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  1. Superbowl at the movies ??

    I'm not even sure I'm going to watch it at home. NFW would I spend theater prices to watch it.
  2. Titans Chiefs

    Well, he is a black guy so it's possible. 😉
  3. Titans Chiefs

    Had a guy at work today show up in a Titans Jersey. I've worked there 7 years and talk football all the time with various people. Never once heard or seen any indication at all that this guy is a Titans fan or even much of a football fan at all until today.
  4. Garrett done

    Turn on ESPN and it's not hard to understand why. Dallas can be in last place in the NFL and they STILL will dominate air time. When you don't even have to win in order to get that kind of exposure it's not really difficult to stay popular. Take, for instance, the infamous owner of the Dallas Cowboys. The vast majority of NFL fans couldn't tell you who 90% of the NFL owners are outside of their own team, but everyone knows who Jerry Jones is. Does that mean Jerry is the most popular? Does it mean he's the most liked by fans? No, it just means he gets way more exposure than any other owner.
  5. Garrett done

    The Saints are the "Black and Gold" and "Who Dat Nation." You can call yourself whatever you want, but that doesn't make it a real thing. It's just a name you gave yourself. Every NFL team is America's Team, none any more than the other because it is America's game. Having more fans, if you actually do, doesn't make one team moreso America's team than the other. What happens when another team has more fans than Dallas, which likely won't happen for the reason I gave in the other post, are you then going to give up that name? I doubt it.
  6. Garrett done

    I agree, it's popularity. But you also have to admit that popularity was manufactured and it started in the 70's when the Cowboys were actually a good team. They were much better marketed and we're smart enough to get in the pockets of the networks early and as I said, the more exposure you have the more fans you gain. You didn't become a fan of Dallas because you have any ties to the team. You became a fan because that's what you were exposed to and you were drawn to the product they were putting on and off the field. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's still manufactured, just like the name.
  7. Garrett done

    It's pretty easy to make yourself "America's team" when networks and media flood the market with your product. They've been doing it since the 70's. It's no surprise they have such a wide spread fanbase. I applaud the fact that they've marketed so well, but that hardly makes them "America's team."
  8. Seahawks vs Eagles

    And one of the pubs we went to and sampled some of the selection:
  9. Seahawks vs Eagles

    I went to Scotland the summer before last and went to a tasting. Oh my that was some fine tasting stuff. Here's a pic of some of their selection.
  10. Vikings vs Saints

    Lol, you need new friends then anyway. Only thing I ever do is snooze folks for posting too much political crap.
  11. Vikings vs Saints

    Seattle fans are the epitome of class and respect.
  12. Vikings vs Saints

    Saints had no answer for the Vikings pass rush for the better part of the game. That and a very bad decision by Brees trying to toss it deep. Yes, that was OPI at the end of the game, but that rarely ever gets called and I didn't expect it to be overturned.
  13. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    I think waiting 15 years should give someone the edge over one DPoY.
  14. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    I'd vote Atwater before Polamalu based on the amount of time he's had to wait.
  15. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    That was the stupid penalty I was referring to. 😉