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  1. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    Ok, it’s that time of year again, time for our annual Huddle Awards. Thanks to Blitz for reminding me. For those that are new to the board, as you can probably guess, this is a thread we run each year to determine the best & worst of the Huddle message boards from the past year. Below I will list the categories; the object is to answer as best as you can who or what, you think is the best possible answer for that category. Please try to vote for only one person or item per category. You can, however, vote for the same person or item in multiple categories. The voting will run as long as the thread is fairly active then once voting slows to a halt they will be tallied and posted. This year I’ve made a couple of changes to the categories, I’ve added Best BOTH (Born of the Huddle) League, Best Huddle Article, Best/Worst New Feature, Homer Hero (for best Homer info) & Huddle Heisman (for best College board poster). I’ve also renamed a couple of categories, what used to be titled Best Fantasy Advice Forum Advisor is now the Fantasy Guru Award and what used to be Most Hated is now Least Respected since it’s kind of hard to really hate anyone on a message board but there are quite a few who have lost the respect of a Huddler or two. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Categories:(please include with your votes) *Forum Awards* Fantasy Guru Award – Huddle Heisman - Tailgate Award - Homer Hero - *Site Awards* Best Huddle Game – Best BOTH League – Best Huddle article - Best post/thread - Best Link - Best New Feature - Worst New Feature - *Individual Awards* Best Username - Best Sigline – Best Sigline Acquired From a Bet - Best Avatar - Best Fisherman - Best use of Graemlins - Most Respected Huddler - Least Respected Huddler - Most Annoying Huddler - Most Notorious Post Padder - Who you'd most want to have a beer with - Who you'd most want to talk football with - Newbie of the Year - Newbie Tool of the Year - MVH - Most Valuable Huddler –
  2. Stinky-click-bait-will-not-click. I don't need some stupid article to tell me the Saints have one of the best fan bases in the league.
  3. First Round of the 2019 NFL draft

    Nothing on the two TEs taken? Both seem to be going to pretty favorable situations and for a position that has been relatively thin for a while it could be a nice shot in the arm.
  4. Ingram to the Ravens

    Ingram doesn't have a lot of wiggle in the open field, but he's actually a great reciever out of the backfield. The Ravens would be wise to make use of that. My guess is he's going to be a check down magnet.
  5. Ingram to the Ravens

    This is an odd signing to me. It's not really much more than what the Saints supposedly we're offering and much less than what he was rumored to be drawing in offers. I'm wondering if Ingram was trying to hold out for more when the Saints signed Murray and he lost any leverage he had with the Ravens. Or possibly it was more about playing time and less about money. Either way I hate to see him leave. He means a lot to the Saints and fans both in and off the field. Murray is going to have some big shoes to fill and my bet is the Saints draft a guy or bring in a UDFA. From a fantasy perspective I really don't know what to expect. Edwards looked pretty good towards the end of last season and certainly won't go away quietly. Even moreso I have no idea how Ingram will fit in with their new offense behind Jackson. I have both Edwards and Ingram on my fantasy squad and Ingram is an RFA. If I were looking at him as a bid prospect of have a really difficult time investing heavy, but I'm certain some will see high value there. Murky is a really good way of putting it.
  6. Almost assures Ingram is gone. 🙁 Good news for Kamara and probably Ingram owners though.
  7. Saints sign Latavius Murray

    Murray is going to be a COP, occasional short yardage and closer. I honestly don't think he replaces Ingram's touches 1 for 1.
  8. Any of you in NY City?

    @whomper is a New York guy if it's not too late.
  9. Ravens cut Alex Collins

    Everyone aboard the Gus Bus?
  10. Robert Kraft busted!

    Golem would be a pimp with Kraft's money.
  11. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Starting to see a lot of new faces around here already, just wondering who, what, when, where & why you are. Somebody does this sort of thing every season, figured I'd jump the gun. First word of warning, never take ANYTHING seriously here. Any Vets wanna put theirs in they are more than welcome as well. Example: Who: rajncajn, your friendly neighborhood Saints fan What: Program Analyst by day, SuperHuddler by night. Saints fan always & forever. When: 31 yrs of age. Although Blitz thinks I'm around 50 or so. Where: Hail from the Missippi Gulf Coast. Why: Cuz I'm a fanatic, just like everyone else here. Fantasy Bio: Been playing FF for 7 yrs, been a Huddler for 6. Been on the boards for 5. Didn't take me long to figure out this is the best **** FF site on the net. I'm in 4 leagues now (this is beginning to read like an AA meeting) 1 local 12 team keeper and 3 BOTH (Born Of The Huddle) leagues, one a 16 team dynasty another a 32 team modified redraft, and last but definately least, a 12 team survivor league.
  12. Embracing the dark side

  13. LOL, I'm afraid to ask.

  14. I've added this link back to my sig for everyone's convenience. Let me know if you need help or have any questions. Note that MFL sometimes shuffles leagues from one server to the next and while you wouldn't normally notice this because the regular addy's get forwarded to the correct server, the IP addy's don't. So if your IP addy suddenly doesn't work one day this is the likely reason. Below is the entire context of the thread as of their last update Sept 17, 2004 along with the list of IP addy's. They add new servers every so often so if you still can't get yours to work check back with their thread. Again, the link will be in my sig if you need it.
  15. Rest in Peace Aqua. :(

  16. You know you're a tool if Yukon takes the time to speel it right.

  17. You are my friend :D

  18. rajncajn vs Superballa

    It has come to my attention that a certain Louisiana native has decided to be a bandwagon fan rather than carry the cross that us Saints faithful have for so many years. Upon receiving that knowledge and the prior knowledge that the Saints will be playing New England next year, I have decided to forego my planned bashing of the Pats & baiting Ugly Tuna into another meaningless wager and direct my efforts toward a more fruitful crusade. I challenge thee Superballa to a battle royale, a fight to the death in the Huddle's Gladiator Areana pitting my New Orleans Saints(provided they still exist) versus your...it pains me to say this...New England Patriots. To the winner go the spoils(a weeks sigline) and to the loser, Oblivion. Superballa, I shall see you upon the field of battle.
  19. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    I really didn't mean for this to turn into a sympathy for rajn thread although I do appreciate the well-wishes. I really just intended to kinda let you off the hook since I know you were just kidding around and to explain why I was so quick on the draw. Hughmor is in fact the best medicine & if we can't laugh then we can't live. Speaking of hughmor, if anybody wants a snapshot of the rubber ass we found leave me your email addy & I'll send it to you...it comes complete with mud stains & leaves from the hurricane (or is it? ). We found it under an 8x20 section of deck that washed up against my house in the storm.
  20. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    Yeah I knew he was kidding and I probably did overreact. But when 90% of the people you know, including youself, lose nearly or all of everything they posess including homes, cars, clothes, etc. When family heirlooms lsuch as my Grandfathers burial flag and Purple Heart are lost forever. When you lose ages of history from the place you grew up in, when you lose the majority of the city you and your family have spent your entire lives in, when hundreds of your neighbors, including men, women, children, babies are found dead in attics, in trees under rubble you tend to be a little touchy on the subject. Sure down here we make light of our situation, we joke with each other about things like cleaning up our messy yards, like finding rubber asses under the newfound deck in your yard (yes I did). But it's like family poking fun at each other. It's ok amongst ourselves, but when someone from outside the family does it rubs us the wrong way...kinda like the sight-seers who pass by my house with their cameras as I'm busting my ass trying to clear the debris from my yard. People who obviously are from out of town who just by the look of them you can tell they're there to do nothing but gawk. But now in typing this I realize I'm just venting...it really has nothing to do with what you said alex, just really a bit of pent up frustration.
  21. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    If all you see is a football game then why do you bother watching?
  22. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    Excuse me for being sensitive about the subject, it's not like I was affected by any of it. I should just keep my mouth shut from now on since I can't take a joke...yeah...flip you too.
  23. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    Not sure why you think it's funny to joke about their misfortune, but karma will catch up to you. I pray that you & yours don't have it as bad as the Saints & their fans.