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  1. Meh, looks fine to me, but I like simple. Really don't care what color it is.
  2. Unfortunately I think Tampa is next in line.
  3. Flacons have hired Stever Sarkisian from Bama as their new OC.
  4. Thankfully Tielen didn't cost me. Snead didn't give me what I'd hoped, but the rest of the team all scored well.
  5. Opponent has Brees. Went for the block, which I never do, and started both Thomas and Sneed. Should have stuck with what got me there and played Thielen.
  6. Unger and Khun should have been there as well. And Brees... League leader in yards, completion percentage and touchdowns doesn't make it. :smdh: Pro Bowl is a joke...
  7. Everything I've read on Compton so far leads me to believe he won't see the field again this season.
  8. Why are you even asking this question?
  9. cowboys bandwagon fans have them all booked.
  10. Seems both New Orleans and Seattle could have used Unger's services yesterday. Graham certainly didn't help you much.
  11. I already answered that question and it's not dependent on him. He doesn't play defense & neither does Graham, so it's completely pointless to throw that out there other than to rub it in that Seattle is doing better than New Orleans right now. It doesn't negate the fact that the Saints got the better end of the deal.
  12. You're talking in fantasy terms, I'm talking about reality. Fantasy terms are relative to the other players at the position regarding rank. Yes and I freely admit that I was wrong about Fleener, however, this was my prediction for Graham (which you labeled as "fair" BTW). Graham has 769 yds & 5 TDs. That's not much further than I thought he'd be at this point. He'll probably top the 800 mark, but he's still down from expectations of when he was with the Saints. Honestly, I wasn't trying to dog Graham and truthfully I'm happy to see him succeeding. I also will admit that he has been more of an impact player this year than I thought he'd ever be in Seattle, but he's still not quite the same player he was with the Saints IMO. My biggest beef in this thread wasn't actually with Graham, it was with Unger being labeled as overrated.
  13. If they can ever get a defense to at least compliment the #1 rated offense in the league then I'd say several. I still think the Saints got the better end of the deal. Graham is right around where I thought he'd be and Unger is still one of, if not the, best centers in the league. The first rounder we got gave us Stephone Anthony, who has been outplayed this year by Craig Robertson, but Anthony is still very young and I still believe will be a very good player. He showed a lot last year, he just wasn't ready.
  14. This is a result of reading way too much into a Twitter post. There's really nothing to see here.