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  1. NBC Skycam/view fail

    It's MariOHta, not MarioTAH.
  2. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    My 16 team dynasty has 35 player active rosters, full Individual Defensive Players (IDP), a 12 player Taxi Squad, player contracts, free agency, restricted free agency and a yearly 8 round (128 player) rookie only draft. Which also kinda makes me chuckle when I open these threads because the majority of the players mentioned are already on active rosters or stashed on someone's taxi squad.
  3. If I'm the Skins HC

    Just before running onto the field for the game-winning drive... http://images2.imagebam.com/bc/e4/7e/af87ca662892223.gif
  4. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    Sorry for the derail.
  5. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    This is not really relevant, but it's always been a pet peeve of mine when FFers list a player only by their last name as if everyone is already supposed to know who it is they are talking about. Especially when it's an infinitely common name like "Johnson." Then everyone just pretends to know who it is and runs to go look it up so that they don't look like an ignorant dolt. BTW, somebody mentioned Osweiler. All I have to say is (speaking from experience )
  6. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    That was def, not me, though I do agree with him.
  7. Fast Willie Snead...

    I'm as big a Saints fan as any & Snead is one of my favorite players. That said, he won't be seeing my lineup again this season until SP decides he wants to start getting him the ball again on a regular basis and I don't think that'll happen as long as the running game is working so well. I think there are a lot of factors at work here and none of them have to do with any lack of talent. The fact that Snead is an excellent blocker downfield and that the running game is working so well are two of the biggest. Kamara getting more touches, Coleman & Ginn fitting the roles of Jimmy Graham & Devery Henderson (notice I didn't say Snead & Cooks). There's just not enough to go around for Snead. There could be a little bit of a doghouse factor going on as well stemming from the suspension, but SP will throw the dog a bone when he's proven himself. So, I do believe that at some point SP will involve him more in a game plan and may even feature him some, but I doubt that it's going to be enough to warrant holding on to him unless it's a really deep league and trying to guess when that's going to be will be impossible.
  8. I guess ATL really is that bad

    I'll thank you to never, ever do that again.
  9. It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out. https://sports.yahoo.com/jerry-jones-hires-lawyer-threatens-sue-roger-goodell-extension-204900038.html?exp=vv I'll have to call Jones a bit of a hypocrite on this one though. Goodell is his best buddy when it's another team taking the hit, but when it's his player it's time to lawyer up.
  10. Zach Miller May Need Leg Amputated

    Napoleon McCallum
  11. Zach Miller May Need Leg Amputated

    I saw it live during the game yesterday and when the play happened I didn't even notice where he'd gotten hurt because I was watching the ball. When I saw the replay though, it was probably one of the worst looking one's I've seen in quite a while. It was so ugly I had actually hoped that it was a leg break & not the knee itself. Then it being a TD that was in question they showed the replay a few times & I just couldn't watch. When he came down his outside plant leg gave and just bent a way it's not supposed to bend. Just horrible... Prayers for him that he makes a full recovery & at the very least is able to keep his leg. FWIW, I know the current rule probably doesn't agree that it was a touchdown, but that was a touchdown & total BULL that it got reversed.
  12. Miami getting what it deserves!

    Yes, because Baltimore has always been an organization of class and integrity! Just sayin'...
  13. Willie Snead

    Snead isn't a star, but he is very good. He's smart, reliable, Brees trusts him and he's an excellent route runner. I think it's more the situation of his suspension and then the injury. Kamara isn't helping either with the amount of touches he's getting.
  14. Cam is Bizarre. And the impression I got from the reporters comments, when she spoke to him later it was much worse. The guy is a straight-up dbag, Always has been & always will.
  15. The LA Chargers are Moot

    Good to see you around McBoog.