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  1. Artificial crowd noise

  2. NOS receivers?

    Certainly hope you're right. I just don't see Peyton giving him that much responsibility this early on. A lot of what they will be doing will rely on the running game and there's no way Tratman will be close to what Hill is in that category. As for the next Andrews, I like Okwuegbunam.
  3. NOS receivers?

    More likely Hill.
  4. Saints fan rant

    Amazing how a good bit of humor makes everything better:
  5. NOS receivers?

    Taxi squad, I think so. Both Hill and Cook are over 30 and Cook had 11 years in the league. Stands to reason the Saints want to develop a replacement.
  6. NOS receivers?

    That only works in fantasy football. He'd be a liability until he learned the playbook and by that time Thomas would be back. Josh Hill has the experience, knows the plays, knows the blocking schemes and can produce. Trautman has shown a lot of promise as well.
  7. NOS receivers?

    Would not be surprised at all to see Deonte Harris out-touch TQS. Likely will see two TEs on the field a lot as well.
  8. NOS receivers?

    Now expected to miss several weeks. I think this is going to hurt my fantasy squad much more than the team. https://twitter.com/lindseyyok/status/1306000773046771716?s=20
  9. NOS receivers?

    If Thomas is out I'd expect Cook and Sanders to get a decent bump and look for Deonte Harris to be more involved. I don't think it will affect Brees all that much.
  10. NOS receivers?

    From what I've read it's a high sprain, but it's mild. Thomas says he can still play with it and they have an extra day as well.
  11. NOS receivers?

    He twisted his ankle, but they said it wasn't serious. We'll see.
  12. Artificial crowd noise

    Maybe it was just the Saints games since that's the only one I watched, but it was absolutely horrible. It was like watching an old sitcom with a bad laugh track. It was way too loud for one thing. I'm used to watching Saints games where, at times, you have to strain a little to hear the announcers, but when it's fake? It was really off as well. "Fans" were cheering when they really shouldn't, cheering for mediocre plays, and it was a bit delayed as well. I think the only thing they got right was booing one of the PI calls. But, apparently, the crowd noise was only for the viewing audience. There was none in the actual dome. Honestly, I'd much prefer taking the opportunity to get a better listen to what's happening on the field than hear fake noise. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/09/nfl-saints-bucs-fake-crowd-noise-stinks
  13. Saints fan rant

    I'm certain many of you can relate & I'm certain many of you get tired of hearing the "no respek" complaint, but seriously, this is a good part of the reason why I'm quickly losing interest in the NFL Many of you that have been here for a while know how I feel about my team. I'm a homer through & through, but I am usually pretty fair with criticism of my team and most of it's players. What I really find annoying though is the constant overhype of players & teams and the total disregard and downplaying of others that are just as, if not more deserving. As some of you also know, I quit watching ESPN & NFL Network completely after 2011, the above & bountygate being big reasons but also the utter lack of any quality content. I really got tired of turning it on and waiting through entire shows of the Patriots, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants to only see a 30 second blurb about the Saints. So, this morning I'm watching the local news and usually after the local news Good Morning America comes on & I turn the TV off to start my workday (working from home). But, hey, I see they are going to have a story about Brady & Brees facing off and I decide to leave it on for a while. So on comes their NFL segment &, of course it starts off with the NFL protests of the weekend, but they use that as a segue in to the Brees/Brady story in that they started the story talking about the criticisms of Brees over the flag kneeling. The story goes on to talk about Brady & his debut in a Bucs uniform & how strange it looks seeing him in that uniform & oh by the way, Brady now hold the record for the oldest QB to ever throw a pass in the NFL. Every single highlight they showed was Brady and the Bucs, including two touchdowns. The only thing they ever said about Brees other than the controversy was that he was the other 40+ QB in the game. The only thing that could be considered a Saints highlight was at the very end of the segment when they finally said the Saints won the game (and that was all they said about it) when Janoris Jenkins intercepted Brady, but they didn't even show that. All they showed was Jenkins jumping the route and they cut the clip before he even intercepted it. Wanna know why I'm close to calling it quits for good? It's the little things like this. The stuff that, on it's own, doesn't usually matter. You laugh it off & move on knowing you won & they lost & they're just bitter about it. But that stuff starts piling up and piling up. All the controversies & all the nonsense & drama & bullmanure. It's becoming less & less about the game & winning and more & more about creating "entertainment" & drama and propping up the big markets and marketable players. I'm just so... over it.
  14. Artificial crowd noise

    Is it just me or is this just completely disingenuous and annoying?