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  1. NFCCG: SF @ Atl

    random thoughts: i certainly believe atl is a very good team, i just don't think they will win this weekend against a stronger sf team. in terms of philosophy, sea and sf are similar, but sf has more sophisticated run schemes, and are more well rounded on defense. i firmly believe that atl will not be effective running the ball. same thing i said about the sea/atl match up... i think jones, white, gonzo are a heck of a combo, but the 9ers have had success against pass oriented teams this year (gb twice, nos, det, nep). i don't think sf will be able to contain all 3, so i believe they aught to aim to lockdown jones/white and give up the middle to gonzo.... try to take away the big play wr's. the 9ers may have the best front 7 in the game... ryan will get more pressure. offensively, i think the 9ers still goes through gore/james. they set the tone for play action and the run option. if the d plays contain on kap, gore/james are going to get large chunks of yards. if they try to suffocate the inside running game, kap could be hugh kap can pass accurately. the x factor imo is kap. the guy shined on sat. fine...he set a single game record for rushing yards by a qb. good for him. i think that will look more like 60-70 this week, but atl's lb's are going to go to have fits trying to figure out whether to stay on man or in their zone, or commit to tackling him in the open. the main concerns i still have about him is game management (especially on the road). can he throw the ball away and not take those deep sacks/throw picks can he get those plays off in time and not burn time outs or take delay penalties? he is playing at an extremely high level for only starting 8 games, but we still saw some of this in weeks 16 and 17.