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  1. Trade: Holt for Palmer?

    The other owner countered and asked to trade Bulger (instead of Palmer) for Holt. Would you give up Bulger for Holt if you still had Palmer as your starting QB? Splotchman
  2. I currently play in a 10 player performance league and have the following team: QB: Bulger, Palmer WR: Burleson, R. Williams, A.Johnson, TJ Housh, L.Fitzgerald, B.Edwards RB: Alexander, J.Jones, C.Williams, JJ Arrington TE: Crumpler, Putzier K: Reed DEF: Buffalo I am pretty solid all around except at WR. My top two picks (Burleson and A.Johnson) have pretty much been busts, so I do not have a true #1 WR that would gives me any kind of consistency. I have the opportunity to trade C.Palmer for T.Holt to help bolster my WR's. Would you make this trade? I can probably also involve another one of my receivers to get one of his back-up QBs (Brees and Plummer) to help cover Bulger's bye week. Which one be a fair trade? Thanks, Splotchman
  3. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    Hey Doc, I need some help with my WRs for Week 2. I decided to draft RB/RB/QB in my first three rounds of a 10 team performance league (i.e. both yards and TDs), so I drafted 6 (non-stud) WRs to essentially play matchups each week. I have the following receivers: 1. N. Burleson 2. A. Johnson 3. L. Fitzgerald 4. R. Williams (DET) 5. TJ Housh 6. K. Curtis My gut tells me to play Fitzgerald (huge week 1 and nice Rams match up), Burleson (good matchup w/Cincy), and R. Williams (good red zone target against Bears). I have a hard time sitting A. Johnson, who I drafted as my top WR, but I think he is going to run into a wall against the Pittsburgh secondary this week. I also think that TJ Housh will have a tougher time this week against the improved Minnesota secondary. Finally, K. Curtis just does not get the looks (yet) that the other three WR's I'm planning to start, so I think he should also be benched in Week 2. Thanks in advance for the help! Splotchman
  4. Trade for an Eilte WR?

    I am in a 10 team performance league that gives 4 points per passing TD. I drafted in the #3 position and have the following team: QB - Bulger, Palmer WR - A. Johnson, N. Burleson, R. Williams, L. Fitzgerald, T. Houshmanzadeh, K. Curtis RB - Alexander, J. Jones, C. Williams, J. Arrington TE - Crumpler, Putzier K - Reed Def - Buffalo I am worried about being one elite WR away from a totally balanced team. As a result, I am considering trading one WR(A.Johnson or N. Burleson) along with one rookie RB (Williams or Arrington) for an elite WR (i.e. Harrison, Holt, etc.). Should I consider the trade? Would this be giving away too much to get an elite WR? Thanks, Splotchman
  5. Number One Pick for Championship Week

    Darin3, I just read your post above mine. You posted it while I was typing my first one, so it looks like we are on the same page. Think you should be getting closer.... Good Luck, Splotchman
  6. Number One Pick for Championship Week

    Darin3, Based upon the strength of your usual posts, I've gotta believe you are playing in a pretty competitive league. As a result, most of the participants are gonna realize that QBs and RBs have the most upside this week. The weather and defense-oriented teams will likely limit the passing game (with the exception of the pretty weak Atlanta secondar). I also think you correctly identified the top 8 picks in your projected draft. Therefore, unless you choose McNabb #1, the only QB left at #8 is Big Ben. However, if Ben is the only QB left at #8, I don't think you take him until several rounds later because nobody else will need him. As a result, you could take a top WR or TE with your #9 pick (assuming you take Wesbrook #1). I see the major point contributors of your lineup shaping up under one of two following scenarios: Lineup if you take McNabb #1: QB: McNabb RBs: 2 out of Staley/Duckett/Levens WRs: Somebody besides Ward, Burress, Branch (i.e. no top receiver) Lineup if you take Westbrook #1: QB: Big Ben RBs: Westbrook and 1 out of Staley/Duckett/Levens WR: Ward or Burress (top receiver) I think all you need to do here is ask yourself which of these scenarios has the most upside and you've got your answer as to who to draft first. Does this make sense? Splotchman P.S. Because I don't know the exact scoring system you use, I couldn't recommend the scenario that is most likely to pay out the most fantasy points.
  7. Hey Everybody, We all probably just got done watching Peyton & Co. dismantle the Broncos. What are everybody's thoughts on next week's game in New England? Should be a helluva game. My guess is a closer, low scoring affair, but ultimately Mr. Manning will prevail 31-28. Corey Dillon should also have a HUGE game. Other predicitions? Splotchman
  8. My choices: Culpepper, Alexander, Moss, Putzier, Elam.
  9. Bell vs. Droughns

    I was in the same position and I selected Bell for the 1st round of my fantasy playoff team. My theory is that the Colts-Broncos game will turn into a shootout, and Bell has shown better receiving ability and explosiveness than Droughs over the past few weeks. As a caveat, I had both Droughns and Bell on my regular season team and got burned everytime down the stretch by Shanahan. I'm probably just beter off flipping a coin on whom to start rather than trying to rationalize the Denver RB situation......
  10. Which kicker to pick up?

    I think your decision largely depends upon who your gut tells you is going to the big game. Personally, I think Longwell has the best opportunity to score the most points, as he will likely play at least 3 games, maybe even 4 games. In the end, I think any of those kickers you listed will put some significant points on the board, as each will likely have to face some tough defenses throughout the playoffs.
  11. Bettis or Staley

    Definitely Bettis, as he will get all the touchdowns and likely see some signficant yardage duty as well. I don't see Staley getting a single TD in the playoffs....
  12. Who to start LT or Droughns?

    I have LT, Droughns, and Bell on my team. Word out of SD is that LT is going to sit. I am only starting Droughns, as I think he rebounded after last week's game. Denver should also see a bunch of carries, as they'd like to keep Indy off the field. Good luck! Splotchman
  13. LT, Chatman, or Betts?

    Need to pick 1 RB from LT, Chatman, or Betts for Week 17? Leaning toward Chatman, but worried about LT stealing the TD. Thanks, Splotchman