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  1. I know we have all played in baseball, football, and basketball leagues that have just drove us up a wall at times. The dead beat owner, the churner, the flake, the cry baby, the blamer, the entitler, the my kids/wife made me not set my line up guy, and my personal favorite, the it was better in my other league guy. The joys of playing fantasy sports just wrapped up in one long sentence. Good news for any of you reading this article is that we have a community where we have cured a lot of those annoying situations I just listed. I will say the “entitler” is a tough one to stomach to be sure. May take years of therapy to get over it. With that being said I will list for you below what I look for before joining a fantasy football league or any other fantasy sports league for that matter. What I look for: Activity Competition Fair Play Community Parity Structure Flexibility Innovative Approach I find all 8 of those things to be the key elements for me to gain some interest in playing in a money league. 1.) Activity This is a tricky topic to tackle across the board and you will very rarely not lose a guy or two based on unfortunate circumstance. However, there are ways to mitigate its impact by using a differing scheduling strategy as well as creating weekly incentives in your money leagues and a consolation bracket payout helps too. Particularly for those unfortunate souls who just get pounded with injuries to start the season. Why not give them incentive to continue to compete? Why penalize the rest of the league? If one team loses interest early it effects everyone else in the league. These are issues we have solved at Major League Fantasy Sports. Our scheduling strategy in 2 of our 5 football leagues has everyone playing everyone else every week. This completely eliminates any issue with luck of the schedule, a dead beat owner, or the unlucky guy that loses so many key players early on. If this doesn’t fit your fancy we have traditional scheduled leagues as well. 2.) Competition This is a very key element to any great fantasy sports league. How is this created? This could be a long answer, but I will give you the process we take. We contact everyone personally who wants to join a league and do a short interview to figure out a couple of things. We want to know how experienced are you, can you afford to play, and how passionate you are. This is a process I have used for 12 years and it works very well. 3.) Fair Play We have rules in place to make sure that our fellow competitors will all be on a level playing field. Our scoring and roster models are designed to where it eliminates all of the arbitrage opportunities and forces you to take the same risk as your opponents. I can discuss this more in detail via phone call where I can show you the details. It is very important that leagues have fair play involved with ZERO loop holes. 4.) Community One item that really holds together a good league is the community that surrounds it. Having a direct line of communication with each league owner is key. So everyone will have each others phone numbers and email addresses. The other major component is all of the writing our community puts out on rankings, opinions, and projections for the year to help acclimate you to the concepts as well as help you in other leagues you may be playing in. We also do live radio shows in which we will have a great group of people talking fantasy football including our league mates, coaches, and industry guests. 5.) Parity This is an absolutely vital item to have built into your league. This is something that can be baked into the cake so to speak. Our keeper leagues you can keep up to 5 players, but you don’t have to keep any at all. You can keep up to 3 offensive players and 2 defensive players. While preparing for the draft you can trade for draft picks to totally rebuild, trade for keeper quality players, or just sit still and wait for the draft. All approaches can be successful. I will talk about structure next which will let you know how we monitor these options we have. 6.) Structure This is a very important topic to say the very least. What I mean by structure is: Do you have a set of protocols in place that is concise, effective, and understandable? We have safe guards that are simple and easy to understand, and most of all tried, tested, and work. For example: We have a set number of players that can be moved in a deal, a set number of draft picks, a FAAB budget of $100 for the whole year, a set number of trades you can make in a season, only commissioner trade rulings, and a professional style arbitration committee that can over rule the commissioner if the two parties disagree with a veto. The committee will consist of literally a professional arbiter who actually plays in our leagues and two other long time committed members of the leagues to make a decision. In 6 years of using this system we have had only 4 trades go to arbitration. Two were upheld as vetoes and two were over turned. Pretty impressive system and extremely fair. The guys love it. We also deploy an IDP approach to defense. It adds a completely different level of competition and fun to the contests. Not to mention it gives us a much deeper player pool to use during our match ups. Gone are the days of slim pickings where losing one or two key players sinks your whole year. 7.) Flexibility I personally like leagues that provide the most flexibility as possible without being ridiculous. We have flexibility in the roster positions, trading options, and differing league structures. Handicapping owners is not something we do here, and we shy away from the idea of statements like: Trading shouldn’t be allowed Draft pick trading shouldn’t be allowed I should be able to hoard players We have protocols in place that cover all of this really dumb arguments you hear about trading. I do see why some people play this way. It is primarily because of a lack of time to focus on a regular basis. Fine. However, “that” is NOT a competition. That is a simulation. Period. And allowing players to be hoarded at any position is not “skill based.” It is lazy. 8.) Innovative Approach At Major League Fantasy Sports we will always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to scoring our leagues and we will make adjustments to the model based on each sport that has a fundamental change in how the sport operates. To give you an example of something we have done to stay ahead of the curve, in 2015 we moved from forcing you to start two RBs per week to only one. We added another flex spot to make up for the difference. I don’t know anyone that plays fantasy football seriously that hasn’t noticed over the last 8 years how most NFL teams deploy a two back strategy and some even three. By reducing the need to have to start two running backs it gives the RB position a better “real” value in today’s NFL as well as gives you the flexibility to build a winning team without being forced to waste early draft picks on second level RBs. The way our roster settings are designed you can start up to four RBs if you like, but we don’t force you to start more than one. This approach takes a lot of the blind luck out of the results especially when it comes to injuries. This is vital in the sport of football because we all know how often these guys get hurt so limiting the adverse effects of this is good for all owners and overall competition. There is much more than what I stated above that we have added that make total common sense, but I want to keep it short. We can discuss more in detail if you are interested in learning more. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ League Openings If anything I said above struck a chord with you then I suggest you give us a good hard look and join the community. Worst case scenario is you have a good time with a group of like-minded people and maybe meet some new friends who share a similar passion. I will list below the 4 leagues that have openings. Each team will be marked “no owner.” MLFF1, MLFF2, and MLFF4 are 12 team keeper leagues. You can keep 5 players which can be up to 3 offense + 2 defensive players on each roster, you can keep none and rebuild from scratch if you like, or trade for keepers as well as draft picks for the upcoming year if you so choose. Both of these leagues are $235 to play with 100% payout. In the 3 keeper leagues we pay out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, each division winner, and $35 to the team with the most points each regular season week. MLFFC is a complete redraft league which mirrors the scoring approach we have in our other leagues. However, the buy in is $500 and we pay out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, each division winner, and we give $100 to the team that scores the most points each week throughout the regular season. League Links MLFF1 (Keeper League 3 offense, 2 defense, Traditional Schedule/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 1 Open team League Rules Summary MLFF2 (Keeper League 3 offense, 2 defense, Play everyone every week/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 3 Open teams League Rules Summary MLFF4 (Keeper League 3 offense, 2 defense, Traditional Schedule/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 3 Open Teams League Rules Summary MLFFC (Redraft League, Traditional Schedule/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 2 Open Teams League Rules Summary If you are interested contact me directly at or You can also PM me on Reddit and we can figure out a time to talk. Cheers, Corey
  2. Winston fumbled on 1yard line, ball rolls into end zone and is recovered by Evans. Why did Winston get credit for TD in stats?
  3. In my league a trade was accepted in which Team A traded Marlon Mack, Dion Lewis, Tyler Boyd, and Jack Doyle to Team B in exchange for Melvin Gordon. Team A has a record of 9-1, and Team B has a record of 6-4. Attached is an image of team B’s roster prior to the trade being accepted. Do you believe that this trade should be vetoed, or allowed to go through?
  4. Is this cheating??

    So I play in a 10 team PPR league and there's a guy in our league (Andrew)who is 1st place(8-1) And another guy (Rob) who is last place (1-8). So Andrew offered Rob a trade, which I and other players think is TOTAL BS. He offered Rob, (Adrian Peterson and Chris hogan) for SAQUON BARKLEY. Rob accepted the trade, and what's even more cynical is that they made this trade accepted the 6:00 am and the league manager upheld it (made it go through automatically) an hour later. So before any of us even woke up the trade was completed. We think this is cheating, what do you guys think?
  5. I am in a standard scoring league (8 teams). I am 8-1, 3 games up in my conference, so not concerned about making the playoffs. When making my roster this week, I see my defense (Texans) is on a bye and when looking at available defenses, there is not one I want to pick up in exchange for dropping a player. My thought is to just not have a defense this week. I am still projected to win the game. I am facing a team that is tied for the 2nd playoff spot in my conference. Is this fair to do? No, it has not been addressed in any sort of "League Constitution." Though I could write one next year (I am the Commish) It seems to me a somewhat smart play as I think I have a great chance to win the week regardless. I dont have to drop the defense I want the rest of the season nor drop a bench player I am not ready to drop. Any opinions appreciated.
  6. So this happened in my league. Player A offered 3 players for 3 players to Player B. Player B admitted to liking the trade but it was yet to be seen if he would accept. Player B then fell asleep. Player A texted the comish of a possible trade but Thursday night football had just started. Player A asked for the commish to place Fuller (who was in the bench and locked since the game had started) in the starting lineup only if player B accepted the trade. Player B woke up later at night and accepted the trade. (Side note I went to bed and Fuller was still on the bench, I woke up and he was now in the lineup). When I brought this up I was told that Player A couldn’t move Fuller because of the pending trade however texts show that Player A states “Incase Player B accepts can you move Fuller to my lineup”. This took place minutes after Thursday night football. Should the commish had made the change? Or was it bad planning ahead of time by the player? Your thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Trade loan collusion?

    So I have a ton of players on by week nine due to trades and waiver pickups I’ve made previously and just lost sight of managing my bye weeks. When planning ahead I came up with the brilliant idea of loaning one of my top players for a random week in return for a starter for week nine. I read a lot on it before to see if it was cheating and all the forums I came across called it collusion. In instances where I would need a rb and trade a wr for someone who needed a wr and traded a rb this week I understand since there is no loss. However in my situation their is a risk associated. For instance I have Andrew and wentz as my qbs who both have week nine byes. So this week (week 7) I traded joe mixon for James Connor (on by week 7) then we will trade back then in week nine I will trade a player I have on a bye for matt Ryan to help at qb. Then trade back. The risk in these trades is that I have to find a replacement rb this week and am obviously losing value and the same for them and Matt Ryan week 9. I also messaged my whole league offering the same deal so it’s not like I singled out a friend to pull this trade out. Is it still collusion if so why?
  8. Email me at for an invite. Draft Day - September 2nd, 7:00 pm EST All NFL players may be owned by up to 2 separate teams. The league has about 6 spots left. This league collects dues at Startup league on hosted by League Home Page - Check It Out League Flyer Here 24 Team - 2 Keeper League - $75 Entry, All entries are collected by 1st - 8th + Survivor Winner(s) Get Paid - Full Payouts on the League Flyer $70 of your entry is for the fantasy league - $5 is for the Survivor Pool on the home page. 1QB, 2RB, 3WR ,1TE ,2Flex ,1PK , 1DST, 8 Bench, 1 Injured Reserve QB,RB,WR,PK .5 (PPR) - TE 1 (PPR) Draft Day - September 2nd, 7:00 pm EST *I will be giving away 2 signed pieces of gear during the draft. The 1st person to draft each of these players will win their authenticated signed gear* I love throwing Easter eggs in the league and these are STARS not 12th round picks. Also don't worry these Do Not come out of the league pot... So i guess 2 people will get their moneys worth at the draft. We are based in Central Florida but this league is for anybody who loves fantasy football. This is our new website so let's fill it with Fantasy Freaks. Hopefully everybody who requests an invite is looking for a league they can be in for at least a few years. Be aware this league is not censored for children. collects payments through 9/18/18 but I need emails now. Email me at for an invite.
  9. 2018 - NFL Survivor Pool 10 Players In and Counting! JOIN NOW 1. Go to and Register on the website. 2. Then click Join NFL Survivor Pool 5. Enter PRIVATE POOL NAME = SURVIVORZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The NFL season is about to start and I'm inviting you to join my NFL football pool known as: - SURVIVOR - Survivor Pool format, the rules are simple: - Pick one team each week that you think will win - If the football team you pick loses, you get eliminated from the pool - Pool ends when there is one player left who survives the longest! - That's it! Email me if interested.
  10. So I was the commissioner of a work redraft league one year, and we had 8 teams make the playoffs. The first round was 1 v. 8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5. But it was a bracket style playoff, so it did not automatically reseed the highest ranked team vs. the lowest ranked team. So we wound up with 5 v. 8 and 2 v. 3. I wanted to manually reseed, so that #2 played #8 and #3 played #5, but after checking the settings, I realized that I could not have selected such an option at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, I had never discussed such an event with the rest of the league, so I just let the system dictate, instead of overriding it myself. Without disclosing it to the group ahead of time, I just felt it improper to intervene.Seeds 5 and 8 were happy, but seeds 2 and 3 were not. If I had manually reset, seeds 5 and 8 would have been upset, while 2 and 3 would have been happy. There wasn't really a perfect solution.What do you think I should have done? Should I have manually reset or not?
  11. Let's say the commissioner of a dynasty league discovered that someone tanked during a few games at the end of the season (Year 2 of the league) to get a better draft pick in this year's upcoming rookie draft. There aren't any explicit anti-tanking rules and the way the rookie draft order is calculated for the upcoming draft has been posted since the league started (i.e. it has been posted and disclosed to the owners for over two years). The owner that tanked had a screenshot of a text message where he and the commissioner discussed starting inactive (bye week, injured, suspended, free agent, retired) players. The tanking owner asked if it was something he could do, and the commissioner said that "if you don't have anybody else to start, then yes, but if you just don't want to, then I don't know." The tanking owner then pointed out that the site did not prevent someone from starting inactive players, to which the commish responded "Cool. Yeah." The tanking owner understood this as a grant of permission to start such inactive players, and a pro-tanking position in general. The commissioner claims that the owner never explicitly asked about tanking, and as it turns out, the commish is actually strongly against tanking (something that was not known until now). The commissioner collected dues for the upcoming season (the season for which the rookie draft will take place), but he did not like the fact that somebody tanked. On the other hand, the tanking owner had a screenshot of conversation where the commissioner says that the order of the draft "must" be the way that it is currently posted in the league's bylaws. However, the commissioner still decided to change the draft order regardless, because he is really anti-tanking. He changed one of the tiebreakers from total points scored by starting lineups, to total points scored by each team's optimal lineups. This rule change actually violated the league's bylaws, as he was supposed to announce such a change on the league's internal boards and allow for a review period where teams could vote on the rule. The rule was not posted on the boards, and therefore it was not reviewed or voted on. For what it is worth, the tanking owner has played in leagues where tanking has occurred, specifically, leagues where teams were allowed to bench their star players in order to lose a game (to get themselves a better matchup in the first round, a better draft pick, etc.), or to bench players in order to secure a win (prevent someone from scoring negative points). However, the commissioner has never seen this tactic in 10+ years of playing. The tanking owner also believes that tanking happens in real life, but the commissioner is of the firm opinion that it does not. On top of that, the tanking owner has hard evidence that tanking happened in Year 1 of the league, but the commissioner is unaware of this. It is also worth noting that in the final game of the season, the commissioner did spot the tanking and after a brief exchange, the tanking owner agreed to set a new lineup because, although he thought it was fair game, he just didn't want to "start any drama" among the league members. During this exchange, the tanking owner showed the commissioner the text message exchange they had about starting inactive players. After receiving the message, the commissioner said that he was fine with people starting weak lineups, just not inactive players. So maybe the commish is more anti-inactive players than he is anti-tanking. Many league members complained about the tanking owner during the last week of the season because it either affected their chances of securing a top draft slot, or their playoff hopes. Some owners are upset that it wasn't caught earlier, because other games where the owner tanked are now in the books. The commish and vice-commish apparently agreed to create different tie-breakers for this coming season, but never updated the rulebook or disclosed such a change to the rest of the league. Even so, the commish still thought that he was perfectly within his rights to implement the unposted order now. He is really concerned with the integrity of the league. But as of right now, there is no rule against tanking, the league has never discussed tanking, and the tanking owner thought it was fine based off of previous experiences, his own self-interest, and the text message exchange he had with the commish. The commish doesn't think an anti-tanking rule is needed, nor is one needed to tell people that they must only start active players each week. Considering all of this, do you think the commissioner made a mistake? Was it wrong for him to unilaterally implement any "corrective" measures after dues were paid? Please explain below.
  12. Hi All, I am curious about some unique and challenging league scoring and roster formats that you have seen in your leagues. For me, the most interesting and challenging format included 2 QB, 2DST, and 3 IDP. I have created a free custom yahoo league with the same rules. Feel free to use the link below and join my league. Once you see how cool this format is, I think you will fine the standard format boring.
  13. League Format

    Hi All, I am curious about some unique and challenging league scoring and roster formats that you have seen in your leagues. For me, the most interesting and challenging format included 2 QB, 2DST, and 3 IDP. I have created a free custom yahoo league with the same rules. Feel free to use the link below and join my league. Once you see how cool this format is, I think you will fine the standard format boring.
  14. Hi All, I am curious about some unique and challenging league scoring and roster formats that you have seen in your leagues. For me, the most interesting and challenging format included 2 QB, 2DST, and 3 IDP. I have created a free custom yahoo league with the same rules. Feel free to use the link below and join my league. Once you see how cool this format is, I think you will fine the standard format boring.
  15. I am the commissioner of a 8 team, 3 keeper, $20 league with guys I know. The league is going on year 5, and someone finally decided they didn't want to play anymore. What I should do with the team without an owner is what I want input on. So this team finished last in the league. Before the season was over they traded away first overall pick in next years draft. They got a 2nd and a 6th round pick for it. The team has 1 maybe 2 keepers for this season. That being Amari Cooper and Kurt Cousins. I found another person I know that wants to join the league but doesn't want to just give away $20 basically because the team he would take on is a dumpster fire right now. Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what I can do to make it semi fair for him to join? Or does anyone have any suggestions on what he could do as far as trading later draft picks to teams that have more that 3 keepers? Thanks, Chad
  16. We are doing a 10 person league it is 20$. Standard scoring. Only have 1 spot open better hurry quick. Draft is the 20th at 7 central hope to see you there. Email me at offspeedshot@yahoo.com 1st 120$ 2nd 40$ 3rd 20$ QUARTERBACK (QB) 1 WIDE RECEIVER (WR) 2 RUNNING BACK (RB) 2 TIGHT END (TE) 1 WIDE RECEIVER/RUNNING BACK/TIGHT END (W/R/T) 1 KICKER (K) 1 DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS (DEF) 1 BENCH (BN) 7 INJURED RESERVE (IR) 1
  17. We are doing a 10 person league it is 20$. Standard scoring. Only have 3 spots open better hurry quick. Draft is the 20th at 7 central hope to see you there. Email me at 1st 120$ 2nd 40$ 3rd 20$
  18. Live Yahoo draft

    I'm the commissioner of a yahoo league and to save money and headaches of getting a board and stickers I decided to do an online draft. I've never done an online draft but I still want us all to get together and draft our players using our phones or computer. Do you guys know if there is a way I can project a live board onto the TV without revealing my players that I'm watching to potentially draft?
  19. Draft strategy help

    I play in a 10 team commissioner 6pt for passing TD league with 1qb 2rb 2wr 1te 1 flex (RB,Wr,TE). Qb scoring is pretty generous. A Qb simply throwing for 300 yards amasses 19 pts. This occurs because of yardages bonus triggers at 255 and 300 yards. In a league where having a great Qb (num 1 Qb has finished on champs team last 3 years) would you consider Brady or Rodgers in round 3 after already grabbing a Wr and RB or whatever? Thanks
  20. I want to add the superflex position to better utilize available QBs and make the game a little more interesting, but I don't want to overinflate points and make the QB way more important than any other possible position (e.g. taking a QB3 over an RB2). I adjusted some of the scoring rules to nerf the scoring of QB slightly but this is new to me, so looking for advice. If you see anything else in my scoring setup that is a big red flag or will cause problems let me know. (NOTE: I also decided to add sever penalties for misses PAT and close FGs to add some significance to the Kicker position).
  21. Hello everyone! I am running a 2 QB Auction league over on It is on Sunday Aug 27th at 5pm EST This is a FREE league. We have family and friends in the league and looking for more owners. Expanded auction budget to assist with the 2nd QB slot. Tons of fun, bunch of points and hope you will join. You can also search the league via the custom search feature on fantasy. League name is : 2 QB Auction (original I know!)
  22. So I am the commissioner of a 12 team fraternity league. Everyone is very personally connected and sees every member frequently. The league was created two years ago for a test run and then I took it over last year with a ton of changes (standard-> .5ppr, nfl->espn, free -> buy in, no reward -> trophy and jersey, no keepers -> keepers). This year we will be keeping most of the changes, however there was an issue with keepers that will lead into my main question. We never decided how keepers would be kept (huge oversite I know). We didn't think about it until the off season, and then the voting for how it would be done (2 round penalty VS. just keep 2 then draft the rest of your team) was controlled entirely by bias. Owner with Mccoy and T.Y. wants to keep them and then draft, the guys who drafted D Murray and Gordon in the 5th and 6th want round penalties, etc. So after much discussion we decided to not do keepers for this year and then vote on which system to use for keepers pre draft this year. Now during the season, when keepers were still going to happen, one member of the league was mathematically eliminated from playoffs before our trade deadline (thanksgiving) hit. He then sold off Dak Prescott to our Taco for a 4th round pick, and traded Doug Baldwin to me for a 4th round pick and Jarvis Landry. Both of those trades were made with intentions of keeping the teaded for players. I ended up going on to win the league, in no small part due to Baldwin putting up 30 points in the finale. The new Dak owner did not make the playoffs. The player who traded away the players for future picks got 12th (last) place. With that backstory, here is the issue. Since we are not doing keepers, and those trades were made specifically for keepers, there is a thought by myself and the new Dak owner (as well as some bystanders) that the picks should not be granted to the last place finisher. However the last place finisher is obviously strongly opposed to that, as he got last place (in his mind) because of these trades he made (the punishment for last place is the league votes on a Name change for the last place team). He does not want to pay league fees unless he is awarded his picks for the trades (as they went through the 24 hour vetoed process and passed). I am not sure what to do, and obviously I can not decided without some bias. I have considered not taking picks from anyone and giving the last place team a compensatory 4th round pick (where he picks an extra player at the end of the 4th in between the turn). Or just giving him my pick (as his player essentially won me the league) and giving the Dak owner their pick back. However, I am not sure what the best course of action is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading TLDR: League was doing keepers, is no longer. During time when keepers were happening 2 teams traded 2017 4th round picks for players from the same team. One of those teams won the league. Since no longer doing keepers, teams want their picks back (wanted to keep players they traded for). Not sure what to do.
  23. $100 Buy in 12 team PPR league. Online snake draft ESPN will generate random order. Roster is 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX 1IDP 1DEF 1K. Pay through either league safe, pay pal, or venmo whichever majority of league agrees on. Email for more info.
  24. Ok, for free agents, my league has always been a "first come, first served" no waiver time, no waiver priority league. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's worked for us. This year we are voting in FAAB. I'd like to use FAAB so everyone has a chance to bid on any player that someone tries to pick up from free agency. But, I don't want any type of waiver priority. I want anyone to be able to pick a player and place a bid at anytime. So it's still "first come, first served" but a more level playing field with us using FAAB. I've tried setting it up this way on Yahoo, but all of their FAAB options have some type of priority waiver list setting attached to it. Does any other site offer what I'm looking for ? Thanks man advance, I greatly appreciate the help ! Also, on yahoo I didn't see where it told you how much FAAB you get, or the option to change it.
  25. This happens to every fantasy owner each year. Your team scores the 2nd or 3rd most amount of points, but unfortunately you lose your matchup because you faced the #1 scoring team that week. Requesting feedback on this idea. The league operates on a "points" system. Week by week, if you win your matchup, you earn 1 point. In addition, the top 4 teams also earn extra points (#1 scorer - 1 extra point, #2 - 0.75 points, #3 - 0.5 points, #4 - 0.25 points). Therefore, each week you can earn up to 2 points. For example, if your team was the #2 scoring team, but lost to the #1 scoring team, you still earned 0.75 points. Playoffs are decided by the teams who have earned the most "points" To summarize: 1) you earn one point for winning the matchup 2) top 4 teams are awarded extra points. Thoughts?