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Draft strategy

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What strategy would you go with?


Just to set it up first. I draft 7th out 10 teams and will be retaining Tiki (only other noteable keepers are McGahee and S. Jackson).


Now should I go RB/RB in the likes of Dillon(7th) and come back with J. Jones, Rudi or Portis (14th) and then fill in with 2nd and 3rd tier WRs in the next few rounds? With Tiki as my 3rd back.




Should I go RB/WR like the following; Dillon(7th) and one of the top 5 WRs at (14th) and have Tiki as my #2 RB. Then come back in the 3rd round and get my 3rd RB.











6pts for rush/rec TDs

Bonus yardage;

1pt for the first 50 rush and rec and 1pt every 25 after

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Given the RBBC situation that appears to be occurring in NY (Jacobs vulturing tds), I'd lean heavily towards RB/RB - even the best of the WRs have some questions around them this year.

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at the 7th spot in the first round, you will get the 14th pick coming back.


I think that if you are comfortable with Tiki's role in New York (and while it is supposed to be more RBBC, the Giants have said that every year for the last 5 years, and Tiki most always played better than expected), then you should go with a wide receiver or Daunte Culpepper if he is on the board.


Even with no points for receptions, you get more value from getting a top WR/QB there--if Tiki Barber still puts up decent points. This is especially true because McGahee is off the board, so your 14th pick in the draft can actually be thought of as the 15th pick. Getting Randy Moss or Daunte Culpepper at the 15 spot is good value in my estimation. Chad Johnson/TO/Marvin Harrison/Torry Holt, a little less so, but still a valid pick.

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