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  1. Big Trade

    I wouldn't give up Pepper. More and more I'm liking Parker for the entire season. I don't think your WRs are as bad as you think. Hopefully this is the year that Branch breaks out. I think Evans will be fine, Losman doesn't look that bad. When opposing teams put eight in the box to stop McGahee Evans and not Moulds will get the deep ball. I really, really like Kevin Curtis. As a 3rd WR he'll get plenty of receptions ala Stokley. I think as the season progresses he'll get more looks than Bruce. I'd wait a couple weeks and re-evaluate your WRs. If Parker remains the guy, which I think he will, then you should be able to get a top Wideout for him. Don't panic!!!
  2. Julius or Parker?

    What difference does it make where a player is drafted? Things change through out the season. Draft position is not a criteria for who to start. All last week I advocated starting Parker over Edge, and McAllister and DD. I have him in 4 of 6 leagues and I like his matchup this week against Houston. Having said that I'd start Julius. Last week the Cowboys played San Diego who have a tough run defense and a soft pass defense. Enter Bledsoe. This week they play the Skins who overall have a better defense then San Diego but are more balanced. Bledsoe is not going to be able to go off on the Skins. I think the Boys are going to grind it out with Jones all night. Jones by a nose over Parker. Both are good plays regardless.
  3. Trade/Would you have done this?

    My roster was susposed to be in my signature. QBs Palmer, Warner, RBs McAllister, K. Jones, C. Williams, W. Parker, Duckett WR C. Johnson, S. Smith, Bennett, K. Curtis, TE Clark, K Edinger Def/ST Colts 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1D/ST I'm not concerned about whether "I got the better deal" but whether I made my team better.
  4. Quintessential RB Start/Bench Decision

    Houston is going to struggle running the ball against Pittsburgh so DD's rushing yards will suffer, however it think DD will see more receptions in this game. given the 1 point /rec scoring I think I'd give the nod to DD. I have LJ in 4 of 6 leagues and WANT him to do well, but I think reception points favor DD.
  5. Did I give away the farm? Sportsline League. The trade was accepted, not yet approved. I really like Bulger, I think he might end up the #2 QB this year. I had the RB depth to let Jones go and replace him with LJ. I'm looking for the homerun with LJ. If he becomes the starter he is the type of player who can win you a championship. If he doesn't become the stater I can play matchups with LJ, Caddy, and Parker as my #2 RB. Losing Bennett only cuts into my depth which I can fill on the waiver wire. Does this trade make sense to you guys?
  6. Which 2 RB's?

    I agree with Mpulera about DD and I think Oakland has a soft run defense. LJ just plain looks better then Priest and that 70/30 split will very quickly become 50/50. I like Dillion and Johnson.
  7. Bruce or Bryant?

    I think Bruce is your best option here, but I think Rod Smith is not a bad play either. San Diego is hard to run on, but soft on pass defense. Ther must be a reason that Bledsoe looked good last week. Anyway i think Denver will have to move the ball through the air particularly with their RBs unsettled.
  8. Rookie WR's

    The problem with M. Williams is Harrington and too many other targets. The guy I like is Matt Jones. He's very raw but a great specimen. He's tall like Mike Williams, but unlike Williams he can really fly. I don't think he'll produce until later in the season, but worth keeping an eye on.
  9. Koren Robinson's value?

    I picked up K Rob in a couple leagues. If you have room on your roster he might be a guy to stash away. He has more physical talent than any receiver on the Vikings roster. He was a head case for Seattle, but a very likeable guy. Holmgren gave him many chances, but the light never came on. Because of his repeating history of alcohol abuse he was finally let go. This summer he went through an alcohol treatment program. Is he recovered? Who knows! I remember another receiver who was released by Philadelphia because he was a troublemaker. He signed with Minnesota, cleaned up his act, and had a pretty fair career. Does the name Cris Carter ring a bell? Koren Robinson may be out of the league again within 4 or 5 weeks, but if he has his head together and with Culpepper throwing the ball, he could be the next Cris Carter. If you have deadwood on your roster I think he is worth a flier. You can get him now for nothing. If you wait to hear how he's doing it may be to late to get him. Just my two cents worth.
  10. Help with WR pickup

    With the receivers you already have, I'd be looking for potential over immediate production. With that in mind I like Kevin Curtis. He is in that magical third year, he has a great QB, and will get plenty of touches ala Brandon Stokley. Now if Holt or Bruce go down I think you have a top 10-15 WR. Anyway if you are adding to the roster shown then curtis is your guy.
  11. Colts-Ravens thoughts

    I have the Colts defense in 3 of 6 leagues. I didn't feel real good about them. Then they signed Corey Simon and I felt a little better. Now I feel a whole lot better.
  12. Willie Parker Celebration thread

    I have Parker in 4 leagues. Started him in 3. Advocated all week too start him. Duce who? Go Willie!! ASYS has its flaws.
  13. Pick up P.Burress of waiver wire?

    I'd dump Jenkins for Burress. As goes Eli goes Burress. If you think E. Manning takes that step forward then Burress could have a nice season. I don't know that Vick will ever become a fantasy QB. In the preseason Manning was able to throw the high jump ball in the end zone which takes advantage of Burress's size. No Pittsburgh QB was ever able to do that.
  14. Which WR to start?

    Travis Taylor has looked good all preseason. He won the #2 job early and never looked back. Pepper has looked his way often. Taylor was a very high draft pick 6 years ago and has had only one decent season, but he's never had a QB like Pepper before. Reggie Brown will be very good in time, but not this early in the season.
  15. M.Anderson or D.Davis

    Play Anderson. Denver is not a RBBC. Shanahan doesn't share carries. Anderson is the MAN until he becomes hurt or ineffective. Then we'll see Bell, but not today. Whoever the Den RB is is a stud. I like DD, but not against Buffalo.