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  1. bump SF WRs?

    Somehow I doubt Welker and Miles Austin will be the catalyst in advancing the current stable of SF WRs to stardom.
  2. anyone have any good SB ticket purchasing tips?

    Always fun to go to a game, let alone the Superbowl. But to be so close as to feel like you're part of the action must have been pretty awesome.
  3. anyone have any good SB ticket purchasing tips?

    Did you at least get to sit in the end zone where the touchdown was scored?
  4. It's not just the Who Dat Nation that doesn't care about this year's Super Bowl I don't think a single Saints fan I know, including those online plan to watch the game. In fact, most bars say they plan on playing the 2009 Superbowl instead and in typical New Orleans style, they are throwing a huge "Boycott Bowl" bash which has already sold out.
  5. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    Just arrived at work. I'll be spending the rest of my evening doing my part in ensuring that the Navy gets a quality product for their sailors. You boys enjoy!
  6. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    Not asking anyone to feel sorry for us. Just saying we should all expect better from the NFL.
  7. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    I have moved on. Moved on from this season, moved on from the Superbowl and moved on from expecting the NFL to respect their fans or even care about fairness and accountability. Looking forward to the draft and hopefully making it right for 2020.
  8. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    I don't begrudge either team for being there, both certainly deserve to be there. I've just completely lost interest. A lot of it does have to do with the way my team lost, but not all.
  9. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    Yeah, whatever. Every fan base has their beer to cry in from time to time. Regardless of the situation with the Saints, this has to be one of the most ho-hum matchups possible. It's Brady and the Patriots, yet again and nobody loves a team that gets taken away from their city, much less one from LA. Pretty much any other option would have better. Brees vs Brady, the two greatest in the game today trying to close out their careers with a championship. Brees vs Mahommes, the old gaurd vs the new kid on the block, MVP vs MVP. I could even see watching Rams vs KC with both up and coming young teams. Regardless of what happened with the Saints, I just really have no interest at all and the league's attitude towards us has really only turned me off more.
  10. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    I feel your pain.
  11. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    You know it. I'll be waiting for your submission.
  12. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    Wow, not even close to the same. 1st quarter of the game and it appeared that he'd held Kamara from jumping for the ball. I thought it was pass interference in real time. It wasn't, but it's certainly understandable how that would get mistakenly called.
  13. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    I'd love to see this debate. Name a call/no-call that was just as bad or worse that kept a team out of the Superbowl.
  14. Who's not watching the Superbowl?

    Lol, you know what I meant
  15. I am tired of the moaning

    The no-call PI aside, was the NFCCC officiated fairly? Debunks the Goff facemask and introduces a few other no-calls.
  16. I am tired of the moaning

    Did you even read the article? It explained why he was wearing it.
  17. I am tired of the moaning

    They nixed a guy's career because someone found a picture of him with a Saints shirt on, but they let 4 SoCal refs judge one of the biggest games if the year. You don't see the issue there?
  18. I am tired of the moaning

    Anybody remember Brian Stropolo? This guy basically lost his job and any hope of his dream of being a full time NFL referee all because someone found a couple of old pictures of him on Facebook with Saints gear on. And that was just at the beginning of the season. The NFL really pissed all over this guy for no reason other than optics and the guy wasn't even really a big fan. If that's such a huge issue, why then are 4 SoCal refs allowed to officiate a NFCCC game? The subjective accountability and pure incompetence is just absolutely astounding.
  19. I am tired of the moaning

    See, I don't even agree with that. That Rams won with what was given them. It's not their fault the mistake was made. If the beat the Patriots then they deserve their championship. What the Saints and the fans deserve is accountability from the league and they are doing anything but. 10 days before the commissioner says a word and only does so because he had no choice. So, instead of doing the right thing and apologizing to the Saints and their fans he sets up a sham press conference blatantly lies about speaking with people in the organization and gives vague answers to softball questions.
  20. I am tired of the moaning

    What does that lawsuit have to do with anything? Nobody in their right mind ever thought it would come to anything, certainly not the case majority of Saints fans. If you want to move on then move on. I think the fans deserve better.
  21. I am tired of the moaning

    NOLA media reporting that none of them were allowed to ask questions during the league address today. Only Jeff Duncan with ESPN, who has a deep seeded hatred for Payton, was allowed to open a scripted question and no follow ups allowed. He also lied about contacting the players. This is such (the really bad word)ing bullmanure.
  22. I am tired of the moaning

    Payton at least has a sense of humor about it.
  23. I am tired of the moaning

    A. The odds are more than "heavily" in their favor. The Saints would have been able to run the clock out and then basically have an extra point for the win. Diminishing that is just making excuses. But honestly, that is not the point. The point is that bad of a missed call should never have happened in the first place, on ANY level of football, let alone the highest level in one of the biggest games. Even under the standard of "letting them play" multiple refs missing multiple fouls, one even dealing with player safety, is completely inexcusable. B. Yes, the Saints botched their opportunities after and the Rams didn't. As I've said before, the Rams did what they needed to win and I'm not taking anything away from that. That still doesn't change the fact that it never should have happened. C. Both teams had fortunate calls and non-calls throughout the game. That's fair as long as it's called evenly and both teams are allowed to play within those rules. That play went well beyond that framework. People keep pointing back to the facemask on Goff. Ok, so what about the illegal hit on Brees when he threw the final interception? Where's his flag? The one called for Brady wasn't nearly as bad. But you don't hear Saints fans complaining about that no-call because they know there's a difference between "letting them play" and what happened with the no-call PI.
  24. I am tired of the moaning

    I think the best way to put it is that this is the highest level of the sport. Players, people, fans dedicate years of their lives and plenty of their money to this sport. They all deserve better.
  25. I am tired of the moaning

    If I didn't know any better I'd say the NFL officiating crew is trolling Saints fans. How could anyone possibly be so oblivious?