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  1. Football Genius is up and running on the App Store: Please download this game to your iPhone, and if you like it rate it five stars and write a positive review in the App Store! It allows you to play along with games live and compete on a play by play basis. There is nothing else out there like this. There is a payout after every drive and every quarter. Real money to the top three points winners for every drive and quarter. That is over 80 chances to win cash per game. Please feel free to pass along to friends to sign up to play this game. This weekend the app is running all 4 playoff games.
  2. Winston fumbled on 1yard line, ball rolls into end zone and is recovered by Evans. Why did Winston get credit for TD in stats?
  4. Lineup Help

    First off, I don’t really know that much about football I’m just trying to beat my football fanatic friends. Are there any last minute changes I should do? What area of my team is particularly weak? Lastly do you think my team will win this week? Sorry if these are weird questions lol
  5. Keenan Allen or Alshon?

    Alshon Jeffrey or Keenan Allen. Who you want ros?
  6. Package Jordan Howard

    One of my league mates is showing interest in Jordan Howard. I've shopped him all season as I feel I can afford to lose him. He offered Alex Collins straight up and I declined simply because they are equal imo. (Both have terrible ypc and sharing a backfield). I am of the idea that Howard doesn't fit with Nagy's offense. I'm not with the idea that Cohen is better. But the latter doesn't matter if the Nagy doesn't use him. RB: M. Gordon, Sony, Breida (dude doesn't get enough credit), Clement, Ito. WR: Boyd, J. Gordon, Baldwin, Ridley TE: Trey Burton, Uzomah Players he has I am interested in: Kerryon, Golladay, TY, Aaron Jones, and A. Brown. Really want TY. What are your thoughts on realistic packages? This guy is reasonable and sees something in my second round Jordan Howard that I have given up on. TY is the goal. NERVOUS to add Ridley in the deal. (Traded Royce for Ridley after week 3.) Trey Burton is on a sell high for me too. So a Howard/Burton package is something I would do. Tell me if I'm wrong. I am 1-5 coming off my first win. Standard league Thanks guys. Sorry for the long text, but I like to put all the details out!
  7. I started him and still ended up winning thank god. Know others had a different outcome cause of him. Was wondering what happened as everyone was high on him all week and then this other rb Motsert showed up last night
  8. Started off hot scoring in the top three each week now I’m 3-2 w/ 2 low scoring losses. Roll players aren’t producing & starting to look not valuable at all & I really don’t want to give up my studs. Should I ride it out & play waivers or should I be panicking? 6 wins pretty much guarantees the playoffs. League is ppr , here’s my lineup.. Deshaun Watson M Evans E Elliott C Thompson Q Enunwa K Stills C Rogers L Fitzgerald J Graham D Westbrook N Agholor Buck Allen M Valdez’s Scantling Bal defense Ten defense
  9. Should I trade Antonio Brown for Cooper Kupp and Fournette
  10. Need Help with QB's

    I am in a two QB league and wondering who i should start this week. I have Drew Brees, Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith. Im leaning towards Brees and Smith ony because i don't want two QB's who play eachother this week (i.e. reasoning not to play Tyrod) Only thing holding me back is that saints d seemed awful last week which leads me to want to play Tyrod... Please provide some input
  11. David Dorey....PHI beat ATL 15-10 not 25-10
  12. 2keeper league my other keeper is Zeke. no round penalties. i was leaning towards Julio Jones but the upside that Watson has its too good to let go. i have the #1 pick as well so my RB's are set. i need advice on this.
  13. WWE Lovely Divas

    1. Nikki Bella Bella is a two-time WWE Divas Champion. Nikki Bella is one of the hottest diva who rises’ the temperature with her hotness. She is an ideal make sense of to look, the reason why WWE’s superstar John Cena can’t keep his eyes and hands off her. 2. Brie Bella Nikki's sister Brie Bella is nothing not as much as an attractive diva. The way she keeps up her figure is commending and well, a treat to look out for. Her relationship with Daniel Bryan portrays. She is a dedicated lady yet that doesn't mean she is less attractive. 3. Paige Fair skin, dark black hair and a killer smile…whoa, this lady has got it all. She is a brilliant performer in-ring and her tactics are amazing. While watching the WWE match, you must check out all the men starring at her. 4. Sasha Banks She is a cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg, who merits watching when she's in the ring. She is brilliant and her shaking symbol and haircut completes her in all the way. 5. Lana Her tough competition with Summer Rae proved that she is indeed strong and sexy. She is Rusev Valet’s fiancée in real life and a woman who speaks her mind and stands for her words and choices. 6. Eva Marie Eva Marie who is known for her red hair and better believe it, her catchphrase is prominent excessively i.e. "All Red Everything". Her body is not simply eye-snappy but rather she can be the diverting element as well. 7. Maryse She is one of the hottest diva in WWE right now. She is married to Miz and is making appearances on stage, which is good for the viewers.
  14. What should I do? Kenneth Dixon got 9 carries last week and is supposed to surpass West soon. I was thinking about getting him for the chance of him breaking out. He is playing Cleveland on Thursday night and should get plenty of garbage time. Is it worth dropping Maclin or Powell for him? I don't need him for Thursday he will not start for me but it's just for a stash. Any advice? 14 Man Standard League. My Team: Russel Wilson Lamar Miller Doug Martin DeAndre Hopkins Mike Evans Jeremy Maclin Delanie Walker Eagles D Lambo Bench: Booker, Rashad Jennings, Bilal Powell, Jamies Winston, Moncrief, Steve Smith Sr., Dion Lewis
  15. Hey guys Standard ppr 14 man league. I would be giving away Merideth for Powell. Do you think this is a good idea. In my opinion Forte will slow down or get hurt and Powell will have his chances. With cutler back and a bye and harder scheldule I do not believe in Merideth. I have no specific need that is why I did not include my Team. Although I am more needy of a rb
  16. Hey guys, I was thinking of buying Terrance West for Cam Merideth and Rashad Jennings because he is now the starting ravens rb. Is this a good idea. Tell me what I should give for him. I am not going to include the other players team because I don't want any of his other players. Standard 14 team league My Team: Russel Wilson Lamar Miller Doug Martin DeAndre Hopkins Mike Evans Jeremy Maclin Delanie Walker Eagles D Lambo Bench: Booker, Rashad Jennings, Cameron Merideth, Jamies Winston, Moncrief, Steve Smith Sr., Dion Lewis
  17. Hey guys, I was thinking of buying Diggs cheap because he has been injured and not been doing good. Is this a good idea. Tell me what I should give for him or any of his players. Standard 14 team league My Team: Russel Wilson Lamar Miller Doug Martin DeAndre Hopkins Mike Evans Jeremy Maclin Delanie Walker Eagles D Sturgis Bench: Booker, Rashad Jennings, Cameron Merideth, Jamies Winston, Moncrief, Steve Smith Sr., Dion Lewis His team: Phillip Rivers Duke J Derrick Henry Lacy(IR) Carlos Hyde Diggs Benjiman Hilton Jeremy Hill Jacob Tamme Davante Parker Z. Zenner Sanu John Brown
  18. Quick question both are available. I would pick up Dion Lewis but when Starks comes back he may be the lead back. Any Advice? I can hold on to them I'm not in any need of a rb right now. Also is a Standard 14 man Leaguer Thanks in Advance
  19. Standard 14 man league. After Jay ajayi taking the starting role from Arian Foster I decided to trade him out fast for booker. Booker has been seeing a increased role in Denver. Do you think this was a good choice if something happened to Anderson, Booker would easily take the starting role. Any opinions? Thanks in advance
  20. What is a catch?

    Based on past trends ... how the heck is that ball caught by Beasley a TD? He was going to the ground? How is that different than Dez's catch/no catch?
  21. My team has been battling injuries and byes. I am in a standard 14 man league. At rb I have Lamar Miller already and I have Cameron Merideth at Flex. Hopkins and Maclin also at WR Foster says he will decide pregame if he will play against The Steelers! Jennings will get looked at before the game but should start against Ravens! Forsett should split touches with just Zack zenner against the Rams! What should I do I have to make my decision soon?!?! Thanks in advance! Right now I have Foster in if nobody responds to nothing changes.
  22. Current IDP rankings wouldn't suck. No more Watt, no more Bowman, bring the goods Huddle! Stop resting on your laurels!
  23. Full ppr KR 10yds= 1pt. PR 10yds= 1pt. TD=6 Fuller has been returning kicks. Will Cooks rebound? I have QB Flacco/Palmer RB L. Miller, Gore, G. Bernard, K. Dixon, B. Powell, D. Washington WR Fuller, Green, Landry, J. Brown, R. Cobb TE Pitta, Bennett I'm 2-2 in the league.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm really torn between Deandre Hopkins and Jarvis Landry for my flex this week. My 2 starters are AJ Green and Brandon Marshall. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts.
  25. Thoughts on Watkins wk3? Bills never lost to AZ in buffalo and considering the coaching change and long rest, wr3 spot? Wr strength is lacking - V. Cruz, s. Diggs, e. Decker, g. Tate along with Watkins. My flex spot is filled. Who would you lineup for wk3?