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  1. Who has been here since the 90s?

    I believe the league was formed in 2001 and its inaugural season was 2002. In MFL there is an actual 2001 league page set up, but no game data.
  2. Who has been here since the 90s?

    My original name was ballhawgs or something stupid like that. I think I started not long after the first board upgrade? It's been so long I can't really remember. I was an original member in 32 Homer's, which was formed in 2001, but I was here a year or two before that.
  3. Not bad, but definitely need some work at that SS spot and unless they draft someone it will come down to Bell & Coleman. Pretty certain PRob will be staying in the nickel position like he played in Philly and I expect both Crawley and Marcus Williams to improve on last season.
  4. Not saying hey are the best, but can somebody tell me where the Saints starters rank on PFF?
  5. Alvin Kamara

    I approve of this thread.
  6. Cameron Meredith signs offer sheet with the Saints

    The beauty in this deal is it doesn't cost the Saints a whole lot to find out if he can be the player everyone saw before the injury. And if he is then he's a steal at that price and a great compliment to the Saints offense. I don't know about Meredith honestly, but I really like this deal for the Saints.
  7. Cameron Meredith signs offer sheet with the Saints

    Officially a Saint
  8. Custom Dynasty rankings

    You realize you're asking on a fantasy web site that makes it's money off of features like customizable rankings for directions to a competing site?
  9. General Rookie Chatter

    Watson is ancient and Fleener has never lived up to his potential. Saints tried to re-sign Graham before he opted for Green Bay. I'm pretty certain they'd still like to find an upgrade to Fleener.
  10. General Rookie Chatter

    Fairly certain the Saints will take one of these guys.
  11. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Same thing you're hearing. It's just a big joke to fans now. The Saints made an offer and he thinks he's going to get a bigger one from them by trying to play them against the Rams/Titans/Jets. The Jets already told him to pound sand. I'm sure the Saints offer still stands, but I seriously doubt it's in the ballpark with the Rams & Titans. Titans are likely offering more than the Rams, but he's got better opportunity to actually have a meaningful end to his career with the Rams. If they're somewhat close, which I believe they are, then he's going to the Rams. What gets me is he's probably hoping one of these teams budges. It wouldn't surprise me if they all tell him to f-off and he ends up getting a horrible deal.
  12. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Past the point of caring anymore and hope the Saints have as well. I get trying to maximize your contract because "it's a business", but this is ridiculous. The Chargers Rams can have him.
  13. Vikes vs the Saints

    We've had our fair share of Corey Coleman's
  14. Vikes vs the Saints

    We're surprisingly good honestly. We've got 4 of the top rookies in the league with Kamara, Lattimore, Ramczyk and Williams, likely best candidates for OROY & DROY, 20 players coming back from injured reserve, including 9 starters and we've still got one of the best QBs of all time, one of the best coaches in the league & an all-pro WR & RB. The future looks pretty bright for us and I believe we are only going to get better. I can honestly say that this is the best I've felt about our team since 2011 put a dagger in our hearts.
  15. Vikes vs the Saints

    Saints fans have got his back and he knows it. There's a 5 page thread on the Saints board with nothing but support for him. Somebody put up a billboard in NOLA saying "Dat's OK Marcus, we love our Saints!" (actually, searching for the image I see that there are several) The guy is just a rookie and played a very big part in what they accomplished this year, which is much more than what we expected.