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Found 559 results

  1. Flex option

    Alright so I can choose Elijah McGuire (very nervous) , Dante Pettis, DaeSean Hamilton, Calvin Ridley, or Dede Westbrook in my Flex. So ive been in first place all year and almost going to win this money. Mahomes, Tyreek, and Kelce did not do much at all for me which brought me down to projected to lose by one point (which doesn’t mean much right now). I still have Robert Woods, Todd Gurley, and Gus Edwards playing as well along with my K Justin Tucker and Broncos Def. Flex could be my breaking point. I believe my league is full PPR
  2. Rb Help

    Doug Martin vs bengals Elijah McGuire vs Texans (Crowell placed on IR) Half point ppr
  3. Evans, playing with Fire?

    12 Team Full PPR: I already rolled the dice with a Damien Williams pickup and start. Baltimore is one of the best defenses against the pass, particularly against the deep routes and not very good against the TE. Crazy to start Pettis or Fitz over Evans. Also, anyone like Brate or McDonald at TE.
  4. I got cousins and trubisky for potential QBs. Not sure one this one this week. For RB I have Gurley and lindsay in and I'm looking to put either Aaron Jones or dalvin cook in at flex. My top 3 WR are in and I don't have a good 4th.
  5. Tight end help

    Hey guys, Who should u start as my TE this week: Ian Thomas or Cameron Brate? I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Thank you!
  6. Flex Decision

    12 team full point ppr. Assuming if Ware isnt starting. I am looking at the following choices to start 1 spot. Damien Williams Pettis Fitzgerald
  7. Flex Help

    Tevin Coleman vs. Cardinals Corey Davis vs. Giants Larry Fitz vs. Falcons
  8. TE Help

    Evan Engram vs Tennessee CJ Uzomah vs Oakland Ian Thomas vs Saints
  9. TE help

    Hey guys, Happy Sunday! I currently have Reed as my starting TE in my 10 team PPR league. Should I bench him and if so, should I grab Njoku or Engram from free agency? Thank you!
  10. WR2 help

    Hey guys! Should I start Josh Gordon or DJ Moore as my WR2 this week? I got Tyreek Hill as my WR1 because OBJ is out. Thank you!
  11. Cam or Dak

    Would you start Cam against @the browns or Dak at home against the Eagles?
  12. Who to flex?

    Having trouble picking a flex this week. I have to pick from: Gus Edwards LaGarrette Blount Spencer Ware Or Tyler Boyd This is a PPR league
  13. Cam Newton

    Would you start Cam on the road against CLE or Dak Prescott at home against the PHI???
  14. WR Help

    Corey Davis vs. Jags or Larry Fitz vs. Detroit
  15. Hey folks. Standard league. Houston or Seattle DST And, as shocking as this may be, Kirk Cousins or Josh Allen. ....yeah I know... yall must think I'm nuts. but you cant count out Allen's legs in a QB run first offense. Any tips? Thanks!
  16. With James Conner out for the week, who should I be looking to waiver; stevan ridley or jaylen samuels?
  17. Overthinking QB start?

    12 team PPR. Cousins or Mayfield Couisins probably has the better upside, but concerned with some of his past road performances and now he is traveling from midwest, to east, west coast in two week span. Seattle is hostile environment and Couisins seems to get rattled. Mayfield is at home this week, survived a bad prior week and is playing Carolina Defense that isn't stopping anyone. Always gone with don't sit your studs, but not sure Cousins is that type of player.
  18. PPR flex help

    Hey guys, Should I start DJ Moore or Lamar Miller at the flex? Full point PPR 10 team. Thank you!
  19. 10-Man PPR League ESPN Already played Kamara as my RB1 this week. I have Ware, Miller, and Edwards to slot into my RB2. There is room to potentially play both of them and get rid of one of my WR's. Do any of you think that both Miller and Ware will outplay (PPR) one of my WR's? WR1 Allen WR2 Golladay FLEX TY Hilton
  20. Hey guys, Who should I pick up in free agency to further my depth at WR: Christian Kirk or David Moore? I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Thanks, appreciate your help!👌
  21. Would you feel confident starting the Texans defense every week for fantasy playoffs (weeks 14-16)? In a separate league I have the Ravens, and have the same question for them. Wondering if the consensus would be to stick with them every week or look for potential streaming options. Thanks!
  22. What’s up with Landry

    Can Jarvis Landry be trusted or started anymore, or should I just be rolling out Julio and Amari with a rb or Corey Davis at flex and keeping him on the bench or trading him?
  23. 8 team PPR league I’m locked into playoffs already (4 way tie for top four spots), but I wanna have the best team possible for the playoffs (14-15, first round, 16-17 championship). So should I make any trades or moves to better my team before the trade deadline Thursday the 29th? QBs: Rodgers, Lamar Jackson RBs: McCaffrey, David Johnson, Michel, Dion Lewis, Breida, Jalen Richard WRs: Julio, Amari, Landry, Corey Davis TEs: Olsen, Brate D/K: Texans and Tucker Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE and 1 Flex(RB, WR, TE) thanks
  24. Long story short, this is literally do or die. I am in half PPR and I'm playing a guy who has arguably the best team in the league. He is currently projected at 124.7 and i'm at 116.89 but I am super torn on who to start. We are in a QB, WR x2, RBx2, TE, Flex, K, Def format. This is my current Line up that I feel solid about but my flex is the issue. Open to any and all suggestions. QB Phillip Rivers (Solid Floor) WR Amari Cooper (solid floor with ability to go off) WR Julian Edelman (very solid floor with his relationship with TB12) RB Alvin Kamara RB Matt Brieda TE George Kittle FLEX ??????? currently I have Josh Adams K Matt Prater DEF Ravens -------------------------------------- Bench Cory Davis (So Boom or Bust...can i risk my season on him?) Tyler Lockett (TD dependent but has been consistent. Again, can I trust my season on him?) Ebron (Not against starting two TE, but idk! last time i started both he did horrible) Deshaun Watson (over rivers?) Buffalo Def Tre'Quan Smith (pretty much not starting this guy)
  25. Hey folks! Its crunch time! I'm playing a team I've lost to before, seed 8 makes it to the playoffs. We have 5 teams 6-6 and 2 teams 5-7. Legit nail biter race! I need some advice... Standard League. I picked up SEA as a flyer. Should I go Seattle or Hoston DST? DJ MOORE or CALVIN RIDLEY? What's your thoughts??