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Trade for an Eilte WR?

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I am in a 10 team performance league that gives 4 points per passing TD. I drafted in the #3 position and have the following team:


QB - Bulger, Palmer

WR - A. Johnson, N. Burleson, R. Williams, L. Fitzgerald, T. Houshmanzadeh, K. Curtis

RB - Alexander, J. Jones, C. Williams, J. Arrington

TE - Crumpler, Putzier

K - Reed

Def - Buffalo


I am worried about being one elite WR away from a totally balanced team. As a result, I am considering trading one WR(A.Johnson or N. Burleson) along with one rookie RB (Williams or Arrington) for an elite WR (i.e. Harrison, Holt, etc.).


Should I consider the trade? Would this be giving away too much to get an elite WR?




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I think you should wait a little while before offering that trade. Your WRs are not that bad. You might not have an elite WR but you're still looking ok. You might be giving up a very valuable RB too early in the season.

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i'd make the trade if you could get a top 5 wr for a lesser wr and a backup rb who may never turn out to be any good. i wonder why someone else would want to do that trade though unless they need rb depth already.

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