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  1. Cooks or Ju Ju

    I’ve been rolling with Ju Ju and benching Cooks because of his poor production. Can I trust Cooks this week? Or stick with the worry of Ju Ju not playing the whole game?
  2. Gallman or Barber?

    Gallman or Barber? Tough times in the championship
  3. Having to bench Gurley, Hunt, Kelce. I have Ju Ju, should I play him or bench him? Concerned about his playing time. I also have no clue who to start at running back. My options are Gallman, Bernard or Barber. Non PPR. HELP!
  4. Need to pick two from Fournette, Jordan Howard, and Dion Lewis. Was sold on Fournette and Howard until I saw James White is unlikely to play. Performance Scoring with bonuses for RBs catching TDs.
  5. Title. Westbrook is on the road in a favorable match up against the 49ers, while Goodwin is at home (obviously) in a horrible matchup against the best defense in football. Tough decision . . .
  6. 1st championship game

    Qb - Stafford or Keenum 2 flex ppr scoring Mixon, hyde, riddick, sanu, Cobb,
  7. Flex advise

    Hi guys, I need to start one of the three in my flex position, non PPR: Robby Anderson VS LAC Jesse James @ HOU Randall Cobb VS MIN What do you think?
  8. Folks thanks to AB hurt what do I do one of these has to sit J.Jones vs. Saints A. Thielen vs. GB JuJu vs. Houston Tyreek Hill vs. Mia teaser Breese or Rivers
  9. Folks thanks to AB hurt what do I do one of these has to sit J.Jones vs. Saints A. Thielen vs. GB JuJu vs. Houston Tyreek Hill vs. Mia teaser Breese or Rivers
  10. I'm in a 0.5 PPR league playing for my first championship. Please help with my lineup! Thanks in advance!!! (Flex = WR/RB/TE) STARTING: QB Tom Brady RB Kareem Hunt RB Jamaal Williams WR Julio Jones WR Josh Gordon Flex Martavis Bryant TE Rob Gronkowski D/ST Baltimore K Gostkowski Bench: RB Theo Riddick WR Cooper Kupp RB Bilal Powell QB Jared Goff TE Delanie Walker RB Aaron Jones WR Dede Westbrook
  11. Flex for the Championship

    Need to pick a flex spot to win the league. PPR -D Johnson @Chicago -P Richardson @Dallas -K Cole @San Fransico Thanks in advance
  12. Which qb would you start? Rivers @ Jets Bortles @ Niners Foles @ Raiders (MNF)
  13. Picked up Bortles to deny my opponent in the championship a good QB (he's the former Wentz owner who is now left with only Jameis Winston). But now I don't know who to start . . . Dak has been really up and down, also scared they just hand the ball to Zeke 35+ times and give him all the TDs. They are playing the Seahawks, and that is exactly what just happened to Jared Goff last week against Seattle. Keenum is playing in a super cold weather game, and might even get benched if the Vikings put this one away early. Bortles . . . can I really trust him in my championship?? I really have no idea who to go with.
  14. WR help

    Having trouble picking WRs this week, with lots of injuries/possible injuries to consider. Which THREE would you start: Tyrell Williams @ NYJ, considering KA13 might be out/not 100% Crabtree @ PHI, with Amari questionable Funchess vs TB, whose D gives up most FPA to WR, but he's not 100% and Olsen is back Bryant @ HOU, with AB out Thielen @ GB I think Thielen is the only clear choice, given Bryant will split looks with JuJu and Crabtree plays Eagles D. I also have Cooper Kupp hanging out with a decent matchup, but Robert Woods is back. Decisions, decisions...
  15. Championship week QB

    Bortels or Stanford PPR?
  16. I, like many, lost AB. I have Thielen, Cooks, Baldwin, Ju Ju and Kupp. Who do you think is 1 and 2 the rest of the year?
  17. Hello guys! Would you rather start Panthers DEF week 1 against 49ers or Bills DEF week 1 against Jets? Thank you! Sincerely a football fan from austria
  18. NFL fans all around, it's nearly that time of the year again! I'm at a bit of a crossroads here in the UK though - I'm struggling to solidify my GW1 starting lineup in the WR department. Though I drafted 7th, I managed to pick up a strong offense in my book (particularly in the RB department) but my WR department does appear to be lacking a little. Davante Adams is a sure starter in my line up but the second WR position is up for grabs and fighting it out are Cameron Meredith and Allen Robinson. Both players have plus points and both come with an element of risk. In an ideal world, Robinson would be straight in my team and gaining some all important yards. In an ideal world, however, he simply WOULD NOT be receiving any passes from the mishap that has been Blake Bortles (or possibly Chad Henne, not that the outcome bodes any better). Then we come to Meredith... He is undoubtedly talented but I am again left in the same position as with Robinson - he doesn't have a solid QB behind him. Do I put my faith in Robinson or Meredith? This is the all important question!
  19. In a 12 team keeper .5 ppr that was just put In place this year . Round does not matter and I'm def keeping crowell . Question is do i keep prosise or Parker? P.s about 14 of the top 35 RB s are being kept . Thanks to anyone on their opinion
  20. We are doing a 10 person league it is 20$. Standard scoring. Only have 3 spots open better hurry quick. Draft is the 20th at 7 central hope to see you there. Email me at 1st 120$ 2nd 40$ 3rd 20$
  21. Christian McCaffrey

    I'm really high on him, and think he could put up RB1 numbers this year. They spent a first round pick, and are trying to think of any, and every way to get him more touches. He's an elite receiver, has incredible game speed, great vision, and possesses one of the nastiest cuts of any player in the league. His biggest knock right now, is the uncertainty of his ceiling with Cam as his QB. Cam's known to be a ball hog in the red zone, and between the 20's will often run the ball himself in a scramble instead of dump it off. Also, that he only had 1 bench press at the combine, so he might not be strong enough for blocking or stiff arms. Good luck trying to catch this guy in the open field. He won't need to stiff arm when he's breaking ankles. I think there's a strong chance with this revamped offense that a lot of these tendencies of Cam's will look to be changed, and I think this offense is going to want to feature McCaffery. They want a return on their investment. He's the real deal, and NFL ready imo. Besides being a product of eugenics, he's been learning football from his father who was NFL vet of 13 years. I think you can get a return on him in the 3rd round as is, and the upside is going to be there. He's a game changer. I think he'll outperform Fournette (who's ADP is ridiculous), Jeffery, A-Rob, Mixon...all guys going around the same range. Edit: yes, I am Christian McCaffrey
  22. I'm in a 10 team league where I'm picking 9th this year (runner up last season). Its a 2 QB league (starter and flex option). I don't have my 3rd & 4th draft picks from trading them away last season but have an extra 6th & 11th pick. Do I draft a top WR/RB with my 1st pick and a QB with my 2nd pick or do I take the top WR/RB with my first two picks then when I'm up again at the 5th pick begin grabbing QBs? What do you think I should do?
  23. You guys know what this means?

    last monday I was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me while she was walking over to throw something in the trash can. Then later I was staring at the wall & when i look over she was Leaning her Head Against her Hand While looking at me & smiling. Then on Wednesday i heard her saying ” i don’t know why he looks at me.
  24. T Lockett vs ARI M Mitchell vs NYJ AJ Green @ HOU J Hill @ HOU Non PPR, just need to fill my flex. Rest of my lineup (for now) is in my sig. I'm leaning Lockett as he seems to be hitting his stride and surprisingly has the best matchup with the ARI DEF giving up 38.2 pts to the WR per game over the last four weeks. I know M Mitchell had two TD's last time around against the Jets, but he's cooled off lately (albeit against two solid DEF's) and I'm concerned about that game getting out of hand early and him not getting the targets. As for AJ, I'd love to just ride-or-die with him as he helped get me to the ship, but he seems too risky coming off that injury against a solid HOU DEF. And, oh BTW, my opponent has L Bell, E Elliott, and L McCoy going this week. He hasn't paid attention all year though, not making a single move since the draft, and still has B Walsh as his starting kicker, with several other duds in his lineup. So I'm thinking I should still win in spite of his studly stable of backs, but if I lose to somebody who doesn't even care to keep an active kicker in the lineup, I might have to hang up my fantasy cleats! Thanks for the help!