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Found 198 results

  1. CMC trade advice.

    So a guy in my league is hurting at RB right now since CMC is down for the next at max 6 weeks and Sutton is gone and Thomas is out for awhile. I am thinking about sending him Ekeler and Terry. I wont need CMC till week ten when Zeke goes on Bye and then I can use him for my playoff run if I make it. You think he will take that trade or should I send a different package?
  2. Who should I start? Stafford @GB Goff @Philly Tannehill vs Jax I would normally say Tannehill cause if the safe floor but I'm worried with no AJ Brown. Thoughts?!
  3. Corey Davis or Scotty Miller? (I'm filling in for Golladay) Non-PPR. Both have similar opportunities with AJ Brown and Godwin not playing. I'm leaning Scotty Miller. Thoughts?
  4. So I been talking to a guy in my league who is very interested in a trade I proposed to him. He send me K. Drake and I send him Ekeler with either R. Anderson, Green, Scary Terry, or Ruggs. Who do you think will be the a good package to send for Drake. He needs WR help so thats why he is interested. I dont see Ekeler getting the same work he did last year. Rivers liked his receiving RBs. Thats why Hines is so valuable right now. Wr's Lockett Green Allen Cooper Anderson Terry Ruggs Jeudy TE's Hurst Waller RB's Elliott Jones Ekeler QB: Rogers Ryan
  5. This is an 8 team Superflex league. Here is a brief summary of the non-standard scoring in this league. QB - Standard pts for yds, 4 pt per TD but .25 pt per Completion, 1 pt per 5 yds rushing RB - 1 pt per 5 yds, 1 PPR WR - 1 pt per 10 yds, 1/2 PPR2nd tier TE - 1 pt per 10 yds, 1 PPR As you can see, RB are way more valuable than WR as are QB's who decent rushing yds. My strategy in the draft was to load up on as many RB, while still trying to get a 2nd/3rd tier QB. This is an 8 team league, so most teams are stacked, but none have the excellent depth at RB that I do. I want to leverage one possibly 2 of my RB's in order to either improve at QB or TE via trade. The question is, which QB or TE's to target and which RB should I try to get them for? My team is in Sig I'm thinking only Mahomes, Lamar or Wilson as far as QB targets. (Lamar is unlikely, the guy won't give him up) Then at TE, I was thinking of going after Kelce or Andrews, any other ideas here?
  6. Preston Williams & Desean Jackson, Duke Johnson (handcuff for David Johnson), & Devonta Freeman on my bench. Worth dropping any of them for: Mohamed Sanu (just signed w/ Niners) Tre’quon Smith (MT out several weeks) Corey Davis Adrian Peterson
  7. I would like to add Minshew and his easy schedule. drop Goff or Stafford??
  8. Which defense to start tonight? Broncos lost Von Miller but their defense usually plays well at home. Titans added Clowney & held Brady, Lamar, & Mahomes (somewhat) in check in the playoffs.
  9. 12-Team 1.0 PPR/1.0 PPCarry (insane, i know) How's the lineup looking overall? Anyone you'd swap in from bench or cut entirely/try to trade away?
  10. I was thinking of benching Amari Cooper with Jalen Ramsey shadowing him. Last time they matched up Cooper had 1 catch. i can replace him with Gallup, who will draw a lesser corner. thoughts...
  11. Who should I flex?

    PPR Flex: Leveon Bell or Marquise Brown? Big Ben or Wentz?
  12. I don't know about anybody else here, but I am so biased by my fantasy team when it comes to making my picks in my Pick'em league. For example, tonight in our pick'em league the Chiefs are a 9.5 point favorite against the Texans and the over/under is 54.5. I have Watson and Cooks (questionable) as well as Fairbairn so I'm going to definitely be picking the Texans even though I'm concerned Cooks might not even play or if he does he'll be limited. This pick'em pool I'm in is really cool as it has an over/under pick on TNF and MNF, so I think I'll pick the over as I can see this being a high powered shootout. There's like 140 other people in the pool so every pick matters. Thoughts?
  13. Sit Amari Cooper?

    I am trying to decided if I should start Cooper or not this week. He is going against Ramsey and last time they faced off it didnt go to well for Cooper. I posted my team below to see what yall think I should do.
  14. Wide Receiver

    Which 2 wide receivers would you start, OBJ, Cooper Kupp or, Mecole Hardman?
  15. I have Prescott as my starting QB but Cooper isn’t 100% and will be guarded by Ramsey. Do I take the risk with D-Jax or Preston Williams?
  16. Drafted at the 12th/13th spot. Had Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, & Aaron Jones available to me. Knew I was drafting Waller so didn’t take Jacobs. Same with Jones & Davante Adams. Don’t trust Drake as my RB1.
  17. I drafted the Broncos defense but it was just reported Von Miller had a season ending injury at practice. Also, Bradley Chubb is on a snap count from his torn ACL last year. I was high on the Broncos def, but do I now drop them and pick up the Eagles because they’re playing Haskins?
  18. 12 team standard league, limited keeper which means a few RBs are already off the board (Drake, Chubb and Sanders). Drafting 4th so I pick late second round. If someone like Golladay is there I'll probably take him, but if not it'd down to these RBs. I've ranked them in the order I'd take em, what do you think? Conner Ekeler J Taylor Carson M Gordon I really like Taylor and the Colts line but I worry about the workload or lack thereof. What do you think?
  19. Having the 7th and 9th overall picks of the draft in a 0.5 PPR league, would you still suggest going RB/RB due to the extreme lack of depth at the position? Or would MT be worth the 9th pick if he falls that far? I'm strongly leaning towards RB/RB, and grabbing a WR with my next #29 pick.
  20. 12 team full PPR: (Start)1QB.2RB.2WR.2FLEX.1TE.D/ST.K 7 Bench Spots QB: Matthew Stafford/ Cam Newton RB: Alvin Kamara, Leonard Fournette, Tarik Cohen, James White WR: Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay, Robert Woods, AJ Green, DeSean Jackson, Curtis Samuel, Josh Gordon(last pick) TE: Noah Fant, Irv Smith JR. (made the mistake when I picked, intended to be Jonnu) D/ST: Denver K: Prater I feel like I have big strength at WR, and my RB’s could be good (because we don’t know for sure how Fournette is going to play out, I got him in the 6th anyway and I took a shot) my mistakes were AJ Green and Irv Smith. With AJ I wasn’t paying attention to the time and it auto picked I was deciding between 2 RB’s, and I explained Irv. either way any advice on moves I could make and what one may think in general would greatly be appreciated.
  21. Should I go RB/RB at the 12th & 13th pick and leave myself vulnerable without a elite WR (Adams,Hopkins,Hill, Godwin). I would be left with WRs like Kupp & Sutton as my WR 1 and 2. Or: Go RB/WR and leave it up to chance that any tier 3 RBs are still left at pick 36. Like Carson,Gurley, D. Johnson, etc. Also, is taking Andrews/Ertz at 36 or 37 a reach? Waller will be there at 60 but I want to take Metcalf/Wilson at 60 & 61. Really high on both & great to have a QB/WR stack.
  22. I am pretty deep at WR and TE in my league but I need another RB. I only have J. Mixon, A. Jones, and R. Armstead as my RB's. Im thinking about trading away Deebo since he is high on trade value right now and should be ready for week 1. Which RB's should I try trading for to help me?
  23. Hey all I’m looking for opinions on keepers in a 12 team 0.5ppr $200 ESPN auction league. I can keep 2 out of this group and I can’t make up my mind. They go up $5 every year I keep them. A. Ekler $10 C. Carson $12 D. Henry $33 C. Godwin $21 A. Robinson $8 T. McLaurin $2 Thanks!
  24. Down to picking my last keeper before our draft. Choice is between Kareem Hunt or AJ Brown. Hunt was drafted in 15th round last year so have to give up 13th Round Pick and AJ Brown was FA so the rules are to give up 10th Round Pick. I'm torn between the two and wish we could keep 3, but can't. Who would you keep?