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Found 189 results

  1. Pascal vs JAX DEEBO Samuel vs Arizona Ridley @Car (no Hooper) pick 2
  2. Non ppr, standard scoring... Sammy Watkins Mohamed Sanu Emmanual Sanders Sony Michael Which one would you roll with? TL
  3. .5 ppr and need a flex play. Mckissic vs. Cowboys (Ty Johnson expected to play) or Dede vs. Colts
  4. Who to flex?

    .5 ppr Ballage against the bills Mckissic against the cowboys Dede Westbrook against the colts
  5. Who do I bench and who do i start? 1) P. Mahomes (playing against LAC) or D. Prescott (playing against DET) 2) N. Chubb (playing against PIT) or L. Fournette (playing against IND) Thanks
  6. Who has the potential to score more fantasy points Pittsburgh versus Cleveland or Oakland versus Cincinnati
  7. 10 team PPR. My current lineup is: QB - P. Mahomes RB - D. Cook, M. Gordon WR - D. Moore, J. Jones TE - H. Henry But I have three options for flex w/ D. Waller, C. Samuel, and K. Hunt, so if you had to choose who would it be and why?
  8. Jaylen Samuels tonight?

    PPR League... Is Jaylen Samuels worth a shot tonight? (@ CLE) in place of any of these options: Beasley @ MIA Tyler Boyd @ OAK Ertz vs NE James White @ PHI
  9. 10 team PPR league, I am 9-1 (lost last week) and have to play probably what is the toughest matchup of the season this week. I’ve beaten this team before but that was early in the season and he has gotten much more talent since then. My lineup is: QB - P. Mahomes RB - D. Cook, M. Gordon WR - D. Moore, J. Jones TE - H. Henry Flex - D. Waller D/ST - Oak K - Fairbairn His lineup: QB - J. Winston RB - C. McCaffrey, D. Montgomery WR - T. Hill, M. Evans TE - G. Kittle Flex - M. Thomas D/ST - Min K - Prater He also has K. Allen and E. Ebron on his bench while I have options in K. Hunt, R. Woods, C. Samuel, R. Jones II, and C. Kirk. I personally think I may stand a chance depending on Evans performance and if Kittle plays. But is there a better move like Hunt or Samuel at flex or is this the best possible opportunity for me?
  10. Opinion? Sit 1 WR

    Edelman @ Eagles Sanu @ Eagles Godwin @ Saints A. Cooper @ Lions I can also pick Sutton up off waivers. So... Sutton @ Vikings
  11. Second WR start.

    Who would yall start? Im already starting Eldelman vs. Eagles but idk about my second WR. I have Crowder vs. Redskins, J. Brown vs. Miami, or Kirk vs. 49ers. I really dont like kirk this week. I also have my flex filled with Connor.
  12. Pick 2 RB

    M. Ingram @ Texans K. Drake @ 49ers T. Gurley @ Bears T. Coleman @ Cardinals Pick 2 to start. Edit: I have been getting murdered on my choice for RB for the last month. I really need some help!
  13. My top 4 RBs are CMC, Jacobs, Kamara and Bell. Obviously I will leave CMC out of this, because he is playing. Jacobs has been fantastic, and has Cincy this week, so he is in. Now comes the (unexpected) dilemma - Kamara against TB run D (which is the second best in fantasy pts allowed) or Bell against WSH run D (which has allowed the 7th most). Both guys have been struggling this year, so should I just play the matchup? Should I actually sit Kamara and play Bell?
  14. Bench 2 of these guys

    Half PPR Bench 2: Zach pascal vs JAX Tyrell Williams vs CIN John brown @ MIA DJ Chark @ IND Mclaurin vs NYJ bonus round play 1: Ekeler vs KC Phillip Lindsay @ MIN
  15. Bench golladay without Stafford? i can replace him with AJ Brown in a good matchup. also Ted Ginn Jr in a good matchup. thoughts?
  16. With Juju playing, is it worth the risk to play him considering his toe injury could get reaggravated?
  17. Who to start?

    1 pt ppr league I need 1 rb and 1 wr Derrick Henry Devin Singletary Davante Adams Odell Beckham I’m 5-4 and need the win thanks for any input
  18. Who to start?

    1 pt ppr league I need 1 rb and 1 wr Derrick Henry Devin Singletary Davante Adams Odell Beckham I’m 5-4 and need the win thanks for any input
  19. Standard league. Worried about Bell’s injuries.
  20. My league does QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, and DEF. My predicament is my WR, RB and Flex situation. I’m torn about whom to play because of great match ups and Kittle being out giving upside to Sanders. Lineup currently sits: RB-Melvin Gordon (already played) RB-Jaylen Samuels WR-Davante Adams WR-Chris Godwin Flex-Leveon Bell BN-Emmanuel Sanders (All other players are irrelevant for this subject) Anyone care to speculate with me about their thought processes on the matter?
  21. Dwelley vs SEA Gesicki @INDY Howard vs AZ Currently I have Gesicki. Howard has been disappointment but Arizona is extremely horrible covering TEs. thoughts?
  22. I got D.Hop on a bye. Should I roll with.. Zach Pascal vs Dolphins (been good but Brissett is out) or Robby Anderson vs NYG? Thanks
  23. Standard scoring have to start 3 WR. Starting Evans vs Arizona and Allen robinson vs Detroit. Do I start Christian Kirk vs Tampa? Or DJ Moore vs Green Bay?
  24. If I know by tomorrow that Kittle isn't playing, should I start Gesicki or Kittle's replacement, Dwelley? Thanks
  25. Which D to Start

    Which D should I start this week? Bills vs. Browns 49ers vs Seahawks