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  1. Pick 2 RB & 2 WR

    Thanks TS
  2. Pick 2 RB & 2 WR

    League scoring for both RB & WR is 1pt/10 yds, 6pts/TD M Bennett S Jackson * R Johnson * L Tomlinson C Johnson * E Parker D Mason * J Walker I'm leaning towards those with * based upon what I've been reading. Appreciate thoughts of others.
  3. QB Assistance - Championship Game

    A quick check-in to get views on week 17 QB selection. Carr vs Clev Ramsey vs Minn Collins vs Jack League scoring is 1pt / 25 yds passing, 6 pts / TD, -2 / Int I feel that Cleveland has been tough on opposing QBs and Carr hasn't been lighting it up as of late. Although Minn's def is weak, I think Ramsey will struggle. The Huddle projects good numbers for him, though. Collins is going against a tough Jacksonville Dev, and that's when his numbers disappear. Thanks for your comments.