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Found 120 results

  1. start

    Who would you start James white or Chris Thompson?
  2. No ppr Right now, I'm leaning towards MVS and Chark. I just don't know how safe of a bet Diggs is with this drama and the Viking's run game, despite the matchup. I'm also projected to win this week by ~11points with whomever I start so I want the safest of the two not necessarily the the biggest boom potential.
  3. Someone said to go Cooks over Jeffrey in my one league. Goes against my gut and Cooks is only player I have in both my leagues. Anyone on who can weigh in within the 5 mins I have to choose?
  4. 2 leagues of 12 team PPR where you start 5 players of RB, WR, and TE but need one of each and the other 2 can be any. First league - Ingram or Cooks (also have Darell Willaims). I'm starting Michael Thomas, Alshon Jeffrey, and Greg Olson. Second League - have an excess of solid talent so this is the tough one. Hopkins is must-start. Was gonna start Carsons and maybe Cooks, and then I'm stuck. Got Eckler, Montgomery and Robinson of the Bears with a juicy matchup...also have DK Metcalf, and could start both Ertz and Austin Hooper for my first ever 2 TE start. Got other high ceiling but low floor players so I'm not worried about them. Also gotta pick Dak or Lamar Miller. Anymore great help like I got last week for each league?
  5. .5 PPR / 2 FLEX QB: Deshaun Watson (vs ATL) RB: James Conner (vs BAL) / David Johnson (vs CIN) WR: Mike Evans (vs NO) / Amari Cooper (vs GB) TE: Will Dissly (vs LAR) FLEX: Marquise Brown (vs PIT) / MVS (vs DAL) BENCH: Matt Breida (vs CLE), Phillip Lindsay (vs LAC), Golden Tate (vs MIN), John Brown (vs TEN), Jaylen Samuels (vs BAL), Phillip Dorsett (vs WAS) I feel like I have to start MVS with Davante Adams out. Is it smart to start both James Conner AND Jaylen Samuels? Phillip Dorsett and Marquise Brown have really inticing match-ups but seems like boom-or-busts. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ok due to a recent trade and an idiot dropping DeMarcus Robinson to add Ronald Jones there are a plethora of quality WRs on the wire. Available are DeMarcus Robinson, DeSean Jackson, MVS, and Sutton. DeMarcus Robinson is the obvious add but MVS is going to get a lot of usage while Adams sits and Sutton is arguably the better season long choice since he gets steady targets and Robinson may not get as much run when Hill returns. So who do I grab? The tougher choice is who to drop. Here is my lineup: RB: Barkley, Gallman, Gordon, Damien and Darrell Williams WR: ODB, TY Hilton, Woods, Tate, J Brown TE: Andrews, D Walker As you can see I have 4 spots taken up by a position I can only start 2 players in which sucks but is necessary for me right now. I got lucky in grabbing D Walker to cover my week 8 bye so I would hate to let go of him. The only other reasonable drop I have is J Brown and I would hate to do that since he is the clear #1 for Buffalo. Is Robinson or one of the other WRs available worth dropping Brown? Is there someone else I should drop instead? My gut is telling me I should get Robinson and that not getting him off the wire while I can is a mistake. @Montana is da Man I know I am always tagging you, I just value your opinion since last year 😉
  7. add/drop

    I'm in a fantasy football ppr league i can add austin hooper and drop michael gallup what do you think?
  8. 8 man league Keeper league (kittle) Picked up Olsen and Dissly Who to start? ESPN ranks Kittle #3 this week, the latter of the two 7&8 respectively. I've been mulling over trading one with either Lindsey or another WR, problem is the other people in my league don't have any major TE injuries or bye weeks to have a need. Advice on who to start and possible trade avenues
  9. I finally got the format downpat (sorry I'm new). Anyways, here in my dilemma. Thursday I made a mistake I'm sure many of you have made and made a iffy start just to spice up my Thursday evening and watch one of my fantasy players in action. The player was Alshon Jeffrey. A regrettable descision, so now I am asking anyone with good lineup advice and fantasy knowledge for help. Here is my scenario... I can start 4 of the players I will name shortly. I am in a 12 team PPR league. I can start 3WR/1RB, 2WR/2RB, or 1WR/3RB. Problem is, I have 4 studs and wasted a spot on the Jeffrey start. So I'm asking for an advice on which 3 of these 4 you would start today for week 4: Dalvin Cook (must start I would think), Brandin Cooks (who had his coming out party last game and has another good matchup and I have a good gut feeling about him this week), Michael Thomas (my first round pick who has the Cowboys and home with Teddy B., but remember its PPR), and finally we have Mark Ingram who is coming off a HUGE game and has the Browns at home. So I need to start 3 of the 4. Again, its D.Cook, B.Cooks, M.Thomas, and M.Ingram. The only other relevant player on my bench is Darrell William's of KC and Alshon Jeffrey and Nelson Aghlor who already played. My QB Brees was injured and I was outbid on waivers so I also have to rely on Mason Rudolph at home against Cincy. I started Olsen over Howard at TE and my kicker and defense Im good with. So anyways, sorry to make this long but I wanted to be detailed when asking for advice. Anyways, any advice on which 3 players to start of the ones I listed (and any other lineup advice) would be greatly appreciated! Hope you all are having a great Sunday!
  10. Who to start ROS

    Who to start ROS Full PPR DJ or Mixon
  11. As the title suggests ive lost barkley and my current RB situation isn't the worst.This league plays on a $200 FAAB waiver, i play in a 10 team .5 ppr league and my current team is: QB: Josh Allen RB:Saquon Barkley, Dalvin Cook, David Montgomery, Miles Sanders WR: Mike Evans, Tyler Lockett, Calvin Ridley,, Tyrell Williams TE: Hunter Henry, Greg Olsen D: Baltimore, Tennessee K: Zane Gonzalez I know i need to build depth to cushion my RB with Byes coming up during the lost of barkley Waiver Wire: Chris Tompson, Wayne Gallman, Rex Burkhead, Gore, jamall williams Should i go for Gallman with about 35-40 FAAB? or someone else? Maybe a Trade for someone like Fournette, David Johnson, Lev Bell, James Conner, Aaron Jones*, PLEASE HELPPPPP!! P.S: I'm also 2-1
  12. Lineup Stragety

    My opponent has Keenan Allen. KA has been going bonkers and they are playing the DOLPHINS!!! There is Rivers on waiver. Would you guys play Rivers to help offset some points from KA? 4pt TD for qb, full PPR My QB is Carson Wentz and I also have eckler.
  13. Have an offer to trade away Dalvin Cook and in return, receive Michael Thomas and Miles Sanders. It's a dynasty league, and could keep Cook for 1 more year. Any thoughts/advice appreciated. Current lineup: Josh Allen Todd Gurley Dalvin Cook Keenan Allen Chris Godwin Jared Cook Tarik Cohen James Washington Vikes Geronimo Allison Dion Lewis Justin Jackson Kenny Stills Ted Ginn Malcolm Brown
  14. Would you guys give up on James Conner and AJ Green for Barkley? I have Singletary, Ingram, Montgomery and Conner as my RB's and Adams, Fitzgerald, AJ Green, D. Robinson, M.Hardman, and MVS as my WR's. Ertz and Hockenson at TE, D. Jones and L. Jackson at QB. I am currently 0-2 with Montgomery playing tonight needing 7 points to get my first win...
  15. Flex Play

    Ok last question at Flex Hyde (HOU vs LAC) or McLaurin (WAS vs CHI) also K Bryant (ATL) or Myers (SEA) kinda coin flip?
  16. Flex

    Flex spot - Barber (TB vs NYG) or Devin Smith (DAL vs MIA)?
  17. Thanks in advance guys! Got alot going on IRL that's got me outta my own head here. Full PPR, yardage bonus for 100 yds(5pts)
  18. start/ sit

    PPR Who do I start at flex Randall Cobb or Frank Gore
  19. Start/sit

    PPR Randall Cobb, Josh Jacobs, Frank Gore need one rb 2 and a flex spot I have Dalvin cook at rb1
  20. Right now we got: Michael Thomas Tyler Lockett Mike Williams (flex) Bench: Tyrell Williams DeMarcus Robinson Am I set correctly?
  21. Team Advice

    Hello friends. Need some advice on my team. I drafted pretty RB heavy and through trades got heavier and better at RB. I think I need more balance but I don't know how to go about it nor if I'm just overthinking it and I'm actually good. Here's my squad: QB: Goff RB: David Johnson, Kamara, Connor, Lindsey, Hyde, D. Thompson WR: Watkins, M.Williams, Tate, Ross, Hardhome, C. Samuel TE: Andrews It's a 2 WR-RB-Flex league. I don't know if my RB's are strong enough to carry my team, or if I should package Connor/ Williams or Ross and try to get an a WR1. I was also thinking in packaging Lindsey, Ross, and Hardhome see if anyone will bite on their recent success and get a WR2. Thanks ahead of time!
  22. Yo yo fellas! Who do I start this week at my flex spot and why: Curtis Samuel or Larry Fitz? Gracias!
  23. Espn 12-Man PPR League Needing some advice on selecting my RB 2 this week Currently: RB1 - Gurley @ Clev RB2 - D. Montgomery @Wsh Bench: P. Barber vs NYG F. Gore vs. Cin
  24. Start Goff?

    Hey guys, Happy Friday! So I got a situation, I'm nervous about starting Goff this week on the road against the Browns. Should I pick up Winston or Cousins in free agency? They both have home games against below average teams and I'm thinking they'll both go over 250 yards and a couple of TDs. Who has more upside? Thanks for the help!