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  1. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    I just love blanket, passive aggressive statements like this. I've disliked Goodell for just about as long as he's been in his position for the decisions he's made, the attitude he has and his selective and inequitable punishments. Why would I blame the owners as a whole or specifically the owner of my team for decisions that Goodell has made and actions that he's taken simply because the owners as a whole voted to put him in that position? Do you think every single owner voted to put him there? Do you think every single owner agrees with every decision he makes? As for this instance, I don't see anyone really criticizing him for giving up some of his salary. I just don't think a lot of us see it as big of a deal as it's made out to be, especially due to the fact that many of us think he makes way more than he should given the performance he's provided from a fan's perspective and, again, 5 from 40 million.
  2. RIP Don Shula

    Something that will only increase with difficulty to match with an expanded regular season. We're likely to never see it happen again.
  3. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Probably very little honestly. The article says that employees are still having to take a 5-15% pay cut and many are still being furloughed. This is a gesture, but it's insignificant in comparison to the effect those other employees will be seeing. I guess if I was an NFL employee I would be ok with a 15% cut in pay rather than laid off, but that 5 or 15% is going to hurt me much more than him giving up 5 million of the exorbitant amount of money he's still going to bring home.
  4. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    4-5 million from 40. Whatever shall he do with only 35 million this year?!?! I wish I could sacrifice like that. Yeah, I applaud the effort, but I'd applaud it even more if he were donating it to charity or using it to give back to the fans that have put all that money in his pockets. I just don't see the nobility in letting your millionaire bosses keep 5 million of the 40 they're giving you.
  5. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    He's basically giving his salary back to the ownership because they are losing game revenue. I just don't see that as such a noble gesture, especially since it's really a drop in the bucket to him.
  6. Chiefs' Bashaud Breeland involved in dramatic arrest

    Cue the SJWs...
  7. Official QB domino thread

    Agree on both counts. I think the Saints put a first round tender on Hill and if anyone is brave enough to make him an offer they use it to help them move up for a QB. Teddy was great for what the Saints needed him for. He was actually very good while he was in. That said, I don't think he's dynamic enough a player to earn the defense's respect for a full season and he would end up being exposed by better (playoff) teams.
  8. Official QB domino thread

    I think Hill will sign with the Saints as well with the plan for him to take over after this season. What I'm most certain of is this will be Brees' farewell tour.
  9. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    I probably hate Goodell more than anyone here and would love to agree, but I still think you're off base here. As for Rudolph, the guy acted like a dbag on the field, regardless if he said it or not. If I were a company looking for someone to endorse my product, it sure wouldn't be him.
  10. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    If he'd actually injured him... Though, I wouldn't really consider a football helmet a "deadly weapon" either and I'm pretty certain when Garrett swung the helmet at him his intent wasn't to kill him. I agree, Garrett did something really stupid and dangerous and he certainly needed to be punished for it, which he was. But all this outage and talk of assault charges and jail time is just a bit overboard. And fwiw I'm usually on the side of heavy punishment for players acting badly, I just don't see it past the point of what he actually got.
  11. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    I have to agree with Shaft on this one. Something that happens in the heat of the moment like it did on the football field is not as big a deal as a lot of people are making it out to be. Had he actually injured Rudolph, then I'd probably agree that a suit should be in order, but considering the things Rudolph did leading up to Garrett swinging the helmet at him, I doubt he'd win. What if Rudolph had injured Garrett while trying to rip his helmet off of him? Shouldn't that be considered assault by the same standards?
  12. It's back: NFL Bad Lip Reading

    That may be the best one yet.
  13. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    It's a new feature DMD is trying out. The format reflects the quality of the post.
  14. All-Decade Teams

    I started somewhere in the early 90's as well, though I can't remember what year. I remember my brother asking me if I wanted to go to a friend's party one day and wondering why I hadn't heard about the party before that. So we get there and it looks nothing like any party I've ever been to. It looks like everyone is going to school with notebooks and magazines... "And why is Greg's mom here?" That was my introduction and they were more than happy to let me draft for a guy that didn't show (and hadn't paid his dues). My first year wasn't horrible, but only because I started doing my homework right away, but I was hooked right off the bat. Every Monday morning I'd stop on the way to work and get a USA Today. Sometimes it'd take multiple stops just to find one. My first order of business every Monday was to calculate my scores and those of my opponent. I remember getting FFLM as well for the league and putting it on a floppy so I could update it at work since I didn't have a computer at home. Then finding this place and it was like gold. To be honest, I think the internet and easy access to info is part of what is killing the game. When the info was limited, guys like us had to really work at it to get a leg up. Now all you have to do is pull up sites like this or Google a player's name and get all the latest info. It's made it too easy for everyone and old diehards like us who relished in the research just as much as winning no longer find that challenge that drew us in the first place. It sucked back then losing to your friend's mom who picked their players because they liked the team or your buddy who based his draft off last year's stats that he printed out before heading to the draft, it sucks even more knowing those same type people have teams just as good as yours now with no more effort.
  15. All-Decade Teams

    EJ Henderson was an IDP beast for a while, a tackle monster and Shiancoe may not have been a HoF candidate, but he was pretty good. As Huddlers go, you're talking about guys who used to score their fantasy teams from the USA Today on Monday mornings and who would clamor to buy every single FF and draft mag they could get their hands on as well as both Athlon and Lindy's and pour over every page. I can't count how many hours I spent building my own rankings and draft cheat sheets. I may not know all the offensive lines, but you bet I knew all the rest.
  16. All-Decade Teams

    Wow, that just goes to show how much this place has changed. Most old school Huddlers could name off every single offensive player for every single team. We're only talking about 10 years too. I certainly know every player Gopher listed.
  17. Saint's News

    They weren't helping to cover it up. They were helping with the release of the names. Benson and the Arch Bishop were very close friends and he asked Benson and several other community leaders for assistance in the release of information regarding the sexual abuse that had occurred well before the Arch Bishop was appointed there.
  18. Packers vs Niners

    Yet he's still statistically better than the vast majority of quarterbacks in the league. Top ten in yards per game, #1 in completion percentage and top 3 QBR. The idea that a guy like Brees or Rodgers (notice you didn't say Brady) can't be a Superbowl caliber player is just completely ridiculous. BTW, Brees' QBR remained the same for passes over 20 yds and was actually higher for those over 30 yds and his parents rating was higher for each. Not throwing the ball deep has just as much to do with not having a viable player who can stretch the field as it did having the arm strength to get it there. Brees had never had the arm strength to chunk it 70 yds downfield, but here's still one of the most accurate beyond 20 to ever play the game.
  19. Packers vs Niners

    And somebody in another thread said they didn't think Brees or Rodgers were capable of "getting over the hump" anymore. Just shows how ridiculous a statement like that is.
  20. Superbowl at the movies ??

    I'm not even sure I'm going to watch it at home. NFW would I spend theater prices to watch it.
  21. Titans Chiefs

    Well, he is a black guy so it's possible. 😉
  22. Titans Chiefs

    Had a guy at work today show up in a Titans Jersey. I've worked there 7 years and talk football all the time with various people. Never once heard or seen any indication at all that this guy is a Titans fan or even much of a football fan at all until today.
  23. Garrett done

    Turn on ESPN and it's not hard to understand why. Dallas can be in last place in the NFL and they STILL will dominate air time. When you don't even have to win in order to get that kind of exposure it's not really difficult to stay popular. Take, for instance, the infamous owner of the Dallas Cowboys. The vast majority of NFL fans couldn't tell you who 90% of the NFL owners are outside of their own team, but everyone knows who Jerry Jones is. Does that mean Jerry is the most popular? Does it mean he's the most liked by fans? No, it just means he gets way more exposure than any other owner.
  24. Garrett done

    The Saints are the "Black and Gold" and "Who Dat Nation." You can call yourself whatever you want, but that doesn't make it a real thing. It's just a name you gave yourself. Every NFL team is America's Team, none any more than the other because it is America's game. Having more fans, if you actually do, doesn't make one team moreso America's team than the other. What happens when another team has more fans than Dallas, which likely won't happen for the reason I gave in the other post, are you then going to give up that name? I doubt it.
  25. Garrett done

    I agree, it's popularity. But you also have to admit that popularity was manufactured and it started in the 70's when the Cowboys were actually a good team. They were much better marketed and we're smart enough to get in the pockets of the networks early and as I said, the more exposure you have the more fans you gain. You didn't become a fan of Dallas because you have any ties to the team. You became a fan because that's what you were exposed to and you were drawn to the product they were putting on and off the field. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's still manufactured, just like the name.