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McNabb deal... do this?

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10 team league... this crazy dude in my league drafted Manning with his first pick, then draft MCNABB with his 2nd pick... we can only start 1 qb. Of course now he's looking to trade for a RB. I can have McNabb if I wanna part with Brian Westbrook...


Here's my squad


qb-Plummer, Brees

rb- Deuce, Julius, Westbrook, C.Brown, Mewelde, Moats

wr- R.Wayne, S.Smith, Lelie, Boldin

te- Heap


We start





1flex (wr/rb)




I can upgrade from Plummer to McNabb... but then my flex becomes C.Brown or Lelie/Boldin... is it worth it? Or do I ride plummer and hang onto the 3rd solid RB? If I can get McNabb and Travis Henry (he's got Henry) to compliment Brown, would that make more sense? Would you make the QB upgrade, or stand pat?

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If I can turn the deal into say... I GIVE C.Brown/Boldin for McNabb, would you try that instead?







I sure would.

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Sit tight....Plummer will be fine with his early schedule. With bye-weeks a factor thur the first 8 weeks of the season, and injuries always a concern, you just might want to hang on to your RBs to see what plays out.


Good luck! :D

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