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Prescription: I hope Arrington pans out, as he's my third RB (behind a shakey Ahman Green... yikes!).  Tough to tell at this point.  The decision of whether or not to cut him loose depends on who you have the option of getting in return.  If your waiver wire is like most I've seen, there really isn't a lot out there, especially at RB.  I think we're both stuck hoping that things turn around for JJ.







Dr. Love,


50/50 performance

QB Bulger, Palmer

RB Dillion, Arrington, Barlow, C Brown, R Brown

WR R Moss, Driver, Wayne, M Jenkins

TE Baker


Would you drop either Arrington, Barlow or C Brown to pick up Brandon Jacobs?



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Hey Doc-


I play in a standard 10-team ppr league that gives a point for every 20 yards rushed or received and 1 point per 50 yards passed. We start 2 QB's, 2 RB's, 3WR's, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, 1 LB and 1 DB. Please take a look at my team and suggest any areas of weakness and what I could do to try and strengthen it.


QB Plamer

QB Leftwich

QB Pennington

RB McGahee

RB Portis

RB Cadillac Williams

RB Larry Johnson

RB Ricky Williams

WR Wayne

WR Michael Clayton

WR Boldin

WR Lee Evans

TE Clark

TE Troupe

K Josh Brown

DEF Philadelphia

LB Bulluck

DB Dawkins


Thanks for your help.

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wdis i start parker against texnas or caddy v buff


all lean towards willie, but its tough to sit the guy i drafted to be #2 in the 2nd week.

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Thanks Doctor Love for doing this again


JJones vs. Wash.


Parker at Hou.


My other starter is Holmes


Leaning toward Parker, but "always start your studs" is inbedded in my brain. One week does not make a stud IMO.


Scoring is in the Sig.


Thanks again.

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Hey Doc,

How would you rank for trade value for L. JOhnson or should I just wait another week with an easy game against oakland?

How about roy williams, deion branch (both owned by priest owner), Derrel Jackson, Larry Fitz (good at WR needs another RB) hines ward (owner is dumb)

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DR Love - Please rank the following TEs - redraft league and performance scoring 1pt for every 15yds rec; 6pts for TDs (bonus pts for longer TDs- starting with ones over 20 yards); 4 pts for every 4 rec:




A Smith

Courtney Anderson

E Conwell

J Stevens

B Watson


I have them ranked in the order I thought, but I'd like your input. Thanks a lot!

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WDIS at Flex


S. Davis or Driver... Maybe even Stallworth or Engram


I know you should start a starting RB in the flex, but Panthers are going against a tough D and might split carries with Foster 50/50


original thread




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hey doc


Need to start 2 this week


I intially want to go KJones(@Chi) and Deuce mcallister(@NYG) but Parker(@Hou) intrigues me this week...I might sit KJ do you agree?

1pt per 10 yds and 10 pts for a TD!


Prescription: I have no reason to think that Parker will fall off this week. He's a legit talent, and Duce and Bettis are still hurt. To that end, he may be a safer bet than Kevin Jones. I have confidence in all of these guys, but would play McAllister and Parker myself.


My Pick:

Parker over KJones

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Doc, standard scoring.... :D


WDIS @ WR...


I start 3 WR's


1. Isaac Bruce

2. Reggie Wayne

3. ????


My other choices:


Lee Evans (Buf @ TB)

Robert Ferguson (Cle @ GB)

Reggie Williams (Jac @ Ind)


Bobby Engram is also on the waiver wire, do you think he's worth picking up?


2nd question:


Favre or Leftwich?


3rd and final question...


my TE's are Cooley and B. Watson...


Should I drop B. Watson for Alex Smith or Kleinsasser?

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Hey Doc, Got a little dilemma and I need you to set me straight. Let's get the easy stuff out of the way. Standard performance league (1 per 10 rush/rec, 6 for TDs). I am only concerned with my RB and WR for this question. We start 2 RB, 2 WR and 1 flex.


My RB: R Brown, C Benson, B Jacobs, W McGahee, S Alexander

My WR: R Wayne, D' Stallworth, K Johnson, I Bruce, D Givens


Ok, now to the good stuff. I am considering offering 2 seperate trades to 2 different owners, but the trades will be contingent on me getting both to say yes, which I higly doubt.


The first trade I am proposing will be trading away I. Bruce, and getting W. Parker. The guy for this trade is looking to dump Parker, as he is riding his pine. I don't think he will go for this, but I thought maybe I could try anyways.


The next trade would be to trade away Alexander and get Holt and McAllister. Again, I don't think this team owner will go with it, but he might.


That would put me at the following:


My RB: R Brown, C Benson, B Jacobs, W McGahee, McAllister, Parker

My WR: R Wayne, D' Stallworth, K Johnson, Holt, D Givens


I was one of the ones who got hit with the Walker bug. I picked up Meyshawn off waiver wire this week.


What is my prognosis? Should I get off the meds? Am I stupid to even think of trading away TD MAchine Alexander? I really like him. :D

Edited by Lost

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Brooks @NYG

Warner vs STL


It looks like a toss up, but I'm thinking Brooks. Even though Warner had a better week 1 than Brooks, Brooks should have an easier time against the Giants than Warner against his old team.


Also My starting RBs are Ahman Green and JJ Arrington. Arrington is sicks and looks like a not so good start. My other options (sigh) are Bettis and Marshall Faulk. I think I'm still gonna have to start JJ, because I have no idea how much Faulk will touch the ball.

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Dr. love,



I am trying to decide who i should start for my RB and WR in my TD league (H2H pts)


I can either start 3 RB and 2 WR or 2 RB and 3 WR


I have as RB's


P Holmes

Larry Johnson

Cadillac Williams

Brandon Jacobs

Lee Suggs


My WR's are


Chad Johnson

Anquan Boldin

Keary Colbert

Kevin Curtis

Joey Galloway

Reggie Williams


with the 2 RB's in KC doing so well - I am tempted to start both of them with cadillac and then have boldin and Johnson - But put goal line Jacobs situation in and it gets messy with Curtis and Colbert sitting there - Any ideas given my format?


Plus I have decide on my QB - Favre or brooks?


I get 3 pts for every passing TD, 6 pts rushing/ receving tD, 3pts for QB going over 300 yds, 3 pts for rusher going over 100 yds, 3 pts for a receiver going over 10 yds

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I am looking for a 3rd WR to go along with Chad Johnson and Fitzgerald. This is a standard scoring system with 1 pt per rec as well. Thanks in advance


Mason (leaning towards him with Wright in there)

Evans (my original #3 I drafted but.........)

Bryant (had a big game last week but a headcase)


Also, in another league that scores mainly for tds as follows:


1-9 yards 6 pts

10-39 yards 9 pts

40+ yards 12 pts


I need to pick 2 from:


C Johnson (no brainer?)

S Smith (pretty much no brainer?)

Lelie (considering him as I have Plummer as my QB?)




Galloway The last 4 are just listed to show all choices.

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Please Help.


Darrell Jackson vs. ATL

Chris Chambers @NYJ

Keenan McCardell @Den

Jerry Porter vs. KC

Ashley Lelie vs. SD

Kevin Curtis @ Ariz

Sammie Parker @ OAK


LJ Smith vs. SF

Dallas Clark vs. Jax


I can start 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 WR/TE


I know who I am starting everywhere else. It is just every where I look there is different advice on who to start at these 5 spots.


8pt TD, 1pt/10yd, 8pt 200yds

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I was fairly optimistic on my team at the beginning of the season.  Deep at RB and WR and left QB to the end.  Took a hit right away with WR(also had S. Smith last year). Do I panic and try to replace Walker or can my team survive and wait to see if some of the available WR's gain some consistency. (must play all free agent pickups the week they are picked up).  Currently my team can get through all bye weeks and have plenty of options with flexible line-up.


Available WR's


K.Johnson DAL

F. Jackson CLE

P. Crayton DAL

K. Curtis STL

S. McDonald STL

B. Engram SEA

G. Galloway TB

M. Jenkins ATL


Any of these guys tickle your fancy?


League details and scoring in Sig line.



QB - J.Plummer, J.Harrington

RB - P.Holmes, C.Portis, F.Taylor, C.Benson, W.Parker

WR - T.Owens, J.Walker, Ro.Williams, C.Chambers

K - J.Reed, J.Carney

Def - Atlanta

1 pt per 20 yds rush/rec, 1 pt per 50 yds passing, TD's 6pts rush/rec, 3 pts for passing

10 team league, no TE required

Lineup requirement QB, RB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, K, Def, Flex






Prescription: For the long term, you have to drop Walker. Engram and Galloway are the guys who will likely put up some points every week but not be a superstar. If you want to swing for the fences, you could try Crayton or Jenkins. They could becom second-tier WR kind of guys, but they could bomb, too. You have to gauge what you think your team needs. You could consider trading a back for a WR... a RB on your bench doesn't help your scoring. You will need to do something, but it's really up to you what direction you want to go in. Hope this was somewhat helpful.

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Byron Leftwich or Carson Palmer?



QB - C.Palmer*, B.Leftwich

RB - E.James*, S.Jackson*, L.Suggs, L.Toefield, Moe Williams

WR - C.Johnson*, T.Owens*, J.Smith*, Michael Clayton

TE - A.Crumpler*, C.Anderson

K - J.Carney*

D - Lions*, Buccaneers


* = current starters for week 2


I'm leaning toward C.Palmer as I started him last week and I like to stick with the players that have done me good and not drop them for the flavor of the week.  I think the rest of my lineup is strong it's just that I'm torn between which QB to start.






Symptoms: Confusion, anxiety

Diagnosis: QB-induced performance anxiety

Prescription: If you like Palmer, I'd stick with him. Both guys look like they're going to have a good year. The talent level looks to be similar, the defenses they're facing are similar. Go with your gut, because you'd hate yourself for second guessing.


My Pick:

Go with your gut with Palmer over Leftwich

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what's up doc?


my team's in the sig, scoring is 6 pts all TDs, 1 pt/20yds rushing receiving, 1pt 50yds passing


1)I would say Rudi and jackson are sure starters this week, but do you like D.Davis in another tough matchup or A.Green against relatively soft Cleveland? 


2) is it worth taking a risk to start C.Anderson against the Chiefs given Shockey's shakey ankle?  (I know the odds CA's as good as last week are low, but maybe they keep going to him in the red zone)


3) which FA do you like best :B.Jacobs, M.Booker, M.Pollard


many thanks.


My Team:

QB: Bulger, Hasselbeck

RB: D.Davis, R.Johnson, S.Jackson, A.Green, M.Anderson, M.Bennett, M.Moore

WR: Randy, Ike Bruce, S.Moss, K.Curtis

TE: Shockey C.Anderson

K: Elam

D: Car, Mia


play QB, 2WR, 2RB, WR/RB, TE, K, D






Symptoms: Lots of questions.

Diagnosis: Multiple question disorder


1. Play your stud. DDavis is a stud, I think Ahman Green may be replaced by mid-season when everyone realizes that this is the beginning of some long years in Green Bay.

2. If Shockey is good to go, put him in your lineup.

3. Booker.

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Hey Dr.

12 team performance scoring


Roy Williams







I have to pick 2 of 3 for running backs

Jamal Lewis @ Ten

Corey Dillon @ Car

Willie Parker @ Hou


I'm thinking of going with my studs ( I sat jamal last week on a hunch, waiting out in the injury, but I drafted him for a reason and I figure if he's going to do anything it would be this week) I also am hard pressed to sit one of the top 2 for Willie until he shows he can do it again.  I'm leaning Jamal and Corey, any other advice?







Diagnosis: Dizziness, confusion from exposure to Willie Parker

Prescription: You have three great options. Parker should run wild again, but so should Jamal and Corey. You can't pick wrong here.


My Pick:

Gut feel for Lewis and Dillon over Parker

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Hi Doc I have 2 questions for you this week?

Would you drop Lee Suggs for Ronnie Brown?


Also wdis at running back this week.

Deuce Mccallister vs Giants

Jamal Lewis vs titans

Brian Westbrook vs 49ers








Prescription: I would wait a week or two if possible to drop Suggs. If he starts to play, you may be able to trade him. Overall, I think Brown will have a better year than Suggs, so if you need to make that swap now to get Brown, do it. Also, you're in a very good position with your RB situation. Play your studs.


My Picks:

Drop Suggs, pick up Brown

Lewis and McAllister over Westbook

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Hey Doc!

I tied last week( :D  Boy I hate that.  But, I'm looking at the glass half full here :D


I'm looking for your "gut" feel here.


I looked very good starting Willie Parker last week(yes, I was one of them- :D )


My thought process is to start him again cause according to reports he is starting.


I benched "Cadillac" in favor of Fast Willie last week and went with Julius Jones.  Faired well, but I would've won had I started Carnell...


Want to know what your gut feeling is this week with my RB situation first:

Parker @ Houston (phenom emerging-but will he lose goal line carries to the "bus")


Julius Jones vs. Washington (played well last week but is going against a tough skins "D"


Cadillac vs. Buffalo (nice start-but against the buffalo "D"?)


Droughns @ Green Bay(should get the nod and playing against the weak pack "D")-hmmm


Tatum Bell vs. Chargers-(i'm so high on Bell-but couldn't get it in with 4 tries :D)


All mmy RB's are starters(nice depth I may add) who is your "gut-lock to start?)


Whai is your gut on my QB situation?


Brooks vs Giants(mon night)-didn't score last week!  can he handle the blitzing giants?


Warner started for me last week and at least scored for me(brooks gave me a fat zero-whew!)


and lastly my wideouts:


quick gut on the wideouts----thanks your input doc.  I'm sure you'll be busy this week-any answer from you would be greatly appreciated :D



12 Team/Keeper League

6 pts/TD rush/rec

4 pts/TD pass

1 pt/175 yds pass - 1 pt/25 yds after

1 pt/50 yds rush - 1 pt/25 yds after(RB&TE)

1 pt/75 yds rec - 1pt/25 yds after

DEF/SP - 1 pt(fumble, int, sack), 6pt/TD, 6pt/holding opp to zero

-1 pt/INT

-1 pt/fumble






Prescription: For your running backs, the only guys I'd consider starting are Parker, Caddy, and JJ. Parker has a good matchup, and JJ has shown that he can run on anybody. I don't think you can go wrong with Warner or Brooks, either. I have a gut feel for Warner, but that's all it is. Johnson and Boldin are your guys at WR.


My Picks:

Parker and JJ over Caddy

Gut feel of Warner over Brooks

CJohnson and Boldin at WR

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I've got a defensive problem.  Is CAR going to slip with Jenkins (sp?) out?  Should I go shopping for a D?  DET, CHI are a few of the teams available.


Also, I picked Parker up off the WW and dumped the estra TE. 


With Parker's impressive last week and Davis's not so impressive outing would it be wise to start Parker over Davis this week.  Davis was my 1st round pick at #9...


Thanks for the help...



12 team non-keeper performance league:

my team, (# of starters in paranthesis):

QB(1)- Brooks, Pennington

RB(2)- D.Davis, A.Green, T.J.Duckett

WR(2)- N.Burleson, D.Bennett, A.Boldin, C. Rogers

TE(1)- Gates, J.Stevens

K - Wilkins







Prescirption: With your running back situation you play Parker and Davis. Neither Green nor Duckett should start. For D's it's tough to play matchups when you only have one defense. DET defense would be great this week, but there's no way you'd get the CAR D back if you dropped them.


My Picks:

Parker and Davis over Green and Duckett

Keep CAR D.

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All Patients:


Unfotunately, the Doctor has been called out of the office. With any luck, I can answer some questions Sunday morning. Otherwise, please accept my most sincere apologies if I didn't get to your question.




Dr. Love

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