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Found 19 results

  1. When a stat change was implemented and Avonta Maddox was credited with a sack on the last play of the game in the Eagles/Washington game this week it caused me to lose a semi final game. On the play, Dwayne Haskins is clearly attempting to pitch the ball backwards to keep the play alive. If it had gone forward, it would have been ruled an incomplete pass. The announcers state "he flips the ball away" .. "trying to hope something good happens". If he was in the grasp, and recorded as a sack, then it shouldn't have been ruled a fumble. It clearly wasn't a strip sack. Terrible stat change.
  2. Ummm. What the fricking frick? Well. It looks like I started literally all the wrong players. Great.
  3. So all year mainly the second half of the year I been destroying. I started slow losing the first two weeks then I won out the rest. Well this week I played the first round of the playoffs and played the number 6 seed. Well all of a sudden my team manures the bed and I lost in the first round 92-135. The guy I went against had such an up and down team. I had Connor hurt, Thielen hurt, Coleman, J. Brown, and Deebo with a bad matchup. Also, sat Ravens def. with them playing 49ers.
  4. I have no confidence in Hopkins this week. Thomas did nothing last night. However, I do like that my opponent has Chubb going against his own defense. What y'all think? I was considering replacing seibert with badgley and possibly replacing Rams defense with chiefs at home vs raiders?
  5. So im playing my brother in law this week. Win or lose I shouldn't move on my playoff position I am locked into 3rd place right now on the easier side of the bracket. But for bragging rights yall think I can pull this win off tonight? Im down 72 to 91 (rough week for me). I have Lamar Jackson left and he has Mark Andrews left.
  6. I benched Deshaun Watson and started DP this week. I'm thinking of keeping Watson on the bench probably for the ROS or based on match ups. Thoughts?
  7. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I was stupid and started Aaron Rodgers again this week instead of Cousins (7.86 pts to 25.9). I'm down almost exactly 20 pts and I have Emmanuel Sanders and Tevin Coleman going on Monday. My opponent has nobody. Do I have a legitimate chance? (.5 PPR)
  8. I'm up 13 points. I have Chris Carson tomorrow and my opponent has Garappolo. Not PPR 6 point passing tds no bonuses
  9. Who would you rather have on your team going forward and does Andrews have any trade value?
  10. Dallas Goedert (TE)

    Is he worth a roster spot in a 10 team league? He's trending in the right direction and Ertz is starting to generate some concerns.
  11. I'm down 18 points. non-ppr. my opponent is finished and I have Whalton and JuJu tonight. what y'all think?
  12. 10 Team, 0.5PPR, 1QB/2 RB/3WR/1TE/2 FLEX Dynasty league Give: Diontae Johnson, 2020 4th Get: Dede Westbrook, 2020 2nd My team is in a rebuild. I feel like this looks like I should obviously do it, but I'm not completely sold on Dede. Feel a little nervous giving up the younger talent who has shown some pop for the 3 year vet who has consistently NOT lived up to the hype. What do you think?
  13. After losing by 6 against an top 15 team in Austin I think they could sneak into the top 25 because they could fesabley go 10-2 down the stretch and make an high ranking Bowl because only 4 teams are looking good in the big 12 and a couple low ranking teams lost but maybe they keep them out for an other week since they lost as an formalaity but I think they are dark horse big 12 contenders I would also keep an eye on them for the next couple of years because they are a very young team thoughts?
  14. Pat Mahomes

    He's real good. That is all.
  15. I know it was the Buccaneers last week but I saw something in this defense. Are they worthy of a shot to plug in on a fantasy team?
  16. Another player in my league who's in the opposite division sent me a trade request about 2 1/2 hours ago.Here's his trade offer. Please let me know what you guys think about his offer. I will also attach screen shots of the rest of my roster as well as his. That way maybe you could be so kind to offer suggestions to sweeten the transaction. Thanks guys!!! My Players: Philip Rivers, QB Travis Kelce, TE For His players: Lamar Jackson, QB Mark Andrews, TE ^My current roster *except I traded Anthony Miller Chi WR for John Brown Buf WR* I'll receive him on the 10th via a trade that already went through^ ^His current roster^
  17. I got a request to trade DJ Moore for evan engram, I have njoku as a te so I'm not drastically in need but it would be a much welcome improvement. I've got a couple wr like amari cooper and fitzgerald, tyrell William's, Mike williams so I'm feeling like this would be a player I could do without. Need a second opinion though
  18. $10 ESPN Eliminator Pool Join group "Bonus Survivorator" 200 Player Max Payouts: Survive Week 10 Earn Entry Back 1st Place(s) Split Remaining Pot Group Password Sent Via Email With Leaguesafe Receipt ESPN Eliminator Group Link Leaguesafe Payment Link Group Password Sent Via Email With Leaguesafe Receipt Email with questions. Let's fill this pool! $10 Will add weeks of fun to the season!