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Found 721 results

  1. QB advice

    Hey guys, Should I start Foles or Jackson as my QB? Thanks! 👌
  2. Only an hour to go and need to make a decision between Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook in .5 PPR? Need points bad as I made bonehead decision and started Phillip Rivers. So Mixon or Cook?
  3. Start Drew Brees or Andrew Luck? My opponent has tight end Ebron to start. Starting Luck should neutralize points by Ebron. Thoughts?
  4. James White (fallen off lately) Or Robert Foster. Lots of targets lately. I could also start CJ Anderson if Gurley sits
  5. Trubisky @SF OR MAYFIELD vs @Cinn I'm leaning toward Mayfield cause Bengals are dead last vs QBs. thoughts.....
  6. Full PPR So I have T.Y. Hilton as my Flex. He's probably going to play even though he's listed as questionable - just like the last two weeks. However, in the case that he doesn't I need to be prepared. I have Damien Williams on the Chiefs or Jamaal Williams on the Packers. Damien shares with Darrel and they have a harder matchup, but Damien has a record of proof. Jamaal rolls solo and has a better matchup, but he has one game of evidence (even though it was against the bears). I'm thinking Damien Williams, but please weigh in on this. It's the finals for the trophy!
  7. I asked about the flex position earlier, but that got me thinking about the rest of my lineup. So here’s my question. Pick three, Diggs, Edelman, Keenan Allen, Damien Williams, Evans. Are they gonna use Allen as a decoy tonight? Everyone is saying they might! I was thinking Diggs Edelman and Williams. But I’d hate to miss out on Allen’s points! Thoughts?! Thanks guys!! Good luck!! Will help in return! @Montana is da Man @Tasandmnm @League_Champion @irish
  8. Start 2 PPR

    Mike Williams Robby Anderson Dante Pettis Tim Patrick
  9. .5 PPR Have elliot and m. gordon starting and need a flex. Also have Adam's so I'd be relying a lot on the packers.
  10. Roster is as follows, QB- Josh Allen, Case Keenum RB- Patrick Lindsay, Melvin Gordon, Elijah McGuire, and James Connor WR- Adam Theilan, Mike Williams, Robby Anderson, Cortland Sutton TE- Vance Mcdonald K- Will Lutz DEF- Vikings, Browns I currently have Allen, Lindsay, Gordon, Theilan, Anderson, Mcdonald, Lutz, and Browns starting. No flex, standard format. I'm more worried about my WR2 spot, any insights are helpful. Thanks in advance.
  11. Who to start in .5PPR championship game? Have Zeke and Kamara and need to fill Flex Spot with either: Joe Mixon vs Browns Dalvin Cook vs Detroit Jamaal Williams vs Jets Who would you start out of these three?
  12. Okay fellas, this one is for all the marbles, and I got to decide who to flex in both leagues! First league is a 10 person PPR, I gotta decide if I want to start Edelman, Evans, DJ (vs Rams-eesh not feeling that) or Damien Williams at flex. Second league is a 12 person PPR, I gotta decide if I want to start Jamaal Williams or Damien Williams at flex. Happy to help in return!! Thanks guys! Good luck this week!! @Montana is da Man @League_Champion @Lunderstorm @irish
  13. Which WR?

    Pettis vs Bears or Hamilton vs Raiders? Thanks!
  14. Pick 3

    For 1st place. Non ppr Pick 3 Philip Lindsay vs Oakland Derrick Henry vs Washington Dalvin Cook vs Detroit Joe mixon vs Cleveland Thank you Merry Christmas
  15. Looking for Advice, I have currently on my roster Melvin Gordian (must start), Damien Williams, Tevin Coleman, Jamaal Williams, Elijah McGuire, and Jaylen Samuels who is in my TE slot. (Yahoo) I can only Start 3 running backs Gordan is a lock so what RB2 and FLEX? Im 50/50 to win so I really need to pick right.
  16. Robert Foster or DaeSean Hamilton
  17. So I have Damien Williams who was amazing last week, but Ware may return. Henry has been on fire the last two, but against the Redskins run Defense is troubling. Tevin Coleman has a solid matchup and with Ito Smith out he'll pretty much get all the attention. Henry plays Saturday so I need to make that decision soon.
  18. Standard scoring. Starting lineups: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, D/ST, FLEX (R/WR/TE), K Roster: QB: Roethlisberger (@NO), Ryan (@CAR) RB: Cook (@DET), Conner (@NO), L Miller (@PHI), Coleman (@CAR), Peterson (@TEN) WR: A Brown (@NO), T Hill (@SEA), R Woods (@ARI) TE: T Burton (@SF) D/ST: JAX (@MIA), NE (v.BUF) K: K Fairbairn (@PHI) Injuries to be concerned about: Conner (questionable), Miller (questionable), Peterson (questionable), Hill (not listed, but his foot has been nagging) Top Flex On Waivers (Filtered By ESPN Projections): RB Z Zenner (vMIN) RB J Richard (vDEN) RB K Ballage (vJAX) WR M Sanu (@CAR) WR R Cobb (@NYJ) Any advice is much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
  19. Made it to the dance but a bit worried with lineup due to injuries/trust factor. Please help set my lineup. PPR 1QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex QB - Goff/Rodgers ?? RB - Gurley/Fournette/Ingram/J. Williams/Coleman/CJ Anderson - I'm thinking Gurley/Fournette/J Williams. If Gurley/Fournette out, ??? WR - Thielen/Juju/Humphries (Start Thielen/Juju) TE - Cook/J. Samuels (RB/TE) ?? Def - Min Wasn't successful getting J Kelly for Gurley handcuff so picked up Anderson. Thoughts on picking up B Mayfield instead? Happy Holidays and thanks in advance.
  20. I am in my league finals for the first time and I need some input about some tough decisions: Which QB? Wilson, Rodgers or Dak? Which Def? Rams or Bears? Flex (it's a 1 pot PPR) Woods, D. Williams, Anderson or J. Williams? Thanks for any input!!
  21. QB Help!!

    I really need the help this week guys!! The below is a combo of guys I have, and people on the wire. League 1 - Cousins, Winston, Keenum, Darnold, or Carr?? League 2 - Goff, Winston, Josh Allen, Keenum, Darnold, or Carr?? I REALLY need advice here!! In both championship games!! I am happy to help in return, just leave me a link! Thanks and good luck!!
  22. Who should I start? B. Cooks or J. Williams? HPPR
  23. QB: I have Cam not confident in him.... Lamar? Darnold? Foles? WR (PPR): I am set with Pettis and Woods but for WR3 im considering picking up Mike WIlliams? or Robby Anderson? to play over TIm Patrick or GOlden Tate D/ST: Texans but maybe drop for Patriots or Chargers? Ill listen to any advice. 13-2 on the season but questioning everything this week.
  24. 1/2point ppr. If Keenan Allen sits, is Mike Williams a must start? Would you start him over Larry Fitz? Even if Keenan Allen plays, would you still start him over Larry Fitz?