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Found 293 results

  1. WR Help!!!!!

    Start 2: AJB, ACooper, DK on waiver: Miller, Slayton, MWill, C Samuel, J Washington
  2. In the championship, have some pretty good options...pick 3 to start: Marlon Mack, Kenyan Drake, Austin Ekeler, Raheem Mostert, Mike Boone, James Conner, David Montgomery. (ESPN standard league scoring)
  3. I need 2 WR and a Flex... who do you got? 1/2 point PPR! The other WR I’m playing is Sutton and I have McCaffrey and Henry for RB.
  4. Which ONE for flex?

    Which one of these guys for flex? (Non ppr league) Gurley vs 9ers or Edelman vs Packers? TL
  5. Which QB ?

    Which QB do you roll with this week ? (Standard league scoring) Wentz vs Cowboys or Cousins vs Packers ? TL
  6. Here is my line-up everyone is healthy so who do I bench? I need some help so that I pick the best line-up ( I am incredibly in the finals even with NEVER picking my strongest line-up) Any advice would be greatly welcome Tnanks
  7. Need WR help!

    Please pick 3 WR. PPR league. Bonus for 100yd receiving. Perriman v Hou AJ Brown v NO John Brown v NE T. Wiliams v LAC Thanks in advance.
  8. 3 WR's for 2 spots, Amari Cooper @. Eagles, B Perriman vs. Houston, Terry Mclaurin vs. Giants at home. Cooper has been up and down and has burned me before but the Cowboys are playing for something this week, Perriman may be a passing fancy or one week wonder but I think he's solid, Mclaurin has been good when he's in there and he goes against a terrible Giants defense. Thoughts?
  9. Championship RB Help!

    Need to choose 2 RBs (set on 1 though) between this bunch. Standard league with 5pt bonus for a 100yd rushing or receiving game. Leonard Fournette - @ ATL (starting) Le'Veon Bell - PIT DeAndre Washington - @ LAC Patrick Laird - CIN Kerryon Johnson - @ DEN (if he plays). Rest of my team is pretty stacked, but I'm playing against L. Jackson, soooo yea.
  10. I need some advice on who to start at RB, TE, FLEX, and DST (Bold = locked into lineup, Italics = thinking of starting). QB: Deshaun Watson (@TB) RB: Chris Carson (vs ARI) RB: Miles Sanders (vs DAL) WR: DeAndre Hopkins (@ TB) WR: DeVante Parker (vs CIN) TE: Mark Andrews (@ CLE) FLEX: Mike Boone (vs GB) D/ST: Baltimore Ravens (@ CLE) Bench RB's: Miles Sanders (vs DAL), Raheem Mostert (vs LAR), Mike Boone (vs GB), DeAndre Washington (@ LAC) Bench WR's: Will Fuller (@ TB), D.J. Chark (@ ATL), Mike Williams (vs OAK) Bench TE's: Mark Andrews (@ CLE), Hunter Henry (vs OAK) Bench D/ST's: New England Patriots (vs BUF), Baltimore Ravens (@ CLE) My hardest decision comes at RB/FLEX, especially now that Boone and Washington will both likely have lead roles with Cook and Jacobs out. The only WR from my bench I think I should consider this week is Fuller because he has massive upside against the weak TB pass defense, but I'm not sure if playing Fuller is the best choice with Watson and Hopkins already starting. I find Chark hard to trust on the Jags offense and coming back from injury, and I feel that the Chargers have too many receivers involved in the passing game to be consistent, although the matchup and his recent play makes him tempting. Miles Sanders and Raheem Mostert both earned lead roles recently and have been playing really well as of late, but I feel with all of the injuries on the Eagles, Sanders will have a bigger role this week. I'm also not sure if I can trust Boone or Washington in the finals, as they are just filling in and haven't played a whole lot this season, although Boone is coming into a solid run first offense and has a pretty easy matchup against the Packers. I'd also like some opinions on my TE and D/ST situation for this week, as I don't want to make any big mistakes during the championship. I feel like Mark Andrews is the safer play as Lamar Jackson's favorite target against a mediocre Browns defense, but his injury is still a slight concern. Hunter Henry has a great matchup against the Raiders and has the potential to go off, but at the same time with all the receiver options his potential for a bad game is also higher. Last week I benched the New England defense to play Baltimore and it almost ended up costing me the semis. I have a feeling to go with Baltimore this week again as I see this as a big bounce back game for them, both with not performing well last game and with losing to the Browns earlier in the season. New England's defense has been god like this season and put up a huge performance last time the Bills and Pats met, but besides last week the Patriots defense hasn't been as good lately and I see the Bills putting up a solid game this week.
  11. I picked up DeAndre Washington (OAK RB) on waivers last night and I'm tempted to start him. Currently Starting Todd Gurley (LAR RB) and Aaron Jones (GB RB). Thinking Rams @ 49ers might turn into a shootout that the Rams need to win to stay alive which might limit touches for Gurley. This is the championship game and I'm already spotting my opponent 15 points in the projections, so looking for a bit of a hail mary to have a shot. TIA!
  12. Pick 2 RB

    Mixon at MIA Gurley at SF Ingram at CLE Boone at GB Sanders at DAL Carson at ARI
  13. Need to start 2 of 3

    Need to start 2 of 3 running backs in standard league Mostert, Fournette or Drake
  14. Start 2 (1 RB and 1 FLEX) Miles Sanders (vs DAL), Raheem Mostert (vs LAR), or Will Fuller (@ TB) Other bench options: D Chark, M Williams, D Slayton, D Montgomery, D Washington, M Boone
  15. Chiefs Bills Saints or Seahawks. Also Mahomes or Winston at QB? Thanks in advance!
  16. Which of these RB/WR would you start for flex spot? Full Point PPR
  17. I got Perriman off waivers, is he worth starting over Christian Kirk? I also have Allen Robinson starting. I know he went off last week but that was when Godwin was drawing heavy he is out and Perriman is out there with another 2nd string receiver. Is he worth throwing in there for the championship game? I could start all 3 and use 1 in a flex but I have Freeman there who has suddenly come alive so I don't want to do that.
  18. I got Perriman off waivers, is he worth starting over Christian Kirk? I also have Allen Robinson starting. I know he went off last week but that was when Godwin was drawing heavy he is out and Perriman is out there with another 2nd string receiver. Is he worth throwing in there for the championship game? I could start all 3 and use 1 in a flex but I have Freeman there who has suddenly come alive so I don't want to do that.
  19. In the finals in my league for week 16. Not sure who to start at QB, Mahomes or Winston and could use some help on which to choose. Also for my WR spot should i got Sterling Shepard or Breshard Perriman. Lastly Flex, Miles Sanders or James White. If anyone could help that would be great! Thank you!
  20. I am finally in my first Championship in my league!! I have been in it 16 years and I am worried that I will make the wrong choices and ruin my first change to finally win my league. Look at my starting lineup and my bench and give me some feedback. Also I can pick up Perriman ( I have the first waiver pick since I didn't use one last week and I was looking to block my opponent from getting him. I would drop Golden Tate). Any and All Advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  21. Started season at 0 - 4, fought back through injuries to make playoffs and now I'm in championship! My team is the one on the LEFT. Full point PPR, I'm looking for feedback and advice regarding the following four points: 1. If by some miracle, we know before Sunday that Dalvin Cook is ruled out, and that Mattiison has a good chance to play, then I will likely put Allison in Flex spot to replace Mostert. If not, then I need to decide who to play in my Flex spot. 2. I'm also dropping Njoku for Perriman, and I'm above opponent on the waiver, so hopefully none of the loser bracket teams tries to take him. If I get Perriman, I will replace Godwin with him in lineup. If not, then I need to decide on a WR to replace him in lineup. 3. I'm not very confident in BAL D/ST vs CLE. I'm saying this as a life long Ravens fan. The browns always give us a problem and they torched us in week 4, scoring 40 points. I know this was before they added Peters, and the defense has improved (last 6 opponents have only 2 teams that scores more than 20), but I am just skeptical to play them. I will edit with potential streamer options soon. 4. Lastly, I'm a bit concerned about Higbee's production vs. a very good SF defense. However, there really aren't many decent options available at TE, and would pretty much be a dice roll.
  22. Trust Conner??

    Do you trust Conner in a Non PPR for tonight? Or Play Deebo Samuel now? Currently up 25 with D. Cook Higbee, Seibert and Flex. They have Zek, R Woods, Diggs, Fournette and Lutz
  23. Options are Siebert which I am lending towards due to possible shootout with ARZ. Bagley, McLaughin, but I worry about these two getting too far behind and not kicking FGs going against MN and NO. Forbath, Baily and Boswell are other options. Any preference? It was pretty slim pickins on the wire. I know Boswell will be in a defensive matchup, not sure I trust Dallas new kicker Forbath and Baily might be ok, but will SD slow them down enough to kick FGs with Cook rolling? Opinions appreciated.
  24. Appreciate the help! Non PPR Do I go with Laird now or wait to do one of the following: Washington even with Jacobs back (not guaranteed to play all the snaps and stay healthy, also has been not great last few games ) Deebo Samuel vs ATL Conner - returning but last time he did he left after a few snaps