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  1. I know we have all played in baseball, football, and basketball leagues that have just drove us up a wall at times. The dead beat owner, the churner, the flake, the cry baby, the blamer, the entitler, the my kids/wife made me not set my line up guy, and my personal favorite, the it was better in my other league guy. The joys of playing fantasy sports just wrapped up in one long sentence. Good news for any of you reading this article is that we have a community where we have cured a lot of those annoying situations I just listed. I will say the “entitler” is a tough one to stomach to be sure. May take years of therapy to get over it. With that being said I will list for you below what I look for before joining a fantasy football league or any other fantasy sports league for that matter. What I look for: Activity Competition Fair Play Community Parity Structure Flexibility Innovative Approach I find all 8 of those things to be the key elements for me to gain some interest in playing in a money league. 1.) Activity This is a tricky topic to tackle across the board and you will very rarely not lose a guy or two based on unfortunate circumstance. However, there are ways to mitigate its impact by using a differing scheduling strategy as well as creating weekly incentives in your money leagues and a consolation bracket payout helps too. Particularly for those unfortunate souls who just get pounded with injuries to start the season. Why not give them incentive to continue to compete? Why penalize the rest of the league? If one team loses interest early it effects everyone else in the league. These are issues we have solved at Major League Fantasy Sports. Our scheduling strategy in 2 of our 5 football leagues has everyone playing everyone else every week. This completely eliminates any issue with luck of the schedule, a dead beat owner, or the unlucky guy that loses so many key players early on. If this doesn’t fit your fancy we have traditional scheduled leagues as well. 2.) Competition This is a very key element to any great fantasy sports league. How is this created? This could be a long answer, but I will give you the process we take. We contact everyone personally who wants to join a league and do a short interview to figure out a couple of things. We want to know how experienced are you, can you afford to play, and how passionate you are. This is a process I have used for 12 years and it works very well. 3.) Fair Play We have rules in place to make sure that our fellow competitors will all be on a level playing field. Our scoring and roster models are designed to where it eliminates all of the arbitrage opportunities and forces you to take the same risk as your opponents. I can discuss this more in detail via phone call where I can show you the details. It is very important that leagues have fair play involved with ZERO loop holes. 4.) Community One item that really holds together a good league is the community that surrounds it. Having a direct line of communication with each league owner is key. So everyone will have each others phone numbers and email addresses. The other major component is all of the writing our community puts out on rankings, opinions, and projections for the year to help acclimate you to the concepts as well as help you in other leagues you may be playing in. We also do live radio shows in which we will have a great group of people talking fantasy football including our league mates, coaches, and industry guests. 5.) Parity This is an absolutely vital item to have built into your league. This is something that can be baked into the cake so to speak. Our keeper leagues you can keep up to 5 players, but you don’t have to keep any at all. You can keep up to 3 offensive players and 2 defensive players. While preparing for the draft you can trade for draft picks to totally rebuild, trade for keeper quality players, or just sit still and wait for the draft. All approaches can be successful. I will talk about structure next which will let you know how we monitor these options we have. 6.) Structure This is a very important topic to say the very least. What I mean by structure is: Do you have a set of protocols in place that is concise, effective, and understandable? We have safe guards that are simple and easy to understand, and most of all tried, tested, and work. For example: We have a set number of players that can be moved in a deal, a set number of draft picks, a FAAB budget of $100 for the whole year, a set number of trades you can make in a season, only commissioner trade rulings, and a professional style arbitration committee that can over rule the commissioner if the two parties disagree with a veto. The committee will consist of literally a professional arbiter who actually plays in our leagues and two other long time committed members of the leagues to make a decision. In 6 years of using this system we have had only 4 trades go to arbitration. Two were upheld as vetoes and two were over turned. Pretty impressive system and extremely fair. The guys love it. We also deploy an IDP approach to defense. It adds a completely different level of competition and fun to the contests. Not to mention it gives us a much deeper player pool to use during our match ups. Gone are the days of slim pickings where losing one or two key players sinks your whole year. 7.) Flexibility I personally like leagues that provide the most flexibility as possible without being ridiculous. We have flexibility in the roster positions, trading options, and differing league structures. Handicapping owners is not something we do here, and we shy away from the idea of statements like: Trading shouldn’t be allowed Draft pick trading shouldn’t be allowed I should be able to hoard players We have protocols in place that cover all of this really dumb arguments you hear about trading. I do see why some people play this way. It is primarily because of a lack of time to focus on a regular basis. Fine. However, “that” is NOT a competition. That is a simulation. Period. And allowing players to be hoarded at any position is not “skill based.” It is lazy. 8.) Innovative Approach At Major League Fantasy Sports we will always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to scoring our leagues and we will make adjustments to the model based on each sport that has a fundamental change in how the sport operates. To give you an example of something we have done to stay ahead of the curve, in 2015 we moved from forcing you to start two RBs per week to only one. We added another flex spot to make up for the difference. I don’t know anyone that plays fantasy football seriously that hasn’t noticed over the last 8 years how most NFL teams deploy a two back strategy and some even three. By reducing the need to have to start two running backs it gives the RB position a better “real” value in today’s NFL as well as gives you the flexibility to build a winning team without being forced to waste early draft picks on second level RBs. The way our roster settings are designed you can start up to four RBs if you like, but we don’t force you to start more than one. This approach takes a lot of the blind luck out of the results especially when it comes to injuries. This is vital in the sport of football because we all know how often these guys get hurt so limiting the adverse effects of this is good for all owners and overall competition. There is much more than what I stated above that we have added that make total common sense, but I want to keep it short. We can discuss more in detail if you are interested in learning more. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ League Openings If anything I said above struck a chord with you then I suggest you give us a good hard look and join the community. Worst case scenario is you have a good time with a group of like-minded people and maybe meet some new friends who share a similar passion. I will list below the 4 leagues that have openings. Each team will be marked “no owner.” MLFF1, MLFF2, and MLFF4 are 12 team keeper leagues. You can keep 5 players which can be up to 3 offense + 2 defensive players on each roster, you can keep none and rebuild from scratch if you like, or trade for keepers as well as draft picks for the upcoming year if you so choose. Both of these leagues are $235 to play with 100% payout. In the 3 keeper leagues we pay out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, each division winner, and $35 to the team with the most points each regular season week. MLFFC is a complete redraft league which mirrors the scoring approach we have in our other leagues. However, the buy in is $500 and we pay out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, each division winner, and we give $100 to the team that scores the most points each week throughout the regular season. League Links MLFF1 (Keeper League 3 offense, 2 defense, Traditional Schedule/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 1 Open team League Rules Summary MLFF2 (Keeper League 3 offense, 2 defense, Play everyone every week/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 3 Open teams League Rules Summary MLFF4 (Keeper League 3 offense, 2 defense, Traditional Schedule/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 3 Open Teams League Rules Summary MLFFC (Redraft League, Traditional Schedule/Standings page open teams marked “no owner”) 2 Open Teams League Rules Summary If you are interested contact me directly at or You can also PM me on Reddit and we can figure out a time to talk. Cheers, Corey
  2. QB advice

    Hey guys, Should I start Foles or Jackson as my QB? Thanks! 👌
  3. Looking for Advice, I have currently on my roster Melvin Gordian (must start), Damien Williams, Tevin Coleman, Jamaal Williams, Elijah McGuire, and Jaylen Samuels who is in my TE slot. (Yahoo) I can only Start 3 running backs Gordan is a lock so what RB2 and FLEX? Im 50/50 to win so I really need to pick right.
  4. Todd gurley or Derrick Henry?!

    Other rbs are dalvin cook and McCaffrey. Gurley is banged up and I’m thinking Mcvay may lighten his workload. Whereas I’m confident in thinking Henry will be pedal to the metal sort of speak. Any thoughts? Leaning towards starting Henry over gurley as blasphemous as that may sound
  5. Would you guys make any changes? Im just not 100% on mike Williams and he plays Saturday
  6. Flex option

    Alright so I can choose Elijah McGuire (very nervous) , Dante Pettis, DaeSean Hamilton, Calvin Ridley, or Dede Westbrook in my Flex. So ive been in first place all year and almost going to win this money. Mahomes, Tyreek, and Kelce did not do much at all for me which brought me down to projected to lose by one point (which doesn’t mean much right now). I still have Robert Woods, Todd Gurley, and Gus Edwards playing as well along with my K Justin Tucker and Broncos Def. Flex could be my breaking point. I believe my league is full PPR
  7. Rb Help

    Doug Martin vs bengals Elijah McGuire vs Texans (Crowell placed on IR) Half point ppr
  8. Evans, playing with Fire?

    12 Team Full PPR: I already rolled the dice with a Damien Williams pickup and start. Baltimore is one of the best defenses against the pass, particularly against the deep routes and not very good against the TE. Crazy to start Pettis or Fitz over Evans. Also, anyone like Brate or McDonald at TE.
  9. I got cousins and trubisky for potential QBs. Not sure one this one this week. For RB I have Gurley and lindsay in and I'm looking to put either Aaron Jones or dalvin cook in at flex. My top 3 WR are in and I don't have a good 4th.
  10. Tight end help

    Hey guys, Who should u start as my TE this week: Ian Thomas or Cameron Brate? I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Thank you!
  11. Flex Decision

    12 team full point ppr. Assuming if Ware isnt starting. I am looking at the following choices to start 1 spot. Damien Williams Pettis Fitzgerald
  12. Flex Help

    Tevin Coleman vs. Cardinals Corey Davis vs. Giants Larry Fitz vs. Falcons
  13. TE Help

    Evan Engram vs Tennessee CJ Uzomah vs Oakland Ian Thomas vs Saints
  14. TE help

    Hey guys, Happy Sunday! I currently have Reed as my starting TE in my 10 team PPR league. Should I bench him and if so, should I grab Njoku or Engram from free agency? Thank you!
  15. WR2 help

    Hey guys! Should I start Josh Gordon or DJ Moore as my WR2 this week? I got Tyreek Hill as my WR1 because OBJ is out. Thank you!
  16. Cam or Dak

    Would you start Cam against @the browns or Dak at home against the Eagles?
  17. Who to flex?

    Having trouble picking a flex this week. I have to pick from: Gus Edwards LaGarrette Blount Spencer Ware Or Tyler Boyd This is a PPR league
  18. Cam Newton

    Would you start Cam on the road against CLE or Dak Prescott at home against the PHI???
  19. WR Help

    Corey Davis vs. Jags or Larry Fitz vs. Detroit
  20. Hey folks. Standard league. Houston or Seattle DST And, as shocking as this may be, Kirk Cousins or Josh Allen. ....yeah I know... yall must think I'm nuts. but you cant count out Allen's legs in a QB run first offense. Any tips? Thanks!
  21. With James Conner out for the week, who should I be looking to waiver; stevan ridley or jaylen samuels?
  22. Overthinking QB start?

    12 team PPR. Cousins or Mayfield Couisins probably has the better upside, but concerned with some of his past road performances and now he is traveling from midwest, to east, west coast in two week span. Seattle is hostile environment and Couisins seems to get rattled. Mayfield is at home this week, survived a bad prior week and is playing Carolina Defense that isn't stopping anyone. Always gone with don't sit your studs, but not sure Cousins is that type of player.
  23. PPR flex help

    Hey guys, Should I start DJ Moore or Lamar Miller at the flex? Full point PPR 10 team. Thank you!
  24. 10-Man PPR League ESPN Already played Kamara as my RB1 this week. I have Ware, Miller, and Edwards to slot into my RB2. There is room to potentially play both of them and get rid of one of my WR's. Do any of you think that both Miller and Ware will outplay (PPR) one of my WR's? WR1 Allen WR2 Golladay FLEX TY Hilton
  25. Hey guys, Who should I pick up in free agency to further my depth at WR: Christian Kirk or David Moore? I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Thanks, appreciate your help!👌