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Lost in a world of Individual Defense.

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Hey, I've been playing fantasy football for a few years now and never felt a need to post at one of these forums. It seemed that every question I wanted answered could be found either by reading a few articles or looking at other posts on a message board. This year, however, I'm extremely confused what to make of the league I've joined. This league scores thusly:




Individual Offense


Passing Interception Pts: -2

Passing TD Pts: 6

Passing Two-point Conversion Pts: 2

Passing Yards Pts:

From 0 to * PassYds, award 1 points for every 25 PassYds



Rushing TD Pts: 6

Rushing Two-point Conversion Pts: 2

Rushing Yards Pts:

From 0 to * RuYds, award 1 points for every 10 RuYds



Receiving TD Pts: 6

Receiving Two-point Conversion Pts: 2

Receiving Yards Pts:

From 0 to * RecYds, award 1 points for every 10 RecYds



Fumble Lost, Including ST plays Pts: -2


Individual Defense

Defensive Fumble Recovered Pts: 4

Defensive TD Pts: 6

Award a bonus of 1 points for a DefTD between 50 and 110 yds

Forced Fumble Pts: 3

Interceptions Pts: 4

Sack Pts: 3

Safety Pts: 2

Tackle Pts:

From 0 to 3 Tckl, award 1 points for every Tckl

From 4 to 9 Tckl, award 5 points for every Tckl

From 10 to 25 Tckl, award 8 points for every Tckl


Individual Special Teams

Special Teams TD Pts: 6

Place Kicking

Extra Points Made Pts: 1

Field Goals Made Pts: 3


In this league, you start a whole defensive line, two linebackers and two safeties in addition to the standard QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE and a kicker. Now, the possibility that leads me to post on this board is this: What if Ray Lewis, Keith Bulluck, or any of the other fine linebackers in the league made 7 tackles in a game. This would be about average for the 2004 season, sometimes dipping to about 4 and occasionally rising to an astronomical 11. Now, without any forced fumbles, interceptions, sacks or safeties, he has made 23 points. If Priest Holmes were to run for 130 yards and 2 TDs, certainly not a performance to sneeze at, he would have a comparable 25 points. However, when using their best games from 2004, Holmes gets 38 points, whereas Lewis gets an incomparable 68. How would I figure this into my draft choices? Naturally, due to the inconsistency in point increases for tackles, a linebacker is not going to win every game, but how many can they win and which round should I be considering them for? How about DBs? DLs? Thank you for your input.



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That is one hell of a scoring system. I can say for the first time that IDP's are more valuable then Offensive players in this scoring system. Now more then ever you need to make projections for all players and fit them into a ranking system. Use VBD and include IDP's as apart of that.


Julius Peppers has great value in this system because he has outproduced most DL over the last 3 years.

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I don't have a VBD program that will accomodate the odd scoring system that my league uses and I don't really understand Excel, but by increasing the points per tackle of the defensive players to an average 3 and then 4, Ray Lewis moves up to 7th and then 4th in the value system, followed closely by Donnie Edwards. I'm still not sure exactly what to make of this or where to find a program that will display the rankings more accurately. Suggestions?

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that is a very unusual scoring system to say the least. I don't know of a VBD calculator that can handle that. Looks to me like it's an individual research heavy league, which isn't a bad thing, as long as you have the time to do it.

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