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  1. Battle

    Battle will be a top 30 WR this year IMHO. Well worth the last pick in the draft or the waiver pickup you use to get him ...
  2. secret pick up

    If its secret maybe you shouldnt be posting it? Seriously, Branch is your best bet, although consider Taylor this next weekend with Burleson out ... he will get a lot of touches.
  3. What about Ricky?

    Agreed. And I think he will do at least as well as Brown has been doing, probably better ...
  4. Offered Driver for Larry Johnson

    I do. Driver is going to end up WR 10-15. Smith and Meshawn will end up out of the top 30 ... thats a good upgrade for a RB getting 10 touches a game when you already have SA/Portis/Lamont blocking the opportunities ... You get an upgrade at WR now ... you give up only the KC position (if) Holmes gets hurt ... Play for the now IMO ... again, this is only redraft ...
  5. SIMTT

    I disagree. Driver is a big upgrade for you at WR over Smith or Meshawn ... and LJ is going nothing on your bench.
  6. Offered Driver for Larry Johnson

    Yes, assuming redraft ...
  7. Which Minn WR

    Williamson has more value, both now and long term ... there is a reason Robinson was unsigned for so long ...
  8. Pick up Housh?

    I suppose its just me, but I would rather have Santana Moss ... although its close.
  9. KC Chiefs D Update

    KC Chiefs D FF Analysis: DL: 1. Eric Hicks - Week1: 2 tackles & 1 blocked FG; Week 2: 2 tackles, 1 asst, 1 PD Commentary: KC Continues to rotate DEs, killing the overall productivity of the group. Hicks continues to dissapoint. 2. Jared Allen - Week 1: 3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 FF ; Week 2: 3 tackles. Commentary: Same as above, the better of the two KC DE options. My take: I would avoid starting either. LB: 1. Derrick Johnson - Week 1: 8 tackles, 1 asst, 1 FF & 1 sack; Week 2: 7 tackles, 1 asst & 1 FR. Commentary: 3 down OLB, possible ROY. Start him. 2. Kawika Mitchell - Week 1: 6 tackles, 2 asst, 1 PF & 1 FR; Week 2: 6 tackles & 1 PD. Commentary: 3 down MLB is secure in his job. Should be owned and starting. 3. Kendrell Bell - Week 1:, Week 2: Doughnut. Commentary: Huge disappointment. Bench him until further notice. 4. Keyaron Fox - Week 1: 3 tackles, Week 2: Doughnut (early injury). Commentary: Talented backup will be valuable if Bell or Johnson go down. DB: CBs: 1. Patrick Surtain - Week 1: 1 tackles, 1 PD, 1 Int & 1 FR; Week 2: 5 tackles, 1 PD. Commentary: On the field full time. Fringe starter. 2. Dexter McCleon - Week 1: 6 tackles; Week 2: 4 tackles, 1 asst, 1 PD. Commentary: Currently on field full time & frequent target. After week 4 may lose most of time to Warfield when he returns from susp. 3. Eric Warfield - Suspended. Legitimate WW pickup starting week 5. Will step into McCleon's role and has more talent. Ss: 1. Sammy Knight - Week 1: 7 tackles, 2 asst, 1 sack, 1 PD & 1 FF; Week 2: 2 tackles. 1 asst & 1 PD. Commentary: Dont let Week 2 scare you off -- top 20 DB. 2. Greg Wesley - Week 1: 4 tackles, 2 asst; Week 2: 6 tackles, 2 asst. Commentary: Fringe starter. The other guys on this team are not starting candidates. There is some possibility that DE Carlos Hall could have long-term value. Possible DTS options include: 1. Boomer Grigsby - Seeing no action. Fringe DTS option. 2. Kris Griffin - Surprising URFA OLB. Coaches compare his speed and ability to Derrick Johnson! Chased Fujita out of town. Has yet to be activiated -- this should change if Fox's injury lingers. Could be worth a flier on your DTS.
  10. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Moss' second TD eaked me past Zia in GMX ... ... but I left Moss on the bench in three other leagues, costing me at least one win ...
  11. Ed Hartwell?

    Well, one reason is he is 2-down only ...
  12. WDIS

    Bills D will shut down Clayton and the TB offense in my opinion. Wont be much passing to be had ... I dont follow Stokely as much but I can tell you I am not a big fan of starting a WR3 if I can avoid it ... too hit and miss ... Housh is going to have mucho opportunities in the Minny game, with the focus on CJ ...
  13. Favre or Warner?

    Warner over Farve ... Kennison over Housh I think ... but its close ...
  14. Trade offer!

    I agree that it is a good deal for you ... Palmer upgrades you immediately at QB based on matchups ...
  15. WDIS: WR Help Needed

    Yeah ... but I think Id go Boldin over Stallworth ... a lot of O will be put up in AZ I think ...