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Found 161 results

  1. Who would yall take as a keeper in a full point PPR league? We have it set where the first round of the draft is automatically our keeper then we start on the draft from there. Now I also have the option to not take a keeper and pick someone first round. I have my team below from this year. I was thinking about either Lamar or Henry.
  2. half point PPR in my fantasy championship game against the league No. 1 Who should I start? Tyler Lockett or Courtland Sutton? The matchups both seem good, with Sutton’s a little better in the broken Detroit Lions. Lockett has more upside in my mind, but is also more likely to be a bust. Sutton likely to get a lot of targets, but Drew Lock is more iffy of a QB than Russell a Wilson. Tyreek Hill is my WR1. I flexed DJ Moore and sadly he is now out with a concussion... wish I would have played someone else. Outcome was almost the same as if I left Derrick Henry as my flex... Thank you in advance!
  3. Thinking Mostert , my team is better than my opponents so thinking he’s got the safer floor .
  4. Championship RB Help!

    Need to choose 2 RBs (set on 1 though) between this bunch. Standard league with 5pt bonus for a 100yd rushing or receiving game. Leonard Fournette - @ ATL (starting) Le'Veon Bell - PIT DeAndre Washington - @ LAC Patrick Laird - CIN Kerryon Johnson - @ DEN (if he plays). Rest of my team is pretty stacked, but I'm playing against L. Jackson, soooo yea.
  5. Blew out my opponent 141-113 in semi-finals. Made it to the super bowl, just to find out the guy I play this week scored 170 pts in a Non-ppr 2-wr, 2-rb 10 team league (Lamar Jackson 38 pts 😞) Considering I lost mike Evans and dalvin cook to injuries, i don’t stand much of a chance...but if you were in my shoes, what would you do? Add/drop, block opponent... thank you for all the advice this season and best of luck to y’all. Merry Christmas and happy new year! My team on the right (Drew brees)
  6. Pick an RB2

    Sup bros? Who should I start as my RB2 this week: Mack or Michel? Or...DeAndre Washington? I don't think Jacobs is going to play the whole game. Thanks!
  7. Tannehill vs Texans Or Prescott vs Rams i realize tannehill has the better matchup but maybe a shootout in Dallas? thoughts?
  8. PPR- who to start? No Chark this week in JAX Aj seems super boom or bust John Brown 3 tough weeks in a row now at Pit thoughts?
  9. I don't even know how I made it this far with this Bad News Bears crew, but in my PPR league, I have to decide on 2RB and a Flex: Laird vs NYG M. Sanders vs Wsh Mostert vs. Atl Montgomery vs. GB
  10. i know it seems obvious, but Mahomes is not putting up the numbers he used to.
  11. Is it crazy to bench Lamar tonight? my biggest worry is they go up early and Ingram gets a lot of runs and Lamar sits quickly, only giving like 120 passing 1 td and 50 rushing. Am I nuts?
  12. McCaffrey Fournette Ekeler Singletary - Buffalo Lindsay Start 2
  13. RB dilemma with TNF

    Standard league with 5 pt bonus for 100+ yd game. At RB I need to make a decision for one spot: between Le’veon Bell, D. Washington, P. Laird, Darwin Thompson, and David Johnson (Prob just need to drop this guy.) The question is: Do I play it “safe” with Le’Veon Bell tonight, or wait out more news to see if D.Washington gets the start (with P. Laird as my backup option if Jacobs starts)? If Jacobs was definitely out I’d be starting Washington, no questions. Rest of my team is loaded, but I’m playing against CMC/Russel Wilson combo. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.
  14. Last minute help needed because I cannot decide for the life of me this week! Which QB, 2 WR, 1 RB (besides D. Henry), FLEX, and D/ST to start? I’m in 0.5 PPR, here are the players I have: QB: Kirk Cousins (leaning based on match up), Josh Allen RB: Derrick Henry (Must start), Saquon Barkley, Todd Gurley, James Conner (out) WR: Tyler Lockett, Tyreek Hill, DJ Moore, Jarvis Landry, Courtland Sutton TE: Travis Kelce K: Greg Zeurlein D/ST: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia My current thoughts: whoever I don’t start will probably blow up on my bench because that just how these things go sometimes!! Def starting Derrick Henry. Helppp! Thanks in advance.
  15. Start/Sit Help QB and RB

    Two start/sit questions. Standard League with 5 pt bonuses for 100yd rushing/receiving and 300yd passing. QB: I have a Brees/Thomas stack in this league, but they obviously have a tough matchup against San Fran. Do I start Tannehill in a great matchup against Oakland to spread my risk against San Fran or do I roll with Brees. RB: Had L. Bell and need to start someone in his place: Darwin Thompson, Benny Snell, David Johnson (ha! just kidding, why is he still on my roster?) I'm pretty positive I am starting Snell.
  16. Let me know if I got the right guys in please. Roster is attached.
  17. russ/cmc/jacobs/ thomas/ boyd/ keenan/ ertz/ coleman/ lutz or mahomes/ cook/ zeke/ lockett/ diggs/ parker/ jcook/ chubb/ gay which team would u rather play against if I tank this week I play the first team, if I dont I just play normal I play the bottom team. Is it worth tanking or not?
  18. Drop Cooks?

    Is Cooks worth holding on to through the playoffs? I have Julio, Crowder, Pascal and Golden Tate as my other receivers. As far as flex goes, I have Hunt, Guice, Jamaal Williams or Howard. I am thinking of dropping Cooks for Snell or Darnold. I have Brees at QB. Any advice helps!!!
  19. Choose 1 only??

    Which ONE FLEX do you start?? Full PPR League. RB Chris Carson (@LAR, OPRK 11th) RB James White (vs. KC, OPRK 32nd) WR Cooper Kupp (vs. Sea, OPRK 16th) WR Tyreek Hill (@NE, OPRK 1st) I'm already starting Barkley, Fournette, Edelman.
  20. Should I get Guice in my lineup? If so, for who?
  21. I wanna keep rolling with Tannehill but it's looking like rain in Oakland on Sunday. Should I just roll with Dak tonight? Bears really haven't been good at all on defense lately...
  22. Matt Ryan or Tannehill

    Tannehill against OAK or Ryan against CAR.. assuming Julio and Ridley play and hooper back Ryan should be in good shape- have seen a lot of hate on him this week
  23. Chark, Crowder, Brown

    Week 1 playoff.. Chark has been disappointing past 2 weeks and Minshew back against LAC. Crowder @ MIAMI - 8/83/1TD earlier this year John Brown @ Baltimore. Lowest points he’s scored this year is 9.5 PPR- so he’s practically a given to put up atleast 10 points flex spot