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#1 Pick Advice

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My league only let us have one keeper.


These players are gone:









J. Lewis

Portis (mine)



Tony Gonzalez


I have the #1 pick, which means my #2 pick is the #24 pick in the draft.


We play 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D.


Do I go Manning or Domanick Davis/McAllister/K. Jones/J. Jones?


My logic is go with a RB because there will be plenty of QBs left at #24, but you know the RBs will be slim pickings 23 picks later.


What do you all think?


Thanks for your help!

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guessing that you are in standard scoring league, I would pick DD or Duece with first pick. Possibly even Rudi, whoever you feel most comfortable with out of the three. IMO they are all about equal.

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Not sure how you can pass up Payton - I know that eveyone says you should go RB RB, but he can carry a team - the only problem I see is that your keeper RB is not the strongest (more becasue his team than his ability).


You are probably looking at 250 - 300 pt contribution from the RB's you have to pick from. Payton should land you around 550 - 600. So the math would point you to RB QB (Portis 300 + PM 600 = 900) as opposed to (Portis 300 + RB 300 = 600).


Not sure if this makes sence, but it is how I would approach this draft. On your followup round be sure to grap top WR's everyone will be done selecting RB's - you won't have the strongest RB tandem, but you will have a solid team.

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