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Found 242 results

  1. Hello guys, I traded an RB for a WR Friday night, and the trade will process Tuesday morning at 2AM. I had 5 WR before the trade (ESPN allows 6 maximum WR per team), but, on Sunday before game time, I needed a WR so I dropped a D/ST for a WR, putting me at the maximum of 6 WR on my team. Will this cause my trade to not process? Here I am, a day later, unable to drop the WR I added yesterday. Please help! Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone, Long time reader, first time making an account and poster. Here's the trade (12 team re-draft league- QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE-TE-WRT-QWRT): Team A receives- Mark Andrews, David Montgomery, Stefon Diggs, Chase Edmonds Team B receives- CMC, Ronald Jones, Trey Burton Problem- Every year these two teams connect on a similar trad, with team B always primarily ending up with the way better deal. Year after year. Now in all my years of playing fantasy, multiple leagues, I have never once vetoed a trade. Since this happens year after year, it seems to get swept under the rug, and team A just plays it off like he's a joke (Team A has made playoffs maybe once in the past 5 years if that). I just want to make sure my vision isn't clouded due to past transactions between these two. As impartial parties, can anyone confirm whether you feel this trade is vetoable or not. Thanks a bunch- hopeful to be more active on this site now.
  3. Trying to better this team, maybe make some trades. Any advice would be great! Im open to trade anyone to get better. Currently 4-2. QB Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers RB Nick Chubb, Matt Breida, Derrick Henry, Malcolm Brown WR DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, John Brown, Calvin Ridley TE Mark Andrews, TJ Hockenson K Robbie Gould, Matt Gay DST Packers, Panthers We must roster 2 QB, 4 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 K, 2 DST. We play a flex, and score 6 pt pass/receive TDs. 1 pt 10 yards rush/receive. No PPR. Thanks guys
  4. Should i take this guys? Galloday has been on a tear.
  5. C. Godwin trade

    Thoughts on this proposal because his team is lacking in 2 of 3 positions? I want to offer T. McLaurin, H. Butker, Bills defense for C. Godwin
  6. I would give: Russell Wilson ( I have Brees and J. Allen on the bench) Julio Jones (I have Davante A, Robert Woods, Tyler Boyd, Mike Evans and Robbie Anderson) Aaron Jones ( I have Saquon, Chris Carson and Melvin Gordon) I get: Pat Mahommes Nick Chubb Michael Thomas Is it worth the gamble (Wilson is the #1 QB) I have to make the deal by tonight.
  7. So. I have played Fantasy for years, but have rarely made trades. Right now I am 6-0 (likely 7-0 because I played against Mahomes/Kelce/Lindsay), and I am trying to secure my playoff run. In general, I don’t know what I should do to improve my team. I can tell that my RB’s are weak, but do I do trades like Montgomery/Brown for Josh Jacobs? I mean, what should I look for? What is your advice? *Didn’t mean to put Cook on my bench. Note he is on my team.
  8. I just lost Dissly and also need a legit WR since I'm stuck starting Jeffrey and Jones each week. Which Mixon deal would you feel comfortable making if any? Mixon for Henry Mixon and AP for Juju RB's include: Breida, Conner, Mixon, AP, Duke, Hunt, M Brown Wr's include: Jeffrey, Jones, Tate League is a 14 team .5 PPR league I can pickup Dorsett, Howard, or Pettis if needed
  9. Ok so I'll start by telling you I have David Johnson. and the other guy wants D.Hopkins because he's got Watson at QB. the offer is..... i send him DeAndre Hopkins and Ito Smith. he sends me Curtis Samuel, Edmonds (David Johnson's backup), and AJ Green. i feel it's really valuable to have David Johnson's backup since he's always banged up. And Hopkins hasn't done much. should i do it?
  10. I want to float a couple of trades and wanted to get your thoughts on these 2 potential options: 12 team - 1pt PPR league - Record (5-1) My current roster is: QB L Jackson, R Wilson RB D Cook, N Chubb, A Jones, D Montgomery, A Mattison WR C Kupp, OBJ, J Edelman, D Chark, S Diggs TE H Henry Trade 1 I give Russell Wilson, Aaron Jones, Stephon Diggs, and Hunter Henry I get Julio Jones, Zach Ertz, and Tevin Coleman. I would also pick up Daniel Jones off waivers (for playoff week matchups) Trade 2 I give L Jackson, A Jones, S DIggs I get Saquon Barkley and I pick up Daniel Jones and DK Metcalf off waivers.
  11. So im in need of RB help and I saw a guy in my leauge is in desperate need of a TE. I was thinking about sending him Ertz and Tate. What yall think? who would yall send? QB's - Allen and Brissett WR's - M/. Thomas, D. Adams, G. Tate, M. Gallup RB's - Damien Williams, Breida, A. Eckler, M. Brown, and Jay Ajayi (just in case he signs and starts) TE's - Ertz and Herndon
  12. I’m trading away freeman kipp and singletary getting Odell Beckham Chubb and David Montgomery would give me chubb cook and zeke Odell golladay Golden Tate Gallup thoughts ?
  13. I’m trading away freeman kipp and singletary getting Odell Beckham Chubb and David Montgomery would give me chubb cook and zeke Odell golladay Golden Tate Gallup thoughts ?
  14. My team as of right now (in a PPR league) is: QB: Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen RB: Dalvin Cook, Melvin Gordon, Derrick Henry, Kareem Hunt, Carlos Hyde WR: Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, DJ Moore, Robert Woods, Christian Kirk (dropping for claim on Fuller) TE: Henry, Waller I fill out the kicker and defense week to week and recently acquired Jones and Mahomes. I still feel like I need more depth at WR or RB but I’m not sure if I should make a trade for a stud WR (or RB) or if I should try and keep my talent and pick up FAs.
  15. Gurley for what

    Trying to decide if I should offer this trade: Receive - Todd Gurley Trade - Darren Waller, Carlos Hyde Rest of roster as of now is: QB - Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen (for now) RB - Dalvin Cook, Melvin Gordon, Derrick Henry, Kareem Hunt WR - Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, DJ Moore, Robert Woods, Christian Kirk Rest of roster is week to week but I really want Gurley to help sure up my RBs because I have confidence in him. Should I make any changes to this or does this seem like a good trade?
  16. I have been offered Chubb and kupp for freeman and kupp my wrs kupp golladay Gallup Moore Golden Tate rbs zeke cook singletary freeman
  17. My current roster below, the trade proposal is get: Zeke, Mike Evans and Hockenson for Give: D Freeman, Hopkins and Kittle Its 12 man PPR thoughts ??
  18. Mixon/Juju Deal

    Would you deal Mixon and AP for Juju? This is a .5 PPR 14 team league. RB's include: Conner, Breida, Mixon, AP, Duke, Hunt, M Brown WR's include: Jeffrey, M Jones, A Tate, Pettis
  19. Alvin Kamara for Aaron Jones

    Yoooo so I just got offered Alvin Kamara for Aaron Jones straight up. I’m 5-1 and Aaron Jones has done well by me but with Aaron Jones seemingly in a sort of carry-share with jamaal Williams and how good Kamara is, I can’t help but want to do this trade... I am worried about Kamara not playing this week, but with all the byes I have this week I probably won’t win either way. Thoughts?
  20. I lost W. Dissly to a season ending injury and the waiver wire did not offer much. My current roster for 10 team .5 ppr is listed below: P Mahomes M. Thomas T. Lockette (traded) K. Johnson T. Coleman Vacant (TE) C. Sutton (flex) H. Butker Buffalo (def) Bench: J. Conner F. Gore MVS T. McLaurin J. Brissett San Francisco
  21. Amari cooper

    Should I trade Amari Cooper for Dk metcalf and Alshon Jeffery ? Cooper has a tough schedule and i already have Gallup
  22. Need help on a trade

    12 team PPR I give up David Johnson, Scary Terry and Olsen He gives up Chris Carson, Travis Kelce Is this an over pay? My team RB David Johnson, James white, Jordon Howard WR Terry, John Brown, Tate, Sutton, Watkins TE Olson, Knox (Just for this week with Olson bye) I had a pretty bad draft (thanks AB and Howard) and a couple trades that didn't work out in my favor which is why my roster isn't the best His Team RB Carson, Sony Michel, Cohen, Williams, Myles Sanders WR Juju, Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, Ridley, Cooks TE Kelce Basically am I overpaying? Or should I ask for a little bit more like a cooks or a cohen?
  23. Accept or Decline

    Should I accept this trade: Trade - T.Y. Hilton Receive - Patrick Mahomes, Robert Woods Rest of roster is: RB - Dalvin Cook, Melvin Gordon, Derrick Henry, Kareem Hunt WR - Tyler Lockett, Julio Jones, DJ Moore, Christian Kirk TE - Hunter Henry, Darren Waller Rest of positions I fill out week to week.
  24. 0.5ppr I'm trading Amongst 2 Teams and this is what's happening. Do these trades benefit my team? 1st Trade I send Will Fuller or David Montgomery For Hunter Henry 2nd Trade I send Juju & Evan Engram For Cooper Kupp & Philip Lindsay My Team We start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 Flex, 1 TE WRs: Adams, Juju, G. Tate, Metcalf, Fuller RBs: Breida, Coleman, Jacobs, Singletary, Montgomery TE: Engram
  25. I have Kamara, and honestly I am not sold on him. I also have two TE that are good (Andrews and Henry). My team is 6-0, and I am looking for good playoff matchups and to have a performing team in the meanwhile. I want to trade Kamara and a TE for Saquon (who has easy playoff matchups) and an ok WR. My trade partner just lost Dissly and doesn’t have anyone else. What do you think? Am I selling low?