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  1. How have you kept your team afloat?

    16 team dynasty league, I'm 4th in the league in points by less than a point, yet I'm 5-5, 3rd in my division of 4 and currently outside the playoffs. I'll likely need to win the next two games in order to make it. This week I play the 3rd highest scoring team, our division leader, and next week I play my main wild card competition with Mahomes on bye. What's this "floating" bs you speak of? It's been a slow drown for me all season long.
  2. Dropping benched TNF players loophole

    There's a huge difference in a league specifically allowing something and owners taking advantage of there not being a rule against it or abusing league software setup or loopholes. I'd never want to "win" that way and I wouldn't want to be in a league with any owner who would.
  3. Dropping benched TNF players loophole

    I've always operated under the premise of if you have to ask...
  4. Brees

    May have something to do with one being a rushing TD. Edit- NM, 3 passing, 1 rushing
  5. Milk Carton - Week 10

    Same here. I really despise Pete Carroll.
  6. Dez Bryant... Torn Achilles?

    Saints players plan on supporting Dez by "throwing up the X" in the game vs Bengals Sunday. Pretty cool considering he never played a down in a Saints uniform. Several other players and Saints fans sent him messages of support and encouragement as well. https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/sports/saints/article_a593a154-e47a-11e8-9bff-3730be21aa7b.html
  7. Dez Bryant... Torn Achilles?

    Was really looking forward to him proving he still had some game left in him. Such a shame and it's going to be very tough to get a team to take a chance on him now. Maybe the Saints keep him on and give him a shot in camp.
  8. go out and get this guy

    He's eligible to return in 8 weeks. Typical recovery time for arthroscopic knee surgery is 6 weeks.
  9. go out and get this guy

    Completely understand your perspective & I don't really disagree. If you can get him as a stash guy or a taxi squad player, that's great. I'd love to have him on my own team and recently tried to pick him up in a trade. But several people in this thread were talking about putting him in as a starter and dropping possibly more viable, productive players in order to pick him up. I just think that's getting too caught up in the hype. Believe me, I'm a much bigger Saints fan than a fantasy football junkie. I'd love nothing more than to be completely wrong and to be honest, I was completely giddy hearing about the camp he was having. But, as I said before, this isn't a Colston situation where the unknown guy comes in and fills a void to become a star. I think Smith could be a great player, but the Saints just have too many greater players whom both Brees and Payton trust for Smith to really do a lot this year.
  10. go out and get this guy

    Did you not read that he's having arthroscopic knee surgery? Meaning he is, in fact, injured? Meredith signed a 2 year contract with the Saints. The Saints gain nothing and cost themselves cap money by cutting him.
  11. go out and get this guy

    I don't even know what your point is in posting this other than to try to say I'm wrong. All I'm doing it trying to pass along what info I have and give my thoughts. Take it or leave it, I couldn't care less. The fact of the matter is he is still not fully recovered from his injury, which helps explain his lack of production and is going in for another surgery. TreQuanSmith is still no more or no less valuable than he was before, regardless of the Dez signing and I still would not recommend any Saints WR not named Michael Thomas because they will likely lose more games for you than lightning striking exactly when you decide to start them. Personally speaking I prefer my WR3 or WR4 to be consistent producers, even if it's just 50-60 yds a game and the occasional TD. If you're looking for a WR like Smith to save your season by suddenly becoming a WR1 or WR2 then you've either done a poor job drafting or had really bad luck with injuries and you may as well chalk your season up as done because the Saints offense runs through Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara and barring a serious injury to either one of them that's not likely to change. As I said before, if you're in a dynasty league, next season may be a different story. Michael Thomas will be coming up in contract negotiations and Smith will have a full season and off-season to get more in tune and more involved.
  12. go out and get this guy

    Cameron Meredith was placed on IR. Confirms what I'd thought and what the source was saying. Hopefully a long off-season will get him back into pre-injury form.
  13. Dez officially signs with the Saints

    Neither is going to consistently produce for you. You may get a 3-4 catch 100yd game somewhere, but it'll be on a big play and predicting when will be impossible.
  14. go out and get this guy

    I would agree, but Brees is in much better condition physically at this point in his career than Manning was. I could see him playing at a high level for at least another 2 years if he wanted to. The big question is whether or not he gets another title. He's said that he would continue to play even if he did, but I don't know. Teddy Bridgewater sure isn't going to hang around that long and I really think they want him to replace Brees, even if it's while they groom a real replacement. And, no, that definitely won't be Taysom Hill.
  15. go out and get this guy

    Smith was never going to hold a lot of value this year anyway. Next year could be a different story, but I still think Meredith will end up factoring in as well. I read a report from a guy with inside info that said Meredith's problem is that he still can't get separation off the snap due to his knee. So once he's back to 100% he should start to get more playing time, but that may not even be this season.