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  1. Stinky-click-bait-will-not-click. I don't need some stupid article to tell me the Saints have one of the best fan bases in the league.
  2. First Round of the 2019 NFL draft

    Nothing on the two TEs taken? Both seem to be going to pretty favorable situations and for a position that has been relatively thin for a while it could be a nice shot in the arm.
  3. Ingram to the Ravens

    Ingram doesn't have a lot of wiggle in the open field, but he's actually a great reciever out of the backfield. The Ravens would be wise to make use of that. My guess is he's going to be a check down magnet.
  4. Ingram to the Ravens

    This is an odd signing to me. It's not really much more than what the Saints supposedly we're offering and much less than what he was rumored to be drawing in offers. I'm wondering if Ingram was trying to hold out for more when the Saints signed Murray and he lost any leverage he had with the Ravens. Or possibly it was more about playing time and less about money. Either way I hate to see him leave. He means a lot to the Saints and fans both in and off the field. Murray is going to have some big shoes to fill and my bet is the Saints draft a guy or bring in a UDFA. From a fantasy perspective I really don't know what to expect. Edwards looked pretty good towards the end of last season and certainly won't go away quietly. Even moreso I have no idea how Ingram will fit in with their new offense behind Jackson. I have both Edwards and Ingram on my fantasy squad and Ingram is an RFA. If I were looking at him as a bid prospect of have a really difficult time investing heavy, but I'm certain some will see high value there. Murky is a really good way of putting it.
  5. Saints sign Latavius Murray

    Murray is going to be a COP, occasional short yardage and closer. I honestly don't think he replaces Ingram's touches 1 for 1.
  6. Almost assures Ingram is gone. 🙁 Good news for Kamara and probably Ingram owners though.
  7. Any of you in NY City?

    @whomper is a New York guy if it's not too late.
  8. Ravens cut Alex Collins

    Everyone aboard the Gus Bus?
  9. Robert Kraft busted!

    Golem would be a pimp with Kraft's money.
  10. Embracing the dark side

  11. LOL, I'm afraid to ask.

  12. Guess what I am touching right now?

  13. Rest in Peace Aqua. :(