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  1. What's up with Kamara

    I read they just kept him out as a precaution and he was seen walking through the locker room with no limp it noticable pain. I think he'll be fine.
  2. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Just curious, which one is supposed to be which? I ask because neither one of them are what used to be considered an old timer here, yet both have been here for a while.
  3. Sorting out the Williams

    They didn't even try to establish a running game.
  4. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Your moral superiority must be a difficult burden for you to bear at times. I have 47 players on my FF team in a league where approximately 750 players are rostered at any given time. I'm not gonna fault anybody for holding onto him or any player to find out if the allegations are actually true and to see if he can get his head on straight enough to be a good player again. I don't see how having him on your fantasy team has any impact on the real world whatsoever. I mean, I wouldn't want him on my team, but I don't see how it's a reflection on anyone simply by holding onto him and certainly not condonement of any sort. You may as well give up on the NFL altogether if your horse is that high.
  5. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Who's ignoring them?
  6. Jameis Winston, you mad bro?

    I really wish guys like Cam Jordan got more press. He's a great example of someone who plays because he loves and enjoys the game and just really has fun doing his job. Of all the Saints players, I have no doubt he'd be the most fun to hang out with.
  7. Love Cam's reaction too. 🤣
  8. Mike Evans

    Marshon Lattimore, enough said.
  9. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    I haven't said any of the things that you're attributing to me. In fact, this is only the second post I've made in this thread. You're making an awful lot of assumptions, both about myself and Brown. I have no idea if Brown has mental issues or if he's just another prima donna, dbag player. Either way, I stand by what I said. Non-conformity should never be confused with insanity. Not-conformity is a choice a person makes to not be like everyone else. It shouldn't be used as an excuse for destructive behavior. Insanity is a diagnosable medical issue that is not within a person's control.
  10. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    That sounds more an excuse for destructive behavior in his case than anything. Non-conformity should never be equated to a lack of sanity. There's nothing at all wrong with being different and marching to your own beat. But that is completely and obviously different from what is going on with AB.
  11. DEN OLB Bradley Chubb tore acl

    Whether you were active at the time it happened or not is completely irrelevant.
  12. DEN OLB Bradley Chubb tore acl

    Actually, you and a few others had a LOT to do with what led up to the purge.
  13. Wayne Gallman worth picking up?

    I wasn't trying anything. I offered Gallman, Snead and a 4th for Tyler Boyd. I don't think that's a bad offer, especially when AJ Green is back.
  14. Weird stat line of the day

    Rex Burkhead Rec: 1/7; 2 T, 1 A I'm guessing some of that is special teams?