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  1. Washington ????????

    You'd like to think. I'm sure someone will find a reason though.
  2. Washington ????????

    People need an escape from life's troubles and tribulations. When social issues start to become more and more a focal point, it's no longer an escape and just another source of consternation.
  3. Drew Brees

    One of the guys on the Saints board that has his own podcast posted this. It's a pretty good listen.
  4. Drew Brees

    I'm not sure which game it was, but you might be right. I think this was part of the NFLs deal they made with Malcom Jenkins.
  5. Drew Brees

    It's called being a bigger person.
  6. Drew Brees

    That was before the anthem when they all knelt. He's never done it during the national anthem.
  7. Drew Brees

    Both spot on IMO.
  8. Drew Brees

    Maybe I admire him too much because I'm incapable of being objective, but this is how I see Drew Brees (as I posted on the Saints board): He doesn't want to let down his friends, but just as much, Drew wants to be an example for people and especially his kids and I think he felt like he let them down. But what better way to turn that into something positive than to show humility and contrition by admitting your mistakes and working to rectify them?
  9. Drew Brees

    Can't argue with that. He should have known better and that's one of the main reasons why I don't agree that it was a prepared response. He said what he felt before thinking about how it may be perceived in the current climate and that is not like him in the least. Huh, look at that. Me, of all people, being objective about the Saints.
  10. Drew Brees

    Right, because that's what Brees does. He manipulates the media so that he can push his opinions rather than simply post them on his Twitter account. Makes perfect sense. And I never said that it wasn't ok for LeBron to voice his opinions. I just don't personally care for celebrities in general using their influence to push their opinions. And that goes for all celebrities, not just blacks and not just athletes. He's certainly entitled to do so. All I said was there was a difference in pushing your opinions and being asked for it.
  11. Drew Brees

    You're going to believe whatever you want to believe. It's a stupid idea, setting up an interview with Yahoo Finance just to prove how patriotic you are, but you go on believing that, because like i said, you know, that's what Drew Brees does.
  12. Drew Brees

    You've never had auto correct select the wrong word for you? Flag OR anthem. Are we resorting to spelling and grammar corrections now? Have you listened to very many interviews with Brees? I have. But I'm sure you know better than I would.
  13. Drew Brees

    I'm also not a multi million dollar superstar athlete that hundreds of thousands of people look up to and revere. If I had that type of influence over people I'd be much more careful about trying to influence people through my opinions.
  14. Drew Brees

    Whatever dude. I've given a very similar response off the cuff multiple times because that's the way I feel. I don't see others as disrespecting the flag it anthem because they feel differently about it than I do, but I myself would feel like I'm disrespecting all those people who sacrificed and suffered to give me that choice by kneeling. See how easy that was? I guess I've been rehearsing that very response this whole time too.
  15. Drew Brees

    He did an interview with Yahoo Finance to set up that specific Q&A. Yeah, because that's what Drew Brees does.
  16. Drew Brees

    There is a difference between being asked your opinion and giving it rather than going around pushing it.
  17. Drew Brees

    Drew Brees was asked a question by a reporter, LeBron wasn't. There's quite the difference. Still, LeBron is certainly entitled to his opinion and entitled to share it with whomever he wishes and should expect and accept that people will disagree with him at times. Laura Ingraham, and most media idiots for that matter, are the one's that need to shut up and just report the news rather than offer their own opinions.
  18. DeAndre Hopkins says he's the NFL's best wide receiver

    It's a fun argument, but I wouldn't take any WR right now over Thomas. I'm probably biased a bit though. I think Thomas proved himself last year with virtually little to no dropoff while Brees was out.
  19. NFL player sues United Airlines

    No I didn't, I said he was dumb for not moving. Completely different from saying he was at fault for the way the woman was acting and treating him. Completely different from saying he was at fault for the stewardess refusing to move her. If it were someone I knew, man or woman, one of the first things I'd want to know is if they tried to get away from this person other than to ask the stewardess to make them move. If their answer is, "no, it wasn't my responsibility" then that's just plain idiotic. Maybe the NFL player has a good reason not to. Maybe this all happened in a much shorter time frame than what it seems. There's a lot to this story that we don't know. It just doesn't make much sense to me not to try to get away. That's ridiculous. If she grabbed his crotch and he protested then surely other passengers, especially the guy sitting right next to him, would sympathize with him. Not to mention the fact that the woman was drunk off her ass and high on pills. Did you even read the article?
  20. NFL player sues United Airlines

    It was a red eye flight during Covid restrictions, so the flight wouldn't be full and the article said that they eventually moved the woman twice, so they obviously had other open seats. I think you're mistaking what I'm saying as putting blame on the player. Absolutely, the airline is at fault and they should have dealt with the issue when he first brought it to their attention. But that doesn't change the fact that he continued to sit there and have to take the abuse from this woman simply because the stewardess wouldn't move her. That's just dumb on his part in my opinion. If someone walks up to you and starts punching you in the face, you don't just stand there and let them keep punching you while you wait for someone to do something about it. You either fight back if you are able or try to remove yourself from the situation. The player isn't able to fight back for fear of the repercussions and nobody there is willing to help him, so get up and get away from the woman. Responsibility had nothing to do with that. Who cares how he is perceived for moving? If someone wants to complain about it, big deal. It's better than just sitting there suffering the abuse. Let them complain, so that he can tell everyone within ear shot what's going on and why he's moved.
  21. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I'm not sure I follow either. The stewardess presumably was the one being apathetic and his fears were of racism, I understand that, but neither of those things were chaining him to that seat. The obvious thing to do would have been to remove himself from the situation that he was in a best he could and deal with the extenuating circumstances, like the woman and the apathetic stewardess, after the plane had landed and they could contact the authorities.
  22. NFL player sues United Airlines

    What prevented him from simply getting up and moving somewhere else?
  23. This thread has me struggling. I read the title and thought "ok, Bills players, what Bills players do I have?" Hmm, none... "Wait, who is the last Bills player I've ever had?" I struggle to remember the last time I had a Bills player on one of my teams or even who that might have been. Andre Reed and Eric Moulds immediately come to mind. Looking through their better players only Josh Reed, Peerless Price, Jarius Byrd and Terrance McGee additionally stand out. I had Bledsoe, but I think only as a Patriot, Flutie, but only as a Patriot/Charger and London Fletcher, but only as a Redskin. I wonder if there are any other teams that I seem to subconsciously avoid to this degree. I know that the Bills have been pretty bad for quite a while, but that hasn't kept me away from other teams and I know sometimes that can be a benefit for fantasy production so I know that I don't purposely avoid those teams. It's just weird that it's been so long since I've carried any Bills players when I can't say the same for any other team that comes to mind. Edit: Ah, Duke Williams! No wonder why I couldn't remember.
  24. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Maybe you should go back and read my posts. Maybe you don't understand what applauding the effort means or how I grade nobility in terms of what people sacrifice. Maybe you should not let my "extreme hatred" of Goodell taint your view.
  25. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Should I also be mad at the whole of the country if I don't like the decisions the elected politicians make? No, I wouldn't have issue with Benson if he voted for Goodell to be commissioner. Just because he voted (or didn't) for him doesn't mean he agrees with all of his decisions. But Goodell has made a lot of money for the owners, so I wouldn't blame Benson anyway if he agreed to keep Goodell in his position. Still doesn't mean it's Benson's fault for Goodell doing poorly from my perspective. I never said what Goodell gave up wasn't enough. Though he certainly could have afforded give more, it's still a significant amount to many people. I just don't see it as a big deal for him. Like I said, it's not going to prevent him from paying his mortgage or his car note or taking his family on vacation or whatever, whereas someone on, say a $100k salary the same percentage pay cut would be significantly more impactful. Next time you ask someone "you did what" just hope they don't respond with "I did nothing, but "I gave up my home when I lost my job" or "I had to close my business and let go all of my employees" or "I'm a nurse/doctor working 14-16 hour shifts trying to keep people like you alive and healthy" or "I'm a social worker trying to make sure the poor, elderly, sick & homeless get the essentials that they need to survive" or "I'm a teacher spending countless hours trying to make sure your kids are still getting the quality education they need despite all the hurdles in our way" or "I'm a first responder risking my & my families health to ensure that you stay safe." Giving money is easy, especially when you have a ton of it. There's nothing wrong with giving, giving is great and absolutely necessary, but it pales in comparison to the personal sacrifices that so many others are giving and give on a day-to-day basis. Those people impress me incredibly more than Roger Goodell giving up $5 million of his $40 million salary. Sorry, it just doesn't move the needle much for me. Seriously though, what the (the really bad word) do you care if I dislike Roger Goodell anyway...