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New to the board, draft was last night

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Hi all, new to the board, looking forward to year and hoping to contribute to the board as much as possible. Scoring system is 1 point every 20 yards for RB/WR. 1 point every 50 yards for QBs, 3 pts for a passing TD. Start 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, K, D/ST


1.12: Domanick Davis

2.01: Kevin Jones

3.11: Steve Smith

4.02: Michael Clayton

5.11: Anquan Boldin

6.02: Cedric Benson

7.08: Matt Hasselback

8.05: Ronnie Brown

9.09: T. Houshmandzadeh

10.04: Troy Williamson

11.05: New England

12.08: Shayne Graham

13.09: Aaron Brooks

14.04: Rian Lindell

15.12: Detroit


I like my team, but typically everyone does coming out of the draft. I'm a little worried about having two rookies as my back-up RB's, but there wasn't a whole lot left by the time the 6th round came along. Thanks for any input

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I think you did very well to get those rookies that late!...If its a keeper league ..your going to have to make hard choices next year ...or make trades before dropping them


But all in all Solid


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