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  1. Trade Davis for S. Smith?

    Make the trade. Steve will produce throughout the year, and you could use another receiver in case Andre doesn't come around.
  2. Blinded by loyalty

    I like Delhomme this week, I think the Fins will be able to stop the run. I don't think Madison can stay with Steve Smith either.
  3. Thomas Jones for LJ?

    Yes , always go for the player with the upside. LJ is the ultimate upside player.
  4. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    Sam Ryan's not bad, although I think Tafoya's better (more personality). They're all a downgrade to Melissa Stark, who was the BEST of them all.
  5. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    I agree with above, this is truly one of the worst professional offenses I've seen. If this continues, I wonder if we'll see Jason Campbell in a few weeks. They are absolutely horrible.
  6. TE Witten.... worthless?

    This really sucks. I don't think it's Bedsoe either, it looks like he's not involved in any of the play calls.
  7. Injury update?

    Hello Koren Robinson
  8. LIONS @ Bears

    It's hard to get a reading on this game IMO. I've got to decide if I'm going to use Roy Williams. They threw his way a bunch last game, I just fear another 10-6 type game.
  9. Koren Robinson's value?

    It'll be entertaining to watch. I threw Taylor back because I wouldn't start him over the other 4 options I have.
  10. Koren Robinson's value?

    I dropped Taylor for K-Rob yesterday. What have you got to lose? Taylor was just dust on the bench for me, so if K-Rob shows life it's all gravy.
  11. Panthers Info

    Sorry it's taken me so long to post, but the news is a bit thin lately. As you all know, Jenkins is out for the year. This is horrible news for the entire defense. Coach Fox hasn't announced the new starter yet, but it looks like Jordan Carstens or Kindall Moorehead. Rookie Attiyeh Ellison will be activated off the practice squad as well. Carstens will probably get the start, but they could platoon. Neither scares anyones opposing lineman. This means the double teams will neutralize Buckner, and the lack of interior push will also affect Peppers and Rucker. I wouldn't recommend anyone off the line other than Peppers. The secondary could get torched this weekend by the short passing game of the Patriots. Lucas and Gamble are both afraid to play tight on the line, because the team is not ready to leave rookie Thomas Davis on an island in the secondary. I expect a decent day all around by the Patriots passing offense. Linebackers are no change, Start Morgan with confidence as he should lead the team in tackles this week.
  12. Which 2 WR's would you start?

    Bruce and Kennison
  13. Trade advice

    Keep Chambers. He had 14 ball thrown his way on Sunday, and it looks like he's going to be featured in the offense. No reason to let him go IMO.
  14. Sportsline's "experts" can suck my hairy beanbag. I stopped taking their advice years ago.
  15. So who needs what?

    All tied up in my $ league, with Westbrook and Philly D to go. Opponent has McNabb and Crumpler.