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2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

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St. Louis


sorry this posted twice, the boards were having issues at the time.


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My pick is: Washington.


Okay, a bit late due to my lack of internet for the last week, but the original Survivor Challenge is back for it's 6th (or something) year of fun. This is annually one of the most particpated-in Huddler events, so let's keep it going.


Thanks to AtomicCEO for hooking us up with the free webspace.


Last year's winner.. redknightsgoingdown, who beat hugh-mungus in the 17th and final week of the season. Very impressive, de-throning former Huddler TrojanMojo who had won each of the previous two years.


You know the rules by now, but copy and pasted direct from last year:

I will be posting everyone's picks right here, again thanks to AtomicCEO.




Thu, Sep 8

Oakland at New England 9:00 PM

Sun, Sep 11

Tampa Bay at Minnesota 1:00 PM

Denver at Miami 1:00 PM

Tennessee at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM

Chicago at Washington 1:00 PM

New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 PM

Seattle at Jacksonville 1:00 PM

Houston at Buffalo 1:00 PM

Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 PM

NY Jets at Kansas City 1:00 PM

Green Bay at Detroit 4:15 PM

Dallas at San Diego 4:15 PM

St. Louis at San Francisco 4:15 PM 

Arizona at NY Giants 4:15 PM

Indianapolis at Baltimore 8:30 PM

Mon, Sep 12

Philadelphia at Atlanta 9:00 PM






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After going 17 weeks last year, watch me get ousted in Week1 this year.


St. Louis, please. :D

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