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Found 25 results

  1. proposed amendment to rule: 5.3: Injured Reserve: Each team will have two (2) injured reserve slots. strike verbiage: Once a player is designated IR by a team, he will not be able to return to active duty for the duration of the current season. insert verbiage: (A dynasty owner is required to reactivate or drop any player an owner has placed on a dynasty IR list. If that NFL player has been reactivated by that players NFL team, subsequently being removed from the NFL's official IR list NOTE: A Subsequent roster move may be required so that the maximum roster limit is not exceeded as oulined in rule 5.1). An IR player may be released, however his IR designation stays with him insert verbiage: (if he is still on the NFL's official IR list) whether he is acquired by another team through free agency or trade. The new team must make room for the IR player on that team’s IR squad insert verbiage: (or active roster). Each owner also has the option of waiving the injured player outright (before sending him to IR), thereby sending him to the free agent pool, or simply riding out the injury. A player must be listed as strike verbiage: “out for season” insert verbiage: “injured reserved (IR)” in the NFL Injury Report before he may be placed on IR. (In other words, this is a true IR squad and may not be used to simply hold on to players you don’t wish to play who are not injured.) There are exceptions to this rule. In some cases, a player may not be designated "out for season" but is effectively out for the fantasy season. Cases like this will be handled on an individual basis and will be decided by the commissionership. I would also propose dynasty owners have 3 days from the day the player is activated by the NFL to activate the player to their roster. If that player is not activated to the owners active roster within 3 days said player will be released from their dynasty team and sent to the free agency pool. Contract rules for for a team owner releasing any player(s) shall apply. This is open for discussion & changes, opinions are welcome! If you don't have any edits to the above changes please vote "for" or "against" the proposed rule change.
  2. Looking to fill a second league for 32 man Dynasty, this is a start up. 50 Dollars buy in, top 3 places get money, top place will also get a class ring designed by the winner. Both leagues maybe included in a grand champion type of award (a custom WWE/Sports belt)but ring and if voted on, the belt,are waivable. Ran on MFL, will use LeagueSafe. IDP format, points are balanced so top QB AVG is roughly 25 points, but a Top Safety avg is 25 for a more robust, technical draft and giving value to Defenders, TEs were balanced with a boost as well Breakdown 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR 1 TE 1 SuperFlex, 1 DT, 1 DE, 1 LB, 1 CB 1 S, 1 DefFlex. 30 player roster AFC and NFC conferences will draft separately, so 2 16 team drafts. AFC will have a full draft class to draft from, and NFC will have a full roster to draft from. Meaning 2 Saqoun Barkleys in the league. Once initial draft is done, you can trade as you see fit, however you cant have the same player on your team, he could end up in your division however. Due to CoVid we dont have a draft date set yet aiming for mid july or early august but all parties will need to be paid up for draft order and draft, no payment means you will be replaced. If I get alot of interest in this format, and can get 32 others that want in after I get my 11, I'll commish a 3rd league. League rules are here I'll contact you in PM for more of your information. I also ran a test league last year, I'll pm that info after work as well if you want to see how the test league ran in 2019 2019 test league
  3. Hi everyone! I am a sports journalist based out of LA currently doing a piece on the wild world of loser punishments and side bets in fantasy sports, predominantly football. I am hoping to hear as many stories from you all as possible sharing and recounting the worst bets and punishments that owners in your league or leagues you know about have had to do. If you are based in LA as well, please let me know and I would love to do an interview with you for TV! Thank you all so much I look forward to hearing all the stories you have! P.S. Losing in my league has caused me to piece my ears for the season so I am (unfortunately) well versed in this area.
  4. Hey everyone. I’m hoping you guys can help make some sense of the waiver rules in my Yahoo league. I’ve been commissioner for 7 seasons and thought I had a handle on it but apparently I don’t. I have it set on “Weekly rolling list based on standings”, Weekly Waivers set to “Sunday-Tuesday”, and Waiver Time set time “2 days”. This has me baffled. Yesterday one manager tried to pick up Kareem Hunt Who was a FA just before the game started but got a message saying “player unavailable” (or something to that effect according to him). Then shortly after the game started another manager was able to pick him up. Can anyone explain to me why he was unavailable before the game but became available after? Thanks!
  5. Collusion?

    There’s a guy in our league who hasn’t adjusted his team since week 2. His record is 1-9 and teams are sending him trade requests. The LM has blocked a couple because they were too lopsided but there are some that are fair. I have a suspicion that he joined the league to help his friends win. He always accepts their requests but declines the rest, even if they are fair trades. He’s dropping key players onto the waiver wire. Darren Waller, Christian Kirk, Emanuel Sanders. What should we do? Force him to drop all his players? Should the LM keep vetoing his trades? Very annoying situation.
  6. Collusion?

    There’s a guy in our league who hasn’t adjusted his team since week 2 *screenshots attached*. His record is 1-9 and teams are sending him trade requests. The LM has blocked a couple because they were too lopsided but there are some that are fair. I have a suspicion that he joined the league to help his friends win. He always accepts their requests but declines everyone else’s. He’s dropping key players onto the waiver wire. Darren Waller, Christian Kirk, Emanuel Sanders. What should we do? Force him to drop all his players? Should the LM keep vetoing his trades? Very annoying situation. standard 10-team league. Attached one of the recent trades
  7. I am locked out of making any roster moves to my team because I have an IR violation. Derrius Guice has been removed from the real life IR, but he has to remain on my IR in the league. This locks me from making any changes to my roster, including changing the weekly starting lineup. I also have Preston Williams in my starting lineup for this week and he was placed on the IR. So I have a dead spot. If the NFL teams can remove players from the IR, we should have the same ability, especially if rosters get locked when this occurs.
  8. Hello guys, I traded an RB for a WR Friday night, and the trade will process Tuesday morning at 2AM. I had 5 WR before the trade (ESPN allows 6 maximum WR per team), but, on Sunday before game time, I needed a WR so I dropped a D/ST for a WR, putting me at the maximum of 6 WR on my team. Will this cause my trade to not process? Here I am, a day later, unable to drop the WR I added yesterday. Please help! Thank you!
  9. ESPN FF Trade help

    Hello all. Need help. Monday 106 pm ET I traded a few players for Kittle, one of them being Robert Woods on the Rams. Rams are Thursday night football this week. My LM upheld the trade at 239pm Monday as well. Even tho LM upheld trade, will this take another week to process because woods in in Thursday night game? I’ve seen this on forums but with LM pushing trade through I am surprised it has not gone through yet. Also, our league has the 48 hour window, which would have passed by now- as it is Wednesday and the trade was accepted Monday afternoon. Thoughts or guidance please- also would it be worth to try the trade again and LM approve? Thank you
  10. Our league awards ST/D points for ST/D points allowed. Yesterday NE blocked a punt and returned it for a TD. MFL only shows Buffalo allowing 9 points. This would lead me to believe it is not counting the TD as a ST TD Anyone else run into this???
  11. CBS waivers ran a day early?!?!

    Please tell me I’m not the only one this happened to this morning. I’ve run my league with cbs for 15 years. Waivers have been set to process on Wednesday night (actually going thru on Thursday morning at 2am) for years. Never an issue. This morning I wake up to see they processed a day early. Week 1 was fine, but a week later it screws up? It can’t just be my league. I never changed any settings
  12. $10 ESPN Eliminator Pool Join group "Bonus Survivorator" 200 Player Max Payouts: Survive Week 10 Earn Entry Back 1st Place(s) Split Remaining Pot Group Password Sent Via Email With Leaguesafe Receipt ESPN Eliminator Group Link Leaguesafe Payment Link Group Password Sent Via Email With Leaguesafe Receipt Email with questions. Let's fill this pool! $10 Will add weeks of fun to the season!
  13. Draft August 25th 7PM EST. 3 spots left. Redraft league, FAAB. Yahoo cash League (they take no fees). Please pay when joining. PM with any questions. Looking forward to a fun season.
  14. We score the defense heavy. So the score like a RB, or WR. We find it more fun. 13 week reg season, one division, top 6 go to playoffs, super bowl week 16. Looking for several people. Draft is August 24th at 8:00pm est
  15. Deciding Draft Order

    I'm a commissioner and looking for a better way to determine draft order other than randomized by the host site. What's the craziest way you've heard of to determine draft order? I'm thinking of a college "pick'em" for the previous week with confidence points on 10 games. BTW I know all the crazy ways from the show "The League" so you can leave those out. Thank you in advance.
  16. Looking for a fun, friendly and competitive league? Look no further! As commissioner I can promise to treat everyone fairly and with respect. All the league settings and scoring rules can be found here: Want to join? Just pay the $175 entry fee (and I will send you log-in info): All your money back if the league doesn’t form, of course. Happy to answer any questions, but please check out the rules at the MFL link above first.  Jesse
  17. please keep All comments in this thread related to Changing 5.1.2 wording ONLY Current Owner votes to Chang wording of rule 5.1.2: For Changing: Gameday Demons, Necessary Roughness, NOT for Changing: On the fence: Donkey Power
  18. please keep All comments in this thread related to RE-DRAFTING LEAGUE AUCTION STYLE ONLY Current Owner votes to Re-Draft the League: Re-Draft: Alex Gee No Re-Draft: Gameday Demons On the fence:
  19. please keep All comments in this thread related to EXPANSION OF ROSTERS ONLY Expand Team Rosters: Alex Gee NOT to expand Team Rosters: Gameday Demons, On the fence: Necessary Roughness
  20. please keep All comments in this thread related to REMOVING/KEEPING KICKERS ONLY Current Owner votes to Keep/Remover Kickers from the League: Keep Kickers: JD Bartell's Team, Donkey Power, Remove Kickers: Alex Gee On the fence: Gameday Demons, Necessary Roughness
  21. please keep All comments in this thread related to IDP DEFENSE ONLY Current Owner votes to implement IDP Defense to the League: For Implementing IDP: Alex Gee, NOT for Implementing IDP: Donkey Power, On the fence: Gameday Demons, Necessary Roughness, JD Bartell's,
  22. please keep All comments in this thread related to TEAM DEFENSE ONLY Fix Team Defense: Alex Gee Leave Team Defense as-is: On the fence: Gameday Demons, Necessary Roughness
  23. $300 - Yahoo 12T H2H 8x8 Categories - Offline Slow Draft Batting cats: R, HR, RBI, AVG, OPS, XBH, NSB, K Pitching cats: QS, L, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, NSV, HLD We do an offline draft over the course of about a week and a half in March through clickydraft we use LeagueSafe for dues Let me know if you want to join! Have a couple openings currently
  24. Attached are all the rules, but we will being doing the draft as soon as we get every spot filled. It will be a massive slow veteran draft followed by the developmental draft.
  25. Let's say the commissioner of a dynasty league discovered that someone tanked during a few games at the end of the season (Year 2 of the league) to get a better draft pick in this year's upcoming rookie draft. There aren't any explicit anti-tanking rules and the way the rookie draft order is calculated for the upcoming draft has been posted since the league started (i.e. it has been posted and disclosed to the owners for over two years). The owner that tanked had a screenshot of a text message where he and the commissioner discussed starting inactive (bye week, injured, suspended, free agent, retired) players. The tanking owner asked if it was something he could do, and the commissioner said that "if you don't have anybody else to start, then yes, but if you just don't want to, then I don't know." The tanking owner then pointed out that the site did not prevent someone from starting inactive players, to which the commish responded "Cool. Yeah." The tanking owner understood this as a grant of permission to start such inactive players, and a pro-tanking position in general. The commissioner claims that the owner never explicitly asked about tanking, and as it turns out, the commish is actually strongly against tanking (something that was not known until now). The commissioner collected dues for the upcoming season (the season for which the rookie draft will take place), but he did not like the fact that somebody tanked. On the other hand, the tanking owner had a screenshot of conversation where the commissioner says that the order of the draft "must" be the way that it is currently posted in the league's bylaws. However, the commissioner still decided to change the draft order regardless, because he is really anti-tanking. He changed one of the tiebreakers from total points scored by starting lineups, to total points scored by each team's optimal lineups. This rule change actually violated the league's bylaws, as he was supposed to announce such a change on the league's internal boards and allow for a review period where teams could vote on the rule. The rule was not posted on the boards, and therefore it was not reviewed or voted on. For what it is worth, the tanking owner has played in leagues where tanking has occurred, specifically, leagues where teams were allowed to bench their star players in order to lose a game (to get themselves a better matchup in the first round, a better draft pick, etc.), or to bench players in order to secure a win (prevent someone from scoring negative points). However, the commissioner has never seen this tactic in 10+ years of playing. The tanking owner also believes that tanking happens in real life, but the commissioner is of the firm opinion that it does not. On top of that, the tanking owner has hard evidence that tanking happened in Year 1 of the league, but the commissioner is unaware of this. It is also worth noting that in the final game of the season, the commissioner did spot the tanking and after a brief exchange, the tanking owner agreed to set a new lineup because, although he thought it was fair game, he just didn't want to "start any drama" among the league members. During this exchange, the tanking owner showed the commissioner the text message exchange they had about starting inactive players. After receiving the message, the commissioner said that he was fine with people starting weak lineups, just not inactive players. So maybe the commish is more anti-inactive players than he is anti-tanking. Many league members complained about the tanking owner during the last week of the season because it either affected their chances of securing a top draft slot, or their playoff hopes. Some owners are upset that it wasn't caught earlier, because other games where the owner tanked are now in the books. The commish and vice-commish apparently agreed to create different tie-breakers for this coming season, but never updated the rulebook or disclosed such a change to the rest of the league. Even so, the commish still thought that he was perfectly within his rights to implement the unposted order now. He is really concerned with the integrity of the league. But as of right now, there is no rule against tanking, the league has never discussed tanking, and the tanking owner thought it was fine based off of previous experiences, his own self-interest, and the text message exchange he had with the commish. The commish doesn't think an anti-tanking rule is needed, nor is one needed to tell people that they must only start active players each week. Considering all of this, do you think the commissioner made a mistake? Was it wrong for him to unilaterally implement any "corrective" measures after dues were paid? Please explain below.