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  1. Winslow is now Winthrown

    Alot of teams have clauses in their contracts specifically regarding motorcycle riding which can cause the contract to be voided. Not sure if the Browns do or not? I can't believe some of these guys. Just dumb.
  2. Hello Bettors, Can't always trust trends but I'm going with it this time, and yes, betting my favorite testicle. I see the game totaling 170 to 180. SA under last 6 road games with total between 190-194.5. SA under last 4. Denver under last 3.
  3. Early Predictions

    Lovie Smith
  4. startliing news!

    Holy smokes!
  5. Homer Yes But WOW ... Nice Defense

    I think the Titans can win it all this year.
  6. E-A-G-L-E-S

    I would say it's pretty hard to argue talent. T.O. has plenty of it. When opening day comes he will be lined up ready to play as an Eagle just like every other time he said he would. Remember the Superbowl?
  7. Decision time....

    As if they need another ill child at a Packer game. The stadium is full of them.
  8. E-A-G-L-E-S

    I think Moats is an interesting pick. This kid is money. I saw him play against Hawaii last year and I was very impressed - regardless of the fact that Hawaii had one of the worst defenses...ever... Moats has the build and power to do something at the pro level, but he's just at an overlooked school. Don't quote me on it, but I think he brings a "real" running game to the Eagles, where Westbrook is great, but more for dump offs in the passing game. Moats may prove to be a surprise on the inside when the defenses are spread wide trying to worry about the Eagles laterally.
  9. E-A-G-L-E-S

    Sorry, in my excitement I know, it's REID!!! LOL I'm really a Ravens fan.
  10. E-A-G-L-E-S

    The Eagles had a GREAT draft. I have learned one thing, Never, NEVER under-estimate Reed. They filled every "problem" position with good, solid players. Patterson for Simon, Moats for Westbrook, McCoy for Ike Reese, (That's why a linebacker Prime Cut! McCoy will play special teams like a firecracker!)If any of the above guys try to stay out because of a contract dispute, guess what? Reed says you are NOT going to use any leverage at all, I got you covered!!! You signed a contract, you want to hold out? Go ahead, we'll keep going to the Super Bowl with or without you. The bottom line is that Reed is one smart motherfliper.
  11. Joey Harrington

    I've never really been sold on Harrington & I think Garcia will be starting by week 6.
  12. The Bears Front Office Rocks!

    Look for Rex to break out (if he doesn't break somthing else first).
  13. The Jets' Draft

    Honestly I do not see the Jets making the playoffs this year.
  14. Redskins are out of their minds

    Let me first say that I think the Skins got 2 very good football players.I think Rogers can come in and be a very good #2 right away.But to take those players when the Skins did. With other players available that actually filled bigger needs and who could have had a bigger impact right away is crazy.They got very good players, but they had a chance to fill 2 huge needs. And only filled one. The Redskins are a joke.
  15. Saints Draft Recap

    Saints fans get ready to bring out the paper bag.