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  1. Let me first explain what I have - In my basement I have indoor grill with a chimney. The grates are stationary and I can move the coals up and down maybe 8-12 inches and it is probably 24 inches wide. I was trying to think of a way to smoke a pork butt or a brisket but not sure how to do it and have some questions. Here are my thoughts then questions. Was thinking of getting a good hot fire going with charcoal and then searing each side and then moving coals to one side and cooking the pork butt low and slow on other side of the grill. I also have mesquite chips and apple chips so was thinking of soaking them and throwing on the coals to get some smoke. Questions: If nothing is covering the meat would it get a smoky flavor? Do I cover with something - maybe tinfoil and have it tented so some smoke and heat gets in? Woudl it be difficult to get the entire pork butt cooked evenly again I don't have it covered so I guess ame question do I need to cover it? What temp do you cook at and how would I know what temp the heat is around the meat? Could I just buy some thermometer and place it by the somehow? Do I use a dry rub or mop or something to keep it moist? Is my idea even worth trying? I have tomorrow off and will be doing yard work and only have gas grill for outside and thought this may be something interesting to try??? Pork Butt or Pork Shoulder or Brisket or ????? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I know - go buy a BGE.