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    I hate the Yankees about as much as I hate baseball. In fact, it's probably teams LIKE the Yankees that make me hate baseball. Why watch when the same team wins year after year. It's no fun for all the other fans. thumbs_d
  2. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Been laying on the floor in a pool of your own vomit sweating alcohol? Actually.... frown
  3. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Haven't been around much lately so I thought I'd bump this up to try to get familiar with some of the new faces.
  4. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    I think it's about time to bump this thing again. cool_thu
  5. "Host" the Excel toys?

    I bow to your Excel greatness. take_a_b take_a_b
  6. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    Polk is much much darker than that. Loaf has already been a MH I've never seen h8tank at such a loss for something derrogatory to say other than his nose looks funny...I'm sticking with h8.
  7. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    He looks like he's just been 'be-friended' by his new cell mate.
  8. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    That looks like a H8tank to me. eek! eek! eek!
  9. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Time to bump thumbs_u
  10. "Host" the Excel toys?

    That would be an awesome addition to the site. Esp that FA bid sheet. wink thumbs_u thumbs_u
  11. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Now you got me curious which one got the head_ban the large head_ban or the ex head_ban :confused: The fact that they are large & she is now the ex should = bawling
  12. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    My wife is mad at me year-round. "I thought football season was over" she says. "Yeah, but I gotta start getting ready for next season now." I reply. She rolls her eyes, throws her hands up & walks away shaking her head. loco
  13. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    I plan on bumping it as we go along. cool_thu
  14. What's wrong here?

    On my NFL mock draft post I've used the UBB "code" feature to put in some text items. When I view it at work it looks fine, but when I view it at home some of it's all screwed up.
  15. How about.....

    Fantasy D&D rules! thumbs_u :P
  16. Search feature

    Why does the search never pick up my posts? If I click search & then put in my user number nothing comes up.
  17. I have to agree with you two. I thought OU should be ranked #1, but didn't think they would be due to Miami's clout. ND is only a mild surprise to me. What surprises me more is the line against them this week is +10 1/2. Florida State has not been nearly that good this season.
  18. DMD / WW ... what is the deal with the Search function

    LOL the search engine can't keep up with who you are either. lol
  19. So who wins the National Championship next year?

    I can't stand Looser State U. I'm also a Miss State fan, as well as USM. I've like the Gators ever since I was in High school. Back then when I was taking drafting & design I started to look at schools to go to for my engineering degree. Of course Miss State was an option, but Florida was much more appealing & I'd always liked their football program. But, as with many I wanted to screw around after high school for a year & went to Jr College instead. So I have yet to get my degree. frown
  20. So who wins the National Championship next year?

    U of F!!!! Go Gators!!! brow
  21. Where the Hell is everyone?

    They're all in the NFL forum waiting on your article.
  22. Posts not showing up

    Mine do this sometimes as well, but only in the league forums. If you get out of the forum & go back in they usually show up.
  23. Software error:

    What's the deal guys? This is getting old.
  24. what's up with the main message board..

    :mad: Hate it when this happens. I wonder how many e-mails they've gotten so far. :P