahead of the game by waiting.
  13. Who else rolled the dice with Ryan Mathews

    Pretty pleased to get him at 4.12 in HOT.
  14. Vincent Brown hurt ankle

    I didn't see the injury, but I can give a very probable diagnosis given two facts. One, he was having a good camp, and two, I own him. Diagnosis-the dreaded high ankle sprain.
  15. Vincent Brown hurt ankle

    Vincent Brown?