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  1. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Im gonna start by saying I too love this country and our ideals and the constitution. I always grew up proud that the world looked up to us being such a great country. After 9/11 I have seen Americans lose freedom in the name of safety. I have seen the world reaction to American policing of the world, and its not good. We are no longer the most cherised country and I know... it is all because we INVADED another country, who didnt attack us. We the united states threw our values out the window, we threw the constitution out the window, and we lost our christianity beleif of only going to war in defense. Now I enlisted post 9/11 to serve my country, but I have to ask this question..How long are we gonna be fighting?? When are we gonna say enough is enough? I think the people in afghanistan and iraq are gonna get sick of us occupying their land and it's just a matter of time before more and more of a fight. You can support the troops and disagree with the mission. Yes 9/11 was a tragedy and I feel sorry for any American who lost a loved one that day. But if you havent noticed America has killed more innocent people the past 7 years then we lost on 9/11. I love this country but please dont say support our president. A man that says he is above the law, above the constitution.
  2. Cards

    dude dont worry about that. He has learned now. He is gonna win us a playoff game. Thats all I want now Super Bowl comes later.
  3. Cards

    so many haters. 2003 all over again like I said. Except we dont blow it.
  4. Keyshawn or Porter

    I'd wait but I like Porter with the Moss factor.
  5. What do you need to happen tonight

    10 team league wise ass. Dont hate because I know how to get star players. Keeper league my Keepers were Randy Moss and Shaun Alexander. then I drafted the rest except I traded for Julius Jones.
  6. Cards

    This is our year though. It's 2003 without the Interception. We just need to work on being fired up coming into the seconed half. I swear Holmgren tells them to take it easy or something. Its rediculous. But yeah I just wanted to laugh at all the haters and say ha. HA. and I know for a fact were winning this division. WOW what weak competition.
  7. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    In the Falcons Hawks game Hasselbeck look for Engram a lot. If he is on the waiver Wire might wanna pick him up. Joe Jurvicous is our red zone so he is going to get quite a few td's Jerramy Stevens is amazing. He is going to do very good this year and will live up to what everyone is saying about him. But out of these I say Engram he is the man.
  8. Who will win a game first?

    They'll win this week. Im pretty sure of it. But who knows.
  9. Cards

    I just want to say Congrats to those who hopped on this bandwagon before the season. And I love to say I told you so...
  10. What do you need to happen tonight

    my 113 points and Julius Jones against 114 points and Clinton Portis. I need Jones to out score Portis by 2 points.
  11. Alexander gets shut down by ATL

    We'll I was there to see Alexander get 144 yards and him do his burp the baby TD dance. Anyways I hope you all realize the Hawks are a good team thats all I ask. We shut down the best running team in the NFL, and won the game against "SUPER BOWL contendors. But were overrated according to Michael Irvin. I just dont get it!
  12. Who will win a game first?

    Quite the assumption. Im guessing they finish 8-8!
  13. Alexander gets shut down by ATL

    Holmgren says he is gonna give Alexander 25 plus carries this week! Keep Atlanta's offense off the feild!
  14. I friggin' HATE

    The King should do more Touchdown dances. haha! Burger Kings gross though all fast food is. Its all about grilling on the bar BQ.
  15. It Is Official...

    Packers just dont look like a good team!