Week 1 Line-Up Thoughts?

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I am need of some advice from anyone who may have some type of good insight into these players / situations. I know that the first 3 games or so are not a must win in many ff leauges but this game is going to be unfortunately a "huge game."


Week 1




L Jordan (OAK) vs M Anderson (DEN)


WR's - 2 of 3


J Walker (GB) vs M Clayton (TB) vs B Lloyd (SF)



At the beginning to middle of pre-seaon I thought I was pretty much confident that I would go with; Jordan and Dillon (S1) - RB's and Walker and Clayton - WR's, but now the day of the opening season game I am not even somewhat sure and I am in a leauge that is game 2 game must win.


Any advice / suggestions would be greatly appreciated-



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This week I would start Anderson, I think NE is going to slap the Raiders tonight.


As for you WR's I wouldn't start anybody on SF until we see if they can even play football.

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